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Ichiro Sushi and Teriyaki

September 1st, 2008 · 42 Comments

Ichiro Sushi and Teriyaki (Japanese)
2434 32nd Ave W
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 286-8755

Gladys and Abner:  We love this place!  The food is always good, the owners and staff are very friendly and attentive.  This is one of our favorite spots in Magnolia.  We have eaten our way through most of the menu and we keep going back for more.


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  • B&JinMagnolia

    Yum yum yum yum! Great food, always fresh and always superb. We go at least once a week and are never disappointed. The owner is fabulous, hardworking and friendly!

  • andrea

    The food is great and the people are wonderful. My children love going there.

  • Lesley

    Really good sushi and terriyaki! Great price too.

  • Ker

    Two thumbs up!!!

  • JAS

    Always delicious and a great value for lunch or dinner – plus just about the friendliest and nicest owners you could ever ask for. We adore this gem of a little restaurant.

  • Valentijn

    I’ve always liked this place, but it’s gotten even better lately. Very fresh sushi, lighter tempura batter, more flavorful gyoza sauce. The only thing I avoid is the sweet teriyaki sauce, but I’m more sensitive to that than a lot of people. And the staff are friendly, attentive, and fast!

  • D and C

    They exceed expectations in service. Always good quality food.

  • Marlin

    If you want good quality Japanese take out at a fair price, then Ichiro’s is the only place in Magnolia.

  • Patrick

    Love the food. And you’d have to sneak out of there to not get a “thank you for coming”. One of the many reasons they earn our loyalty.

  • Brad

    Friendly, reliable and tasty. It’s hard to beat as a good standby in Magnolia. Thank you for greeting everyone and making customers feel special.

  • I’m it

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Can’t go wrong with food, quality and service.

  • settle down Vortman

    Texas long grain here, Marlin?

  • Jason

    Always good, reasonable prices and I don’t have to wait 30 minutes or more like at some spots.

  • Joe

    Really good tofu appetizer.

  • Shon & Jackson

    My son and I love this place. We go there about every Thursday. Jacskon(my son) always says that he wants “chicken and rice” which means he wants to go to Ichiro’s. Great food and Great customer service. Thanks to the Ichiro gang for making us always feel like family.

  • Hans

    Always great food and great service. The employees are very friendly. I am never disappointed.

  • Val

    According to, at last surprise health inspection this restaurant got 45 points, with 2 high risk violations.

  • chiizus

    Well, also according to that site, a score of 45 or higher required that they have another inspection in two weeks to follow up. So since that was in April, theoretically, things are fixed now.

    Ichiro is one of my favorite sushi places. :)

    • Valentijn

      Sushi places always get hit hard … raw fish and cooked foods stored together, etc.

  • chiizus

    Just wanted to write again. The service at Ichiro is always friendly, and one of the owners, June, I think, took the time to personally introduce herself to my boyfriend and I and learn our names. Plus the sushi is amazing. I could eat there every day! I only wish they were open more hours! :)

  • amusedpen

    It's the only game in town in Magnolia, and while it's not as posh as Moshi Moshi, and others in adjoining neighborhoods, it's a pretty darn good blend of Japanese and Korean food. Try some premium sake with your next meal.

  • Bailey23

    Absolutely flavorless. Very disappointed.

    • Val

      One item in particular or did you try everything? 😛

      • Bailey23

        We have tried it multiple times because the staff are wonderful. The sushi was a little dry and the teriyaki and Chicken Katsu were the ones that I found particularly flavorless.

  • Dolypo

    I had sushi there once, looks like it was a bad decision. It seems that it's more a terriaky joint than sushi. The rice in the sushi was undercooked and not sticky, the filling was poor and untasty, and they just look like it was the first time the cook ever assemble one! But, I have to say, we were the only one eating sushi. The other clients seemed happy with their order. So maybe you just have to stay away from the sushi….

    • Val

      Maybe their regular chef wasn't in … young Japanese guy? I always get some sushi when I go there, and it's been very good. I haven't gone in the past few weeks though.

  • chillenious

    Nice staff. Decent dishes, though Teriyaki is better than the Sushi.

  • tina

    delish! love it. wish the price for the shrimp crunch roll was a little cheaper—then i'd eat it everyday! yum teriyaki my daughter and DH love. and the tempura dipping sauce is so good.

  • Jennie

    Amazing food and attentive polite service – this is Magnolia's gem!

  • Val

    I went back a couple weeks ago and got sushi (of course!) and it was still very good.

  • insider

    I’ve heard great things from even the INSPECTORS that inspect Ichiro’s Sushi and Teriyaki. To each their own I guess. I think the food’s awesome!

  • Holly Mochel

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  • SeattleMike

    Great little place. We don’t have a lot to choose from in Magnolia, and they could get by doing less, but the food is fresh, plentiful, and well priced.

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  • RozichStudios

    We used to go to Sunny Teriyaki but now Ichiro’s gets our biz. My favorite is General Tso’s Chicken and the Mrs. likes their Cashew Chicken which is also really good. They both have alot of fresh vegetables and have a enough sauce to put over the rice which I appreciate.
    I like the fact you can substitute brown rice for white.
    The owners are very friendly and I wish them well in this tiny location.

  • Great teriyaki!

    Love this place. June and her team make everyone feel very welcome the moment  you walk in the door. And the food is amazing – the beef teriyaki is my favorite.

  • Upgraydd


  • Barb

    Tried it twice. Once for takeout and it had a hair.  Once again maybe 8 months later, and yes- another hair!  Done.

  • ksd

    I love this place.  Food is great and the portion sizes are large.  I have ate here about a dozen times, and no hair!  Barb, maybe the hair is your own!  Try to use a fork or chopsticks next time, rather than just putting your face into the plate of food!