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Big winds and maybe more on the way

December 30th, 2008 · 2 Comments

The windstorm that blew through our area yesterday was pretty intense.  One of the peak gusts recorded was 55mph right here in Magnolia. It certainly had the trees in our neighborhood swaying.

It is interesting that the storm was not widely predicted.  Meteorologist Cliff Mass calls it a poorly predicted weather event.  Here is what he had to say on his blog today:

My profession did not do an adequate job, when we had a significant, and poorly forecast, wind event. Both on the coast and here in the lowlands, wind gusts reached 50-60 mph near water and exposed locations, with the remainder of the area experiencing 30-40 mph gusts. The Evergreen Bridge had 40 mph sustained winds for two hours around noon. Lots of branches were downed and several thousand people lost power.

Not very often that you hear the weather folks admit they were off in their forecast.  So whats up next?  While many of the forecasters are calling for an even bigger windstorm later this week, Mass is not so sure, calling the Thursday/Friday storm pattern uncertain.

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