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Cocoa & Cream

September 9th, 2008 · 14 Comments

Cocoa & Cream (Ice Cream and Desserts)
3210 1/2 W McGraw St (Map)
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 299-2254 “…Ice cream sandwiches are the best. The owner makes her chocolate chip cookies in store, she was a pastry chef prior to opening her store. The quality of everything is so awesome!’

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  • andrea

    Great ice cream, but really expensive. The kids have to be really good to go there. It’s nice to have an ice cream place in town.

  • Mag_Lady


  • Jessie

    Well worth the money..only a quarter more then the chain shops. Plus its nice and close

  • Val

    According to, at last surprise health inspection this restaurant got 0 points, with 0 violations.

  • Carrie Campbell

    I just had a fantastic brownie sundae here. It was perfect because the brownie is made fresh right there, as are the chocolate and caramel toppings, and I got to chose what else I wanted on it ( from nuts, to sprinkles, to chocolate chips, whipping cream etc.) Perfectly divine!

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  • pressurized walls manhattan

    i love to go there .. i want ice cream ..

  • James

    Great ice cream but on the pricey side