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September 1st, 2008 · 92 Comments

Szmania’s (American)
3321 W McGraw St (map)
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 284-7305

Gladys and Abner: We think this is by the far the nicest restaurant in Magnolia. It is owned and run by long time residents Julie and Ludger Szmania and they do a wonderful job. Perfect for a drink at the bar or a very nice dinner. They also have lots of specials reflecting the seasons of the year. We highly recommend it! “…The first impression we had upon entering Szmania’s was warm and friendly. I’m happy to report the feeling never wavered during our stay.” “…but every bite of every course (3 courses for $25.00, limited time offering) was delicious and the best deal in town.”
“The confidence exuded by the waitstaff, the concentration exhibited by the cooks and the obvious enthusiasm of the customers are proof that Szmania’s is a restaurant at the top of its game.”


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  • Val

    Excellent variety of food, great flavors, friendly staff, though a little slow sometimes, and getting drinks seems to take a looooong time.

    Cheaper than Palisade, and better food, though less seafood options.

  • Adrian

    I cant help but disagree. I’ve been to the restaurant on a number of occaisions and I’ve always found the staff to be professional and friendly.

    The menu changes seasonally and the food is the portions are more than enough for a healthy appetite. I’m not sure about the several restaurants in the magnolia. I’ve always found a lack of dining establishments which serve decent food.

    Each to there own opinion, but I will continue going to the restaurant and recommending it. Comparing Nikos and Szmania’s is really a poor comparison.

  • Luka

    I wondered what the fuss was about with this restaurant. Our friend from out of town is a vegetarian and in this day and age, you would think that a restaurant would have at least one meatless entre! To top things off, my father, who is surprisingly gay asked the waiter for extra cream sauce and boy did our service change for the worse at that point. It was a joke, sir! Homophobia is so 1999.

  • Cal

    Food is poor, overpriced, and the service is poor.

  • Charlie

    I went there with my wife recently, who happens to be a chef. We ordered the fondue app. Which consisted of wine, a hint of cheese and mostly cornstarch or some kind of thickening agent. It had the consistency of soup. Needless to say she got sick at the table. It was hard to enjoy anything after that. The Halibut special was okay… did I say the service was terrible
    For all the hype this place gets around the neighborhood we were not impressed. I had a friend who worked there in the early 90’s and If my memory serves me it was a new and exciting restaurant for Magnolia. Maybe they were at the top of their game 15 years ago.

  • Beth

    We went there for our anniversary recently and we had a great dinner. Excellent service and really good food. Nice place for a special night but I know people who like to hang out at the bar too.

  • Anonymous

    We frequent Szmanias at least twice a month. It’s one of the best things about living on Magnolia. Ludger Szmania is a good chef, and his crew is great. We love going there. They make us feel like part of the family.

  • http://magnoliavoice Barbara

    Szmania’s is my favorite neighborhood restaurant and I go monthly to their ‘Sip & Dip’ wine tasting. It is a great time to mix and meet other locals while Ludger whips up some creative dishes from around the world. What fun!

  • ART

    This is by far one of the best restaurants in Seattle. The hard working chef/owner and his staff give you the best food and service possible. Can’t imagine why anybody would say otherwise. I give it five stars.

  • mlthomas

    Szmania’s is a lot of fun food is always great,
    Niko’s is not comparable,
    Szmania’s has a great wine list,
    There service is warm, welcoming ,
    Lunch is always fun there too.
    It is 5 stars,

  • Marcia

    Ludger and Julie Szmania have an outstanding restaurant in little old Magnolia. Never have I had a bad meal or bad service. I find it hard to believe that there are such negative comments about what is definitely a 5 star establishment. It’s truly a jewel in Magnolia.

  • Norm

    The best restaurant in town. I give it a thumbs up 5 star rating for it’s great food and service.

  • La Princesa

    The lunch service and food here is always great!

  • Timbo

    One of my favorites!! Excellent service and food. I have never been disappointed.

  • Michael

    Food was ok, service was awful. Nowhere close to the best and for the price I would say overall below par.

  • Jimbo

    Definitely not the best in town by far. The meals are bland, the wine list was boring and the service was and still is horrible. I went back a couple weeks ago and it hadnt changed. Must be the owner’s last jar attempt at getting some friends to try and boost their already low score. Dont be fooled, this place is over rated even at 2.5 stars!!!

  • Outta Towner

    We are from out of town and ate here last week. No particular reason but it looked like a nice place to stop. Sure wish I had known what most here have said. TERRIBLE!

  • Native

    I can’t believe all these comments are about the same restaurant. I’ve eaten there since they opened and always had top-notch food at a great value, eager to please professional service, attentive staff and it deserves all the great accolades for the past 18 years. Don’t know what you all are complaining about –

  • Rache

    Although I somewhat agree with Native, the one conclusion we can all derive from the varied posts is that Szmanias has spotty service and food. It’s definetly not consistent which makes me want to avoid patronizing the place. Customer loyalty goes a long way and if there are this many happy and unhappy customers, something must not be working.

  • Magnolia Maven

    We used to count on getting a good meal at Szmania’s but we’ve had and paid for two too many poor meals there to return. It is sad, Ludger was at the Four Seasons for years and should know what it takes to have people well served and the food consistent. It pains me to have witnessed this place slipping through the years to the point I will no longer count on it or pay the price to take a chance.

  • Will B

    A neighborhood institution, Magnolia would not be the same without Szmanias. Having lived and enjoyed the restaurants in several Seattle neighborhoods; and also in Chicago, Vancouver BC, Boston and New York metropolitan area, I can say that Szmanias is one of the top 5 restaurants I’ve visited. Top in all categories: food, presentation, service and ambiance…Keep it up!

  • D and C

    Haven’t been there for a few months. Took (my old boss) guests the last time and we were very disappointed – over cooked, not the quality we wanted, took a long time to get served and finish. Had bragged to the friends. Opps.
    Went with Magnolia friends (again) and had the same experience. Haven’t been back. Too bad, we expected much more for a bill totaling around $100 for two.

  • ChipO

    I have been eating at Szmania’s since they opened and have had 99% great experiences
    there ,have taken alot of friends there and have always been satisfied.

  • The real emjay

    We too have been going to Szmania’s since they first opened and have always been very pleased with our experiences there.

  • Julie Szmania

    If all the cowardly cyber bullies out there who are too lame to contact any business owner with a legitimate complaint, give the business constructive criticism, specific incidences which can be addressed, and a real name to apologize too, would just shut up, the world would be a better place. ChipO has never worked for us but his is one of the thousands of honest and identifiable satisfied customers over the last 19 years! Your “inside informant” could be a disgruntled former employee who was once part of nameless, faceless litany of complaints that you seem to have. Running a solid community business is about hard work and commitment, constant reassessment and improvements. Too bad those wining, negative and cowardly bloggers don’t take the time to contact owners as they surely would have had a sincere apology, a promise to right any wrong and maybe a free meal. Call me anytime – I’d be happy to make amends 206 284-7305 or you can continue to hide behind your screen and attack and insult. We have an excellent, professional and hardworking staff — the best in years – and the quality of the food we serve has never been better or more reasonably priced for the use of fresh, organic and local ingredients. From $3 Shrimp, Mahi Mahi or Steak tacos or Sirloin and Gorgonzola burgers – I dare you to try it and CALL ME if you still have a bone to pick.

  • The real emjay

    No, Darcy (or is that you Michael?) I am not ChipO, but I share his good opinions about Szmania’s. I was “emjay” until someone else (you?) started using the same name (see post #27, not me); so now I’m “The real emjay.”

    Julie, keep up the good work, we’ll continue to come and enjoy! mj

  • amazed and confused

    Cheers to Julie for calling out those who choose to hide behind their computer v. deal directly with a real person to express their disgruntlements. If any of you that have chosen to wage a cyber attack on the restaurant have taken up Julie’s offer and are still unhappy, let’s hear it. Otherwise, maybe it’s time to find a new hobby — or, try Applebees.

  • Vanessa

    I wonder why has the ratings of Szmania’s all of a sudden gone up and only has 10 votes? I recall many months back that Szmanias had more votes than any other restaurant. And then I see Julie (I guess she is the owner) Szmania’s very eloquent (that’s my sarcasm) reply, and I reread all the comments. Some positive and many negative about the customer service, and I think its funny that she wonders why there are people upset with the customer service. Who tells people to shut up? Unless that is not really the owner and someone pretending to be a very stern person. I know from my experience at that restaurant it wasnt too welcoming, and the food wasn’t anything to write home about. Actually, I find some of the other restaurant’s in Magnolia like Mondellos and Palisades having a much tastier menu and very inviting when you come in. I think too, when you have great friendly service, it seems to make the whole meal experience even better, which in turns, has a big effect on the taste. I know I have been to a lot of dives, but we had such a great waitstaff, and everything seemed to be so good, that all I recall of the mean, was that it was great! Too each their own, I guess. Good luck with the customer service!

  • Eleanor

    I know that we went to Szmanias once, and had printed off some specials they had on their website. When we got to the restaurant, the hostess was quite rude, and they did not honor the special on their website, and didnt even try to make up for it, so we left. And when we contacted Julie, no free meal was offered, not even the special deal or an equivalent one was offered. So it makes me wonder why Julie asks about these negative comments, when I know we got very poor service, and even gave them two chances to do something about it. We gave up and haven’t returned since, but that is alright, we have found a couple gems in Queen Anne, and Ballard. I hope that Julie takes these types of comments more to heart, as it seems like a very nice place from the outside, obviously on their good days, people are happy with the food and so they might turn the service around for the positive. Good luck!

  • Sandra V

    Wow, I am amazed at the reply by Julie Szmanias. I actually didnt mind that restaurant, but her reply makes me not want to frequent that restaurant, if that is Julie. I see this emjay person posting everywhere, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was him/her.

    Anyways, I suspect that is the real Julie, and the fact that she would be so abbrasive towards customers with complaints, shows to me, she doesnt have that customer service knack that great restaurants have. Take Niko’s for instance, they are truly the nicest, best place in Magnolia Village, and they really know how to treat customers. Maybe Niko’s could also run a Customer service course that Julie could take.

  • Mag98199

    Julie’s reply was to comments that have since been removed. The comments contained inflammatory comments and false accusations about not only Szmania’s, but also about other commentors. The vote count was probably adjusted after what appeared to be a stuffing of the ballot box. Their vote count went from 60+ to 90+ in a couple of days and their avg went from 3+ to 2 with those votes. If you have an opinion, share it . . but then move on.

  • MagRes

    Wow is all I can say. There must be something either really “good” or really “bad” about this restaurant to cause such emotionally charged comments. I guess all this attention is better than no attention? I completely agree with Mag98199’s last statement about moving on however, I can’t say I’m impressed by the fact that numerous votes have been removed due to assumptions. These types of message boards should never be altered or deleted because everyone should be able to express their feelings and opinions and then people can form their own opinions from such. What happened to free speech? Regardless of the drama this restaurant has stirred up, I can’t say as though I am impressed by what appears to be an owner response. I agree with Vanessa in that who tells people to “shut up”? I would hope the owner of this restaurant would have more couth than the suspected trolls but apparently that isn’t the case.

  • dave

    very poor management, very loud, decent food, outrageous prices, long wait, rude waiters save yourself a night and 200$ head down a block and grab yourself some gyros from Nykos.

  • dave

    And when i said poor management my only basis behind that is julie szmanias response to comments. I think its ridicoulous to yell at your past customers over the internet. Not everyone likes the restraunt Szmanias its not ok for you as an owner (i assume) to yell at people for leaving a legitimate reason not to go to your restraunt

  • mike

    Was not fan i heard about this restraunt and made a trip from lynwood to see what all the fuss was about and i have to say it did not nearly live up to my expection i strongly dont reccomend this for a dinner out unless you are either very wealthy or live in magnolia and want over cooked german dishes

  • Jeremy

    As an owner of my own small business, I am appalled at what Julie Szmania wrote, and can not believe she would expect customers to flock to her establishment when writing such a remark. She is obviously not too concerned with customer satisfaction or trying to win over those critics. That is the best part of being a small business owner, winning over critics or people that had a bad experience. Turning a negative into a positive is so rewarding, especially when you know you have regained a customers trust and support. Julie obviously doesn’t understand that. And to be honest, I have tasted the food there and so I really believe they need to work on their customer service, because it won’t be the food bringing back the customers, that’s for sure.

  • Bob

    For many years Szmania’s has been our special occasion restaurant, so we’re surprised by the negative responses here. Here are snippets from current reviews: “#94 of 2,059 Seattle restaurants” (Trip Advisor); “No restaurant in town more brilliantly reflects its neighborhood” (Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, 3/24/09); current rating “14/20” (this is at the high end of their scale).

  • George

    14 out of 20 doesnt seem to be to high end, plus I find Magazine interpretations to be very different from what people actually like. Look at Niko’s or Ichiro’s, both have high ratings, but are not mentioned that much in magazines. Also, most restaurants know when a reviewer is in, and treat the reviewer 100x better than any of their other customers. I think you need to take their reviews with a grain of salt.

  • Sassy Girl

    I’ve tried to give Szmania’s a chance. I really have. My boss recommended we try this “hidden gem” and was very dissapointed in the service. The hostess wasn’t friendly when she greeted us and sat us right beside the front door when the restaurant was empty! Needless to say we were cold with the door opening right beside us. The food was not too bad. I can’t say as though I loved it as it was moreso just average. Then I tried it again last week and was not pleased with the portion size in relation to price. This place could certainly be overlooked that’s for sure.

    BTW, this website is fantastic! I love reading all the reviews for restaurants in Magnolia and Ballard.

  • Gregory

    I read about how much critics rave about this restaurant, however, just picked up the Seattle Metropolitan Mag with Seattle’s best restaurants, and this one wasnt named at all. I wonder what that means?

  • Valentijn

    The biggest complaint is slow service – a restaurant owner of average intelligence should be able to figure out that customers prefer prompt service. I can understand a need to complain if something in cooked poorly, but what’s the point in complaining about slow service when the problem should be obvious to the owners? Here’s the explicit statement for owners of less than average intelligence: customers don’t like to wait half an hour for a drink. Hire more waiters, prepare food faster, or whatever you need to do.

  • Isabelle

    My husband was in search of corned beef and cabbage on St Patty’s day and after calling the typical “Irish” restaurants and being told the wait would be hours to be seated we called Szmania’s and asked if they were serving it at their restaurant. They said yes, so we headed to the village and had the most AMAZING corned beef and cabbage EVER! Not only was the food awesome, but we got seated immediately and the atmosphere was calm and pleasant. Highly recommend for future St Patty’s day cravings! Thank you Chef O’Szmania!

  • Irish Eyes

    It’s Paddy’s Day Isabelle. Not St. Patty’s Day. I’m sure your service was good because no one was in their restaurant. One would hope their service would be top notch if it’s empty.


  • Marija

    I am Irish, and an international food connoisseur, and I happen to have tried Szmania’s Corned Beef and Cabbage, and it tasted like warmed up Spam. Which is actually not that bad for many English folk that eat that type of food, but no way is it a good reflection of our hearty and rich, famous Irish dish. As for their German food, I would recommend Danube Restaurant in Bellevue instead, to get authentic German food. If you are interested in a weird, untasty, version, then stay at Szmania’s.

    Hals-und Beinbruch!!


  • Henry98199

    Yeah, tried this place. It was not good at all. I mean I know German food is bland, but the stuff this guy cooks, is REALLY bland. More so than what you get in Germany or Bavaria. Yeah, wouldn’t recommend. I think the high prices are just there to make you think it will taste good.

  • John

    Went there twice ( once for lunch and once for dinner)and both times the service was appalling slow. The food was overpriced and wasn’t really that wonderful for what you got. At dinner, the waiter brought me the wrong entree, and after one forkful, I realized I was not eating what I ordered. After telling the waiter” you brought me something different…its good, but its not what I ordered”…he kinda chuckled and walked away!!!!…and he actually charged me full price for the wrong dish and it was way more than what I originally ordered. No mention of “I’m sorry, I will make an adjustment, or, are you okay with this entree instead?” It was as if he was happy that his screwup didn’t involve any more interaction with me. He didn’t resolve the issue with me right then. He chose to ignore it. The rest of the evening, he had the blinders on when he came near our table. I still cannot understand how they stay in business with such terrible service…which is always the kiss of death for any restaurant. There should be a manual on how to give great service in the food industry. Its not hard to do…just take care of your guests..people do not want to be ignored and they want good food at a fair price. The service should be polite, engaging and most of all prompt. If there are problems in the kitchen , come out and give your guests an update…talk to them, refill their glasses, give them more bread, but make them know you care about them and are on their side. If something goes amiss, handle it…give them a coupon or some dessert, or a whatever. That will go along way to keeping someone loyal to you. Szmania’s is at the bottom of my list of places to go.

  • Rogue

    Wow, I can’t believe this place is still in business! Patronized this place years ago and see that things haven’t changed much – and not for the better. The restaurant is overpriced, stuffy, and gives the impression that it is “classy” yet it’s quite the opposite. Sorry, but I have to ask why are people still talking about this place?

  • Pat

    What happened to the website? It’s gone from a classy and appealing website to a fast food-esqe looking website. Who on earth designs your website Julie? Did you even review it? I have to be honest. It’s terrible and makes your quaint little gem look like a fly by night pit stop. Poor graphics, cheap design and very unappealing to say the least. Your restaurant seems to be deteriorating in so many ways Julie…sad but true.

  • Valentijn

    We went there Saturday night, when it was fairly quiet (night before Mother’s Day), and all 4 of us ordered different entrees, and they were all delicious and cooked perfectly. The service was a long way from fast, bit it wasn’t sloooooow either. So maybe they’re turning things around. Or we got lucky 😛 Someone else made the plans to go there, and I had some trepidation.

  • RogerRabbit

    Valentijn’s comments aren’t enough to lure me back to this hole. As far as I’m concerned, it’s too little too late. Szmania’s service was horrible every time I patronized the restaurant and no matter what they did/do for me, I’d never go back.

  • christine

    I have been there twice in the past 4 years. The food was really good/ service was slow.

  • Smokey the Bear

    Poor food, poor service. ’nuff said.

  • julieszmania

    Great turnout for our first BBQ Sunday of the season. The grill was fired up like the Chef and we had a fun time with tasty Baby Back Ribs, Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket and a big meat Sampler plate for only $19 with all the trimmings. Next week we add BBQ Chicken with drumsticks for kids for only $3 including Bourbon Baked Beans, Corn on the Cob, Baked Potatoes and German Cole Slaw.

  • John Mueslin

    Yeah, we tried the BBQ and it wasn't that tasty. Actually there are better BBQ places down in Sodo that do a better job, and are 1/2 the price. Next time I would just but a couple kid's chicken drumsticks for $3, and then go home and BBQ!

  • Sondra

    Sorry but the BBQ they just had was really really poor. If you want good BBQ, I don't recommend this place and certainly not for $19. Sorry Szmania's, better luck next time.

  • Val

    According to, at last surprise health inspection this restaurant got 10 points, with 2 high risk violations.

  • doug

    I agree about the not very good barbecue last Sunday. Bottled barbecue sauce would be much better, Maybe it was bottled?

  • chiizus

    Been there twice. The first time was for lunch for a turkey sandwich of some sort. It was really good but overpriced, I think. Second time was for an Easter brunch thing. I thought my food was OK, though boyfriend was very dissatisfied with his. The price was outrageous though considering what we got. Also, the service wasn't great for the Easter brunch. I can't complain about the time I was there for lunch because I was pretty much the only person there.

  • mdcagle

    Why all the negative comments? The restaurant is by far the best restaurant in Magnolia, and one of the nicer places in Seattle. Unlike many other Seattle restaurants, Szmanias does not feel “stuffy” and the people who work there are some of the finest around. We love Michelle, the bartender and the servers Grant, Ken, Tracy, and Ron are great. This is our home away from home. Ludger and Julie take the time to get to know their customers. The food is good, and along with the friendly atmosphere, it keeps us coming back! I would be willing to bet that much of the negative comments come from people who just “like” making negative comments.

    • Realemjay

      Like this isnt someone that works there! Ha ha too funny!

    • Realemjay

      Like this isnt someone that works there! Ha ha too funny!

  • sosSOS

    Thumbs down!!!!!

  • RealEmjay

    Check out Julie's comment on here. Yeah she seems really nice! I really want to go here! NOT!

  • Theresa

    Hi there-
    I just had to send a feedback email after a wonderful experience at
    your restaurant last Thursday.
    We were greeted by Karen and she was so friendly and welcoming.
    It was Octoberfest and very festive and fun… we were not expecting
    We sat at the bar in front of the kitchen and Thadius was busy making
    beautiful salads but he
    stopped his work to say hello and welcome us.
    Our server was Ken and he went beyond good service. He was
    knowledgeable about the menu, the wine list and the beers. We took
    his suggestions and had an incredible meal.
    He kept checking on us even though it was extremely busy. He was also
    incredibly friendly… just wonderful.
    We were able to observe Thadius and his attention to detail on his
    plates was outstanding.
    We also talked to the Chef and he was so friendly and warm.

    I can't say enough about your staff and restaurant.

    We will be back and will tell all of our friends.

    Great job!


  • amusedpen

    Szmania's is one of the veterans in the Village, and with good reason. Ludger has remained committed to preparing top quality food in a pleasing atmosphere. The food is consistently delicious – and yes, a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. Our only negative experience a couple of years ago was when we made a reservation for a special roast goose dinner at the holidays, and were told they had run out of goose. Presumably, they were only selling it to those with reservations, so to this day we're not sure what happened. Otherwise, all of our visits have been good.

  • Kimberley

    I am ashamed to say that I caved. I've boycotted Szmania's for about 3 years now after horrible service, lousy food and high prices. As a long time Magnolia resident, I am very loyal to the small business owners in this wonderful area and tried to patronize Szmania's. But, I continually left dissatisfied. So, when old friends were in town that wanted to eat there I caved. But, once again I told myself to go in with an open mind and thought perhaps after 3 years things may have improved. Boy, was I wrong! Where was this wonderful Karen everyone speaks so highly of? Well, I can tell you that she was there alright but her uppity attitude was not appreciated and we were greeted with an overwhelmingly (and obvious) poor attitude that was not welcoming or polite. After seating us at the smallest table in the restaurant, it took our server 25 minutes to take our order and then another 35 minutes to get our food which was over cooked and poorly presented. I'm sorry to see that things haven't changed in 3 years. This restaurant is grossly overpriced for what you get and can guarantee I will not be returning. Sorry Szmania's. I tried, but you didn't try hard enough to win back my patronage.

  • Val

    I've gone here twice recently (once because Chinook's was closed!) and service has sped up quite a bit. I'm pretty sure it was deliberate because the waiter was checking out our plates somewhat frequently (my aunt was eating very very very slowly, gnah). The entrees were very good, and the bread as well. The hostess was smiling a lot, but it looked a bit pasted on … like she might need some primal scream therapy when she got home. But it was a huge improvement in service and the effort was very much appreciated :-)

  • cathen

    Szmania's is 5 star in my book! There must be something about the relatively anonymous nature of the blogosphere that coaxes writers to unleash the snark within. Perhaps it also deludes one into believing they are a credible food critic. I enjoy a lot of lower end restaurants and dives around Magnolia and Ballard, but when I want an atmosphere of understated elegance and consistently excellent food I only want to go to Szmania's. They offer delicious, creative, and beautifully presented food. The staff is knowledgable, courteous, and yes, they are real people with a range of personalities. If I wanted cheap, clever, or to be treated like the royalty I'm not, I'd go elsewhere. I appreciate that the menu features local flavors as well as the German influenced dishes. All delicious all the time!

  • Stanley

    I've desperately wanted to try this restaurant and finally got my wish last week. I am so sorry to report that it was very disappointing. The portions weren't generous and my meal tasted ok but not great. I really had high hopes – perhaps I built them up to high and was unreasonable? I hope so as I'd like to try them again and do hope to be “wowed”. In the meantime I am sorry to report that this restaurant isn't “5 star” and frankly would rather go to other cheaper restaurants where the service is top notch and the food isn't mediocre.
    Hopeful in Magnolia

  • lindastorbakken

    An amazing experience from beginning to end. From the moment I walked in the door I was made to feel special by all. The food was perfect, the attention to any and all needs was beyond compare.
    Szmania's made my birthday the best ever and I shall hold it dear to my heart forever.

    Thank you,

    Linda Vieths Storbakken

  • Chuck Lorre

    Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Szmania's food and service was sub par. I didn't appreciate the unfriendly service I was greeted with and the food was truly mediocre at best. Next….

  • Kath Snell


  • Val

    Went again last night … brunette hostess was friendly, and didn't seem homicidal like the blonde that's been there in the past. Service wasn't fast, but it wasn't slow either. Even though the restaurant was mostly empty our group of six was seated next to another group of six that was so noisy we couldn't hear each other half the time. But the food was awesome. 4 had the beet salad, which I tasted and loved, and the bread was good, though they gave us enough butter for 2 people instead of six (HELLO?). They keep doing that and it is SO stupid and annoying. 3 of us had the special: white king salmon with broccoli, gnocchi (or something like that) and a creamy lemon sauce. The salmon was perfectly cooked and had a lovely light crispiness on the top, and the sauce was awesome. Even the broccoli was pretty good, and I'm not a lover of broccoli. I've been eating salmon since about age 6, and I think this was the best I've ever had it.

  • Vicky

    Kudos to Szmania’s for their new patio. The restaurant looks great aesthetically but I was extremely disappointed with their food and service. The food was bland and the portions were not reflective of their price. But it was their service that was the biggest let down. Immature, giggly wait staff wasn’t expected based on the ages of them and I certainly didn’t appreciate paying top dollar for a substandard meal and being annoyed by horrible staff.

  • Rinehardt Hoffmueller

    THUMBS DOWN DOWN DOWN. What a joke this place is. I asked to speak to the owner and was told to come back. So, I came back and he wasn’t there yet again. I tried for a third time to no avail and have officially given up. Does the owner even care about his customers? Does the owner want to satisfy new clientele? Wouldn’t appear to based on my experience.

  • Julie

    Dear Rinehardt:
    Of course we care about our customers. They are first and foremost on our minds. We appreciate feedback, input and comments of any type–constructive or otherwise. We were out of town for almost 3 weeks during the time you came in and had you left a message we could have gotten back to you. Please stop by ANYTIME after 2 p.m. or call us at 206 284-7305. We are waiting for you to call…

  • Rinehardt Hoffmueller

    Thank you for your reply Julie. I don’t understand why your staff kept asking me to come back if you were in fact out of town? How illogical is that? Something about your being ‘out of town’ smells fishy and using this forum to show you do care seems equally fishy. I’d be happy to stop by again to speak about my bad experience in July if you could guarantee you’d actually be there.

  • Ken Ower

    Sorely disappointed by the meal I had the other night. The food was ok but the service was terrible. I expected so much more.

  • Colleen G.

    My husband and I come here every week. We love having a great place to come to in our neighborhood. It was one of my favorite things about moving to Magnolia 10 years ago. The staff has always made us feel very welcome!

  • Linda Sue Vieths Storbakken

    Szmanis’s is the best ever. Many dinner trips in between however, for the second year in a row I spent my Birthday dinner evening with Thadius, Julia, and Lugar and with staff which made this my second in a row “best Birthday ever”. Fom the first step inside they make you feel so very welcome and treat you beyond amazing. The food is surpassed by none and to say it is “warm and fuzzy” falls short of proper adjectives.
    I have been there may times in between for everything from dinner, desserts, drinks, lounge specials and will go back again and again. Thank you one and all for making myself and friends feel so amazingly welsome. Kudos in volume to Thadius for his interaction and talent.

    Linda Sue

  • Linda Sue Vieths Storbakken

    I should have proofed my comment before posting. I apologize for mispelled (letters missing) words. The bottom line is – you can’t get any better the Szamania’s.

    Linda Sue

  • Robertdgaston

    I joined a new special friend for a Pre-Valentine’s Day Dinner last night and it was marvelous. The creative genious of the chefs and wait staff and the enviroment, including my guest, made for a delightful evening. A magic celebration. Robert Douglas Gaston

  • Michael Boh

    What I have come to know about Szmania’s is the lack of service, and the fake attempts at trying to “fix” horrible service or unfortunate events. We live in Magnolia and took my mother-in-law there as they advertised a “special” on their website. When we arrived there and were seated in a terrible seat next to the door when literally every table was empty and then given attitude when I asked if we could sit somewhere else, we were then told that they had made a mistake on their website and that they would not honor their “deal”. We eventually left and had a great meal at Anthony’s. When I contacted Julie, there was no attempt at trying to rectify the situation, and it was only when I posted on here that she replied and said she would be glad to take our calls. Well, when I called, it was the same thing, no attempt at trying to honor or win back a customer, which is fine with me as the food really isn’t that tasty, particularly for the money. It’s an overpriced subpar restaurant. It’s really only frequented by numerous locals which keep it in business, as Ludwig and Julie have not done much work on the way they have their hostess/waiters/waitresses treat the customers, unless they know them in person. My advice, dont waste money on this place. There is a reason this supposed four star restaurant is near the bottom of the list on this website!

  • David & Michele

    Love the new Steakhouse menu. Very good value. You get a big, tasty bang for your buck. And those sauces, wow! – David & Michele

  • Lolamomma

    Had a great dinner….love the new menu!

  • Julie

    Thanks to the Seattle Times’ Nancy Leson for a nice write-up today on SZMANIA’S new Steakhouse menu.  Of course, we still have the Schnitzel!  among other old favorites, but the new additions are delicious and should be tried.   Thank you Magnolia for your support over the past 21 years!!

  • Christopher Watkins

    The bacon-wrapped chicken stuffed with spinach and goat cheese was amazing! I’m normally not a spinach fan but when I see “bacon-wrapped” anything I have to try it and I wasn’t disappointed. Perfectly cooked!

    I’ll be back to try something else from the new steakhouse menu soon. :)

  • Sarah Morris

    I too attempted to try the bacon-wrapped chicken but was soooo disappointed with it.  It was lukewarm when presented to me and the wait staff was unable to rectify the situation as they were too busy.  I would’ve had to wait another 30 minutes for it to be re-heated.   Poor food, poor service. 

    • Julie

      Boy are we sorry to hear that – please tell us when you were in and we’d be more than happy to rectify the situation.  It never takes 30 minutes to reheat ANY item on the menu (so don’t know where you heard that) but 5 minutes at most!  Again, we’d like to know when you were dining with us.  With so few people making reservations these days, it’s really tough to know how to staff but no excuse for poor service.

  • Anonymous

    We’ve been to Szmania’s many many times over the last 10 years, and have ALWAYS enjoyed the food. The service has always been typical good service..friendly, helpful, professional..only once was the kitchen and service slow. Julie has always been gracious and pleasant. We will be back!

  • billybibbet

    I have been by at least 3 or 4 times since the menu change and love it!  Steaks are always a treat, and the ribeye is highly recommended…but seriously, they have complete steak dinners starting at only $25!  If you have not been by in the past year, you have to got to stop in.

  • billybibbet

    I have been by at least 3 or 4 times since the menu change and love it!  Steaks are always a treat, and the ribeye is highly recommended…but seriously, they have complete steak dinners starting at only $25!  If you have not been by in the past year, you have to got to stop in.