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Kinnaree Thai Cuisine

September 1st, 2008 · 10 Comments

Kinnaree Thai Cuisine
3311 W McGraw St
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 285-4460


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  • JAS

    In our opinion this is a great little place with some very good curry and my favorite, the Swimming Rama with Chicken. Great value for the money and I appreciate that they improved their decor. Always friendly.

  • Valentijn

    Fresh, excellent food with great flavors. A lot of variety too. The Tom Kha soup is to die for!

  • Val

    According to, at last surprise health inspection this restaurant got 52 points, with 3 high risk violations.

  • chiizus

    I second the Tom Kha soup recommendation. Another personal favorite is Pad See Ew. Only complaint is that as of the last time I was there, they still don't like to take credit or debit cards unless you order I think $20 worth. Kind of makes it a pain to go there.

  • amusedpen

    I want to love this place, but can't quite get there. We've tried it several times, and the food has been good, but it just doesn't make us say “wow!”. We get food to go from time to time, but the atmosphere doesn't inspire us to dine in. We're glad it's there, but wish it drew us in more often.

  • oohda

    check out this restaurant's health department reviews. they might turn your stomach.

  • oohda

    also, what has been up with their beer and wine license. they had a recent posting showing “approval” until february, 2010. they have been serving beer and wine for years.

  • SeattleMike

    There seems to be something “missing” in their food. We’ve eaten a lot of Thai, and while this is good, it just doesn’t taste like what grandma used to make (don’t really know that because I don’t have a Thai grandma).

    As to the health department gripes, while I’m all in favor of the HD doing it’s job, I’m not losing any sleep over this issue. Most restaurants are far cleaner and more sanitary than the average home kitchen. Check out that green thing in your fridge.

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