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Luigis Pizza & Pasta

September 1st, 2008 · 28 Comments

Luigis Pizza & Pasta (Italian)
3213 W McGraw St
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 286-9000


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  • JAS

    The Luigi’s Special Pizza is out of this world – thick, juicy, great ingredients and our favorite pizza in the entire city. We are lucky to have this Italian bistro in the Village, plus the owners are just about the nicest people around. So get there soon – and order the Luigi’s Special with a side salad of 1/2 Roquefort & 1/2 Italian!!!

  • Eelco

    Wasn’t too impressed with the lasagna (tasted like it was pre-made and just warmed up in a microwave), but the pizzas were excellent. Very friendly staff. Decor very simple.

  • Shanon

    Too salty for my taste

  • C.J.

    Another local place that should make way for a decent bistro. They are not at all passionate about the food. The space is depressing. Nothing seems fresh or local or hand-made. It just feels like they don’t care.

  • D and C

    Great little family restaurant in Mag Village – sometimes the service is slow, due to family operation and one chef, Luigi. Worth the wait – also take out option is great. Village pizza is excellent. My grandson, who is a world traveler with parents, sez: “Ravioli is better than in Italy!” Consistent after many years.

  • not impressed

    Luigi’s has absolutely awful pizza. What I was served was not even baked. It was simply a frozen pizza (with cheddar on it) that was run under a toaster oven like it was a Quizno’s sandwich. Absolute abomination of a pizza.

    Very friendly place, but why would I buy a pizza that isn’t even baked? Pathetic.

    • luigi fan

      If you cannot tell the difference between 100% real danish Mozzerella and chedder cheese, you should not be writing reviews. Luigis has NEVER used chedder in anything. And the crust is made fresh daily.. makes me wonder what kind of food you eat when you can’t even tell the difference.. leave the reviews to people who know what they are talking about… you wouldn’t know good food if it jumped up and shouted at you

  • Bill in Magnolia

    My daughter and I go to Luigi’s regularly. Their Northwest Pizza (Hawaiian style) is wonderful and with a small dinner salad and a glass of Chianti, makes a wonderful dinner – at a very reasonable price. Go early for fast service.

  • Val

    According to, at last surprise health inspection this restaurant got 0 points, with 0 violations.

  • Anna kay May

    been here a few times. not impressed. plastic tasting pizza

  • jinfo

    Average food all around, family friendly. I do agree the pizza's are not very good at all, why do “non Italians” always put cheddar cheese on their pizza's?

    • Liza

      I don’t know…..thank goodness Luigis never used chedder, only 100% aged mozzeralla.

  • amusedpen

    I can only assume from some of the comments, that there a more than a few people that don't know good food from there . . . I can tell you with some authority that Luigi's serves some of the freshest food available in Pizza joints. His crust is homemade with herbs; he uses only the best mozzarella cheese (long story, but he does); buys great prosciutto; bakes fresh chicken breast for dishes with chicken; and cuts up fresh mushrooms almost daily for pizzas.

    On of our favorite pizzas is the Mediterranean with spinach, feta cheese, mozzarella, and topped with Italian sausage. We always have anchovies cooked in the pizza because we love the little fishes. His pepperoni is great as well. To the person who thought he microwaved his lasagna – wrong. He cooks the noodles, layers them in the serving dish with tomato sauce and cheese, and bakes in in the oven.

    This is a pizza and pasta restaurant without trying to be some upscale gourmet joint, but it's as good as you'll get in terms of fresh and flavorful ingredients. The latest renovation with new chairs, wainscoting, lamps, and some paint has dressed it up and provided a nice atmosphere.

  • boboli

    Good food? “Freshest food available”? Wow…

    I've always wondered when Luigi stopped caring. I assume it was a while back. Contrary to what's written below, there isn't a whole lot of fresh on the menu. Strange how I've watched the cook remove those “homemade with herbs” crusts from the plastic they are packaged in (they're something like those Boboli things you get in the market). All of the pasta is either dried or frozen, the sauces jarred or canned. The “fresh chicken breast” comes pre-cooked from the freezer. And I didn't know that “the best mozzarella cheese” came pre-shredded in Costco sized bags. I'd love to hear the “long story” on that…

    Luigi's is to Italian as Louie's is to Chinese. Ethnic cuisine for Anglo grandparents.

    • SeattleMike

      Was just revisiting some of these comments. I suppose you’ll be happy to know that Chris, the owner/chef, has sold Luigi’s. Don’t know anything about the new owners that take over 2/1/2011. But, you are totally wrong on the pizza crust, the chicken breasts (they may be frozen after he roasts them in the pizza oven ahead of time). Yes, the pasta is dry pasta – few places make their own like Mondello. I find it irritating that whoever you are, must sit out front and make assumptions about restaurants. I’ve been in back with Luigi before he opens and personally watched him make crusts, cut blocks (about 6″ X 6″ X 10″ ) of fresh mozzarella into quarters and shred it for all his dishes. I’ve watched him bake the chicken breasts coated with olive oil and spices. I watched him slice fresh mushroom for pizzas and salads.

      So, until you’ve spent a hour back there watching him go to the work he does to prepare good food, perhaps you should preface your comments with “I assume”, because that’s what you’re doing.

    • Liza

      Your a lair… plain and simple. Luigis has made his dough fresh daily for 17 yrs, and he grates fresh cheese only. You have never seen Luigi work or his food in the kitchen, if you had you would have known better. You must be a really bored, hateful person to make up lies about a hard working family.

  • MM

    This was the worst meal I've had in a long time! Service was bad, food was mediocre and it was overpriced on top of it all.

    The bathroom was a horror- if you judge a restaurant kitchen by the cleanliness of the bathroom than you will not want to eat here. The grime was accumulated, so it wasn't just gross from that one evening.

    What's up with no kid-sized drinks or a kid's menu? Why don't they give you parmesan with your food unless you ask for it? Could they act like they were being put out anymore than they did?

    Spaghetti Factory food is better than Luigi's.

    Never eating there again.

  • law

    My one Luigi’s pizza was exceptional: not a crisp NY crust, but I prefer this thicker, soft crust, crunchy-brown at the edge. This combo was gooey-cheesey with well-cooked veggies and savory meats. However, I came in to order for take-out. The only customer on my arrival, I was told it would be a 15 minute wait. During my 40 minute wait, three new tables of apparently-favorite-returning-customers were greeted, served wine samples, and received their drinks and food. The ebullient-to-his-regular-customers-owner (seemed to be the owner, anyway) and the kitchen workers leaning on the service counter often looked my way but I sat alone virtually ignored and increasingly uncomfortable amid the laughter and back-slapping. After 20 minutes I checked in at the window and was told my pizza was not ready. I said pleasantly that I was going to walk around the block; on my return I was offered a soda for the rest of my wait. Summarily, though my friend and I agreed the pizza was delish, we’ll both choose other places – where newcomers are made to feel as welcome as regulars and wait-times are honest.

    • Cl Serp

      I am so sorry if I made you feel that way, a lot was going on a year ago… Hopefully you will give us another chance to make you feel as appreciated as other customers.. Thank you for your feedback, and I will take note and make adjustments.

  • SeattleMike

    Too bad more people can’t spend time in the kitchen with Luigi and see what goes into his food. He uses fresh ingredients (no the lasagna is not microwaved), makes his own crusts with herbs, uses real cheese, not sawdust, and works his tail off. Everything is made to order, so yes, you may have to wait. Jack In The Box drive through is open until late every night if you’re in a hurry.

    I have to assume the naysayers prefer Godfather or Romio’s pizza.

  • Anonymous

    Worst pizza. Ever.

  • Cammyhendrix

    We just ate at the “new Luigis and I was impressed. Jason and his wife bought the restaurant from Luigis – and added many new dishes. I had a wonderful tortellini – with arugala, grape tomatoes and a light sauce. It was wonderful. Tim’s spagetti was equally as good. I had a glass of wine and the dinner for two was $30. What a deal and Jason is quite an entertainer, as he came to Seattle to be in a rock band.

  • Ludgerus

    Chris & Liza are back!!!  Re-opening soon and I’m so happy to welcome them back into the community of good food and friends. 

    • Luigi and Liza

      Thank you Julie, we are so happy to be back!!!! We have missed Magnolia so much in the year we have been gone… Looking so forward to seeing everyone soon!!

      • The Keatons

        I am thrilled to hear you’re coming back!  We really tried to support the new owners after you left but I’m afraid they just couldn’t compare.  I just asked my kids to guess which restaurant owners are coming back to Magnolia and they both shouted “Luigi’s?!”  We’ll see you very soon!  

  • Mwalden

    We can’t wait for your return!!!!  The Walden’s have missed you and your delicious pizza so much!  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • doug k

    Looks like they’re open for business. Congratulations Chris; see you soon.
    doug k

  • Mwalden

    A big huge THANK YOU to Chris for coming in on his day off to make pizza for my 50th Birthday Party!  As always the pizza was delish!!!  Thank you so much!  Most Sincerely, Marci