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Development approved on Newton

February 25th, 2009 · 10 Comments

More townhomes are coming to Magnolia’s east slope.  The triplex and duplexes above at 2301 and 2315 Newton will be demolished and 12 townhomes will be built on the site between West Newton Street and West Plymouth Street.   The project was approved by the city last week.

There are a number of locations in that neighborhood that are already being developed into townhomes.    This site is interesting because at once housed the Officer’s quarters for the Naval installation at Smith Cove.

The design is described as contemporary with extensive use of cast concrete. Parking for 20 vehicles will be included within the structure. 

This is the view from the new townhomes.  No word yet on when construction will begin.

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  • holz

    project designed by eric cobb…

    images can be found here:

    “On the boards is the 12-unit West Newton Residential, where tall precast concrete walls organize the site and provide the structure, insulation, fire protection, and interior finish in one powerful move.”

    compared to some of his other work, this one looks rather stark and banal. And this coming from a devout minimalist.

    Actually, it looks like it belongs in la jolla, rather than seattle…

    the NIMBYs will be up in arms over this one…

  • holz

    also, i’m not really sure how concrete provides insulation, unless it’s a sandwich wall w/ insulation between. in which case it’s not really “one powerful move” but i digress. concrete has little r-value and the best way to take advantage of the thermal storage is to wrap the concrete in glass (trombe wall). of course you can also use wood.

  • B


  • magpie

    That is a whole lot of concrete. They don’t look like they belong in that neighborhood at all.

    Why do people keep building such weird stuff in Magnolia?

  • Michelle

    I think the addresses are actually 2301 and 2315 Newton, not 4301 and 4315 as the article states.

  • Valentijn

    Fugly! Looks bleak and depressing.

    On the other hand, it has just the right character for someone to live in while plotting to take over the world.

  • Gladys

    You are right. Typo on our part. We fixed the post. Thanks for pointing it out.

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