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September 1st, 2008 · 22 Comments

Palisade (Northwest Cuisine)
2601 W Marina Pl (Map)
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 285-1000 …”Great service, fantastic food and beautiful view!”


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  • Val

    Great view and decor, but the food is almost always over-seasoned. The food has good ingredients and concepts, it just goes too far with the seasoning. Prices are too high to put up with that lack of refinement. And getting napkined (the waiters will put your napkin in your lap for you if you “forget”) is not fun.

  • Mary

    Great view, yes. This used to be my favorite restaurant, but it’s gone downhill in recent years. Food is still good, but it used to be incredibly outstanding. The fusion concept they’ve adopted isn’t always successful. Staff is friendly and attentive. But I don’t feel any longer that the quality of the food reflects the prices you pay.

  • Michelle

    My husband and I have been to Palisade for dinner several times since we moved here a few months ago. The food and service have always been terrific. We’ve also been very pleased with the wine recommendations.

    I’m not sure where the “over-seasoned” comment is coming from. We’ve enjoyed all the dishes we’ve had, and they certainly never seemed over-seasoned. Surprisingly, despite being a restaurant that mainly serves seafood the filet mignon I had there was the best I’ve ever had — and I’ve been to some very upscale steak restaurants.

    And if you want to splurge but are on a budget (as many of us are these days) I will mention that there are gift cards at Costco for Palisade that give you $100 worth of food for $80, as well as early seating menus that can be a great deal.

  • Marlin

    Palisade has always been our family special occasion restaurant since it opened. But a year or so ago, something happened.

    The decor, setting, and service are still great, but the quality of the dishes has dropped significantly. The fish is still fresh, just poorly cooked. The last time I was there, my scallops were cooked to the consistency of rubber.

    The prices do not justify the quality of the food. If you want ambiance then have a drink at a table in the bar and go someplace else to eat.

  • Val

    According to, at last surprise health inspection this restaurant got 15 points, with 1 high risk violation.

    • Brandon

      Why do you keep posting these stats for so many restaurants? 15 points is really insignificant. How about posting reports for restaurants that score 50+ red points? You clearly haven't worked in food service, or you'd realize that the things KC Health finds during what you call “surprise” inspections are usually not the worst things going on in those restaurants. If you want safe food handling, eat at home.

  • LisaKym

    I came to Palisade for dinner several years ago and thought it was a bit overpriced at the time. I went back a few weeks ago to meet friends for happy hour (3-6pm and 9-11pm) and it was delightful! Bar food is half-price and drinks are discounted. It is bar food, but it's Palisade bar food so everything is quite good. The ambiance was sophisticated and it's always a Seattle treat to be right on the water like that.

  • chiizus

    Way too expensive, food wasn't all that great, and they messed up both of the orders in my party. The food downstairs in Maggie Bluff's is much better and much more reasonably priced as well!

  • chiizus

    Way too expensive, food wasn't all that great, and they messed up both of the orders in my party. The food downstairs in Maggie Bluff's is much better and much more reasonably priced as well!

  • amusedpen

    This is a tough one. The view is possibly the best in all of Seattle, and the food and ambiance are terrific, but it's a tad on the high side when the bill comes. I guess they need to keep some separation with Maggie's downstairs, but we'd be there more often than a special occasion if the prices were slightly less.

  • Val

    They use high fructose corn syrup in their “maple syrup” if you go there for the brunch buffet. Bad enough Maggie's does downstairs, but with the prices charged upstairs, it's inexcusable. Makes me wonder what other crap they use in the food.

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  • SeattleMike

    We’re in the bar more than the restaurant. Beautiful, and expensive, but it’s something of a landmark now, and not a cheap operation, so for a special evening out, it’s great.

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