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Rant against Magnolia cruise concerns

May 31st, 2009 · 14 Comments

It seems to us that Magnolia ends up in the Rant and Rave section of the Seattle Times more than other neighborhoods.  Today there is a criticsm of Magnolia residents who are complaining about the noise from the cruise ships at the new Smith Cove Terminal at Pier 91. 

Rant: To city residents who complain about the small insignificant noises that are expected when living in an urban environment. The Magnolia residents who feel the noise from cruise line ships is worth complaining about seem to forget they chose to live in a major city and seaport. If you want silence, move to Wyoming.

We also want to remind you that there is an open house at the new cruise facility on Tuesday, June 2.  Details here if you want to attend.

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  • yep yep

    This is nonsense. I pay a huge premium to live in the Magnolia area. The property taxes we generate in this community amount to significant more revenue for the city than other Seattle neighborhoods (cough, cough, Beacon Hill). Thus as a white male living in Magnolia, I feel the I should have right to NOT hear things like cruise ships or kids kicking the can in front of my house. It’s easy for a bunch of poor saps to tell me to “just get used to a bunch of boats out my window.”You know what? Whatever! Maybe your opinion will hold a little more weight when your living next to me in a waterfront house.

    It’s hard to take anyone from the south-end seriously.

  • Trish Parker

    HOOOONNNNK! Goes the cruise ship! I don’t understand why people are so upset! Though I admit the picture above brings me to tears (I’ll talk about that later). I think cruise ships are SO romantic. It brings me back to that victorian era when the titanic was up and running, when people in love really told you how they felt and didn’t go running off with the next girl who walked by them in a short skirt. When I’m alone doing dishes at my house, I often catch myself looking out the kitchen window in amassment of the large vessel. Often wishful thinking that leads into disappointment.

    When I was 24 I was to marry a man by the name of Lance. He had strong hands and could make me laugh more than Jim Carry (He did a lot of Jim Carry Mask impressions). ALLL Righty Then! He loved the sea and he loved vacations. He was a man of his word and he told me there was nothing more he wanted to do than to marry me on the cruise ship he’d been working on. We were supposed to get married on a cruise ship that set to Alaska (where he was born), spend our honeymoon hunting elk near Anchorage. The day before the wedding I got a note “…I left early. I hope you understand. When I come back to you I will come back a stronger man and on a cruise ship twice as big. I love you – Lance”. That was 8 years ago. So I hope you are reading this Lance. Socks is still alive, he says hi. So yes, I am for these Cruise Ships. I can only hope they get bigger and louder. I can also see why you would not like it. Either way…


  • Bobby

    Both of those comments are hilarious.

    A fine representation of the fictional humanity in Magnolia:

    They portray contrasting images between a bitter, lonley, self-important racist, and a jilted, yet hopeful optimist, clinging to the past( and an unknown number of formerly stray cats.)

    Next scene: These strangers meet on a Princess cruise to Alaska, and sparks fly…

    I don’t care about the cruise ships, but I love the clever writing.

  • nae

    All i can say is OMG to the cat lady.. And to get back to the issue…

    When i bought my home, I had no idea that there would one day soon be large cruise ships at the terminal. I am sure that others may have been unaware of this as well. The grain ships were there and quiet. NO traffic etc.

    I thought about it a bit and i think that If I could full on hear calypso music… i would be amused for about 5 minutes and then i think i might get bothered. If i wanted to live by a bar… i would move back to the hill.

    People have a right to complain if noise is bothersome . Concessions such as no music in port are fair and must be made that accomodate the people that have chosen to live in the Magnolia community. The passer’s by couldnt care less if you enjoy you home in quiet contentment.
    I certainly don’t think the Seattle Times has the right to tell people to move to Wyoming.

  • Andy1963

    We’ll it looks like if things don’t work out between yep yep and Trish, there might be some compatibility between yep yep and nae.

  • Tracie 29th

    “When i bought my home, I had no idea that there would one day soon be large cruise ships at the terminal. I am sure that others may have been unaware of this as well. The grain ships were there and quiet. NO traffic etc.”

    Similarly, I had no idea that they would put a Subway sandwhich shop on McGraw. If I would have only known then!

  • Nope Nope

    Wow, the rich Magnolians should get whatever they want, maybe some slaves to mow your lawns. I am sure you could go and take some Beacon Hill residents, as they have no money. I mean life is all about money. The funny thing is I find that the majority of these rich folk lack in the beauty department, unless they get special plastic surgeons to make them look more feline. I guess money cant buy you everything.

  • dd

    I don’t remember grain ships loading and un-loading at Pier 90 or 91. Where did the grain come from?
    I think your is spelled you’re in the above case.

  • Sick of cry babies!

    For the love of God people!!!! Stop your whining. Has anyone forgotten about the trains that roll by day and night? Because I am a Magnolia resident (with a kid, who will one day be old enough to kick a can in front of your house). If you can tolerate the trains, you can surely tolerate an occasional horn blowing from one of the ships.

    I am happy to see the cruise ships docking here… happy to see the taxis line up for more business…. happy to have these passengers spending more money in our beautiful city. No I’m not a politician. I’m not an employee of Holland America. I just don’t see this as a big deal. And yes, I do live near the trains & dock..

    We should all be glad that more money is coming into Seattle right now!!!

  • Marlene

    Why does there always have to be complainers? Your dog shat on my lawn, your kid spit on mine, you took my parking spot, that lady cut in front of me in line at Bartells, it’s raining, etc. Get over yourself people and stop complaining!!! There are far worse things to complain about than darn cruise ships tooting their horns and playing music. How about you focus your negative energy on cleaning up your neighborhood or helping the homeless. People are such whiners and I’m sick of it. Good for you if you pay a “huge premium” to live in Magnolia. What you need to do is GET A LIFE!

  • Embarrassed

    I am embarrassed to be a magnolia resident AGAIN…. 98199 does not give you the right to be a self centered idiot.

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