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Time 4 Pho

September 1st, 2008 · 17 Comments

Time 4 Pho (Vietnamese)
2812 Thorndyke Ave W (Map)
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 708-6232

Gladys and Abner:  We are big fans of Time 4 Pho.  The food is really tasty and fresh and the atmosphere is nice with flat screen TVs on the wall.  Reasonable prices too. “At Time 4 Pho, I loved the chunks of seasoned pork grilled on a pair of generous skewers. The slender vermicelli was cooked al dente — just like Primo cooked it on “Big Night.”


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  • 50intheclip

    sure lookssssssssssssssss great

  • Mag_Lady

    YUM!YUM!YUM! Much better than the place on 15th!!!!!!

  • Marlin

    There are two Pho’ places on 15th, the one by Ballard High School which is terrible, and the one on 70th, which is quite good. I will check out “time 4 pho” place and let you know what I think.

  • Marlin

    Ate there last week. Took home five orders.

    The Pho’ was as good at the place on 70th & 15th NW in Ballard, but smaller bowls and $2 more a bowl.

    I could see the teriyaki being grilled. It was probably as good as Ichiro’s.

    The somen noodles were O.K., not great, just O.K. So were the spring rolls.

    Over priced for a noodle place, but the service was good.

  • Marlin

    I forgot to mention that the seasoned grilled pork was quite good.

  • BreeAnna

    Best Pho I know of in Seattle. Everything is fresh, the meat is lean and the condiment bar is awesome. The restaurant is clean and comfortable inside – and there’s usually worth watching on their flatscreen TVs.

  • Leslie

    Disgusting! I found a ball of yuck in my PHO! Thinking I was eating a piece of chicken, I sampled my soup. Only to find, it wasn’t chicken at all – it was a ripped piece of napkin in a ball with what looked like chewed up food that someone had spit out! When I brought it to the people behind the counter, they just stared at me. They didn’t offer to refund my money, say they were sorry . . . nothing. Just a stare! I’ll stick to the PHO in Ballard – plus they have delectable complimentary cream puffs, too! Say “NO” to PHO in Magnolia.

  • settle down Vortman

    Why bring up Ballard restaurants? this is a Magnolia blog.

  • time4pho

    Hello Leslie. I would like to address the issue you had the other day at the store. I know what was in the soup by the description you gave and it wasn’t a napkin, it was rice paper. We use the rice paper to wrap spring rolls and every once and a while (usually when it’s busy) one will fall into the water that’s used to cook the noodles. I am almost positive this is what you were unintentionally served. I assure you that it was harmless, but the staff should have replaced it right away. When you told the staff it was paper they didn’t think they were at fault because we don’t keep any paper in the cooking area. If you were to have told them it was rice paper they would have realized how that could have happened, been very embarrassed, and would have replaced your food immediately. I am not suggesting that you should have known the difference but instead trying to explain the mentality that caused this situation. Their thought process was focused on who was at fault(this is the Asian mentality). They should have been focused on “why is my customer unhappy” and can we reasonably accommodate their request. I have talked to them about this and they feel very badly(especially because we were at fault). On behalf of the staff I would like to sincerely apologize for the bad experience and offer you a couple bowls of pho in return. If you don’t wish to dine with us I would be happy to refund your money instead. You can contact me at 206-708-6232. Just ask for Eric
    BTW some of the pho restaurants in Ballard aren’t very clean IMHO. =)

  • Val

    According to, at last surprise health inspection this restaurant got 23 points, with 2 high risk violations.

  • chiizus

    Food was OK, but not great. I am not a Pho connoisseur, but my boyfriend who is wasn't very impressed. I give it 3 stars.

  • chiizus

    Food was OK, but not great. I am not a Pho connoisseur, but my boyfriend who is wasn't very impressed. I give it 3 stars.

  • Name

    Both my girls LOVE the Pho, beef or chicken. Great atmosphere for families…especially is Dad wants to catch up on sports on the weekend!

  • bill bibet

    Good food, good service. Yeah prices are bit higher, but close to home. Thumbs up! :)

    Try the pork with vermicelli noodles,,,very good.

  • iphone solutions

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  • Tall66

    Great Pho and the restaurant is bright and clean. This is a regular for my wide and I when we want some good Vietnamese Comfort Food.

  • tootie12

    My first time there after hearing about the great Pho from friends.  OMG the tofu-veggie soup is AWESOME.  She had shrimp rolls and salad – it’s all so good!!  The whole place is spotless, the staff so nice, the menu varied and reasonably priced.  I can’t wait to go back.  Will be a for sure “go to” with out of town guests!  Hooray!