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Seattle Pie Company

August 4th, 2009 · 65 Comments

Seattle Pie Company
3111 W. McGraw St. Suite 101 (map)
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 718-8591

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  • doug

    Wonderful new addition to Magnolia. Fantastic pies. The best ever.
    Magnolia Thriftway also sells their pies.
    Very nice young couple own the place.

  • briangregory

    The next best thing to homemade!! The owners are always smiling and they know their pie(s).

  • Guest

    Great pies! It's hard to stay away! Nicest family ever!

  • Manders83

    The Strawberry Rhubarb is absolutely sinful! I had three pieces over Summerfest weekend but it was worth every bite even as I was running it off the next day. So good.

  • Cass

    This the best place for desert in Magnolia, and the best place for Pie in Seattle! I have been 4 times, every time things are great, the owners are so nice. You really feel welcome and your business appreciated. I can see this business being around for a long time. The apple, marion berry, cherry and blueberry are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! I cant wait for the holiday season we are taking pies 1200 miles home with us they are so good.

  • christine

    Yum Yum

  • SPMag

    On the way home for the block party tonight and thought I'd stop here and bring a pie to the party….apparantly not an original idea since there were two other Seattle Pies on the table – none of them survived the night. Delicious!

  • Nancy Wright

    The best crust ever! I took a pie to an lunch on Bainbridge Island and it was a great hit! Everyone wanted to know where Magnolia Village was?

  • mkcs

    the number listed does not work. would anyone know the correct number? thanks!

  • analea

    I had a slice of the dutch apple (I'm not sure if they call it this)…the apple with the crumble topping. It was SOOOOO good we are about to walk down there for a slice right now! I received that slice as a very nice gesture for helping out with the In Motion flyer stuffing a week or so ago. :)

  • Brad

    Not only are the pies good, but the Swedish Pancakes are pretty darn good too. If you don't want the sweet-tart flavor of the lingonberries, ask for the savory version with ham and feta. Mmmmmm. Alyssa and Patrick are the warmest hosts. Feels like being in their home. What a great addition to Magnolia!

  • seattlepie

    Our number is (206) 718-8591. Thank you all for your support and smiles…

  • Patrick

    They make a great breakfast sandwich too!

  • Susan

    I have bought 6 pies in two weeks. So what that should tell you is…THIS PIE IS AMAZING! I have told everyone I know about this place. Everyone except my mother – who up until now – I thought was the queen of pie baking. I am afraid that her crown has fallen and the fabulous team at Seattle Pie Company are reigning supreme!

  • Gumby

    Went to visit friends in Magnolia this weekend. I love visiting them, but when they said, “pie” I was on the next ferry! Had two pieces over the weekend and brought a pie home~love this place!

  • diner1

    I was looking forward to some really good pie, but found instead a lot of crust and meager filling. I also ordered the meat loaf sandwich that was being touted by a customer. Yes, the meat loaf is delicious, great flavor, but not more than 2 ounces of it. The bread was great and is made by Mondellini's.

  • Kerri

    Love this place! The strawberry rhubarb pie is amazing. The owners are wonderful- warm, inviting, and genuinely care about the community. What a treat to have them in Magnolia- wishing them much success and telling everyone I know about Seattle Pie Co.

  • April Smith

    I purchased an applie pie that had so much air between the crust and the apples, that it just caved in and fell apart when I went to serve it. The apple filling was really good, but the crust was dry and not very good. It was embarassing serving this pie that fell apart.

  • arne_yukari

    If you have not yet been to The Seattle Pie Company you do not know what you are missing. My wife and I have been there for the past few weekends. We have tried several varieties of pie, all of which have been very delicious. The coconut cream pie was indescribably delicious. It was worth every calorie.

  • christine

    This place rocks! Our first taste was the Marrionberry and that was great with the ice cream. I went in a second time and ordered the blueberry pie which didn't turn out that great. It was so watery that by the time we got it back to the shop it was spilling into the box. Alyssa told me to bring it back and she would take a look and offered to give me another and my money back for the trouble. I can say the Apple Mountain berry is my favorite now and I don't even have to try the rest. Very dangerous place. I think I wil limit our family to one pie a month. They would eat it two times a day if I let them. Thanks guys!

  • Tomdem55

    Thank GOD for Seattle Pie, the pies are so good that we just ordered a
    birthday pie for my wife!!!
    We have been on a pie a week binge, the crusts are TO DIE FOR
    the fillings are actual fruit, without any buckets of sugar or high fructose corn sweetner
    Alyssa and Patrick and all are just delightful people
    can't wait for the savory pies!!!


  • April Smith

    My apple pie crust caved in and this time I ordered a blueberry apple crumb pie and when I went to serve it, it wasn't blueberry at all. It was very tart, like raspberry or something similar, but not blueberry. It's too tart to eat, so it shall go to waste, as no one liked it. I don't think I'll be ordering another pie from here.

    • Aprillovesdogs

      And I’ve kept to my word…haven’t been back since.

  • doug

    Why would April want to back if she didn't like the first pie she bought?
    Could this be a competitor?

    • April Smith

      The first pie I bought was a blueberry apple crumb and it was delicious. The next pie I ordered was the apple, the one that caved in. So the next time I went with something I knew was good, the blueberry apple crumb. I ordered it and picked it up after work and when I served it the next day, it wasn't blueberry apple crumb, it was raspberry or something tart, but not blueberry. So twice I was displeased with the pies, but the first one was good. Not a competitor, just someone who didn't have two good experiences with the pies.

      • April

        Also, when the owner gave me the apple prior to this one, she even told me that her students forgot to vent it and it was full of air. She said she was a perfectionist, but still charged me for a pie that was not even close to perfection….except for the apple filling…really good. There was so much air that it all caved in when I was cutting it for everyone. I don't think I should have been charged full price for that. Not good business.

        • doug

          When the owner said the pie was full of air, it would have been best to ask, the owner, if she could have a different pie; one that wasn't full of air.

          • April

            She was too nice. I thought it would be fine. I didn't know it had as much air inside until I actually cut it. But, I think she knew.

  • VC

    Yum! Yesterday, I had a slice of crumb peach, I believe it was, and it was incredible. I'm already craving another slice today. This may be my new obsession.

  • MagMayor

    The pies are great, but the meat loaf sandwich is the best you will ever taste! Mom eat your heart out!

  • chiizus

    Just ate here for the first time last Sunday. Had the turkey and cheese Swedish pancakes, which were wonderful. Then had the apple crumb pie for dessert.

    The staff was very friendly, especially the owner.

    I can't wait to go back again and try some different kinds of pie!

  • GimWahTouristBureau

    Haven't stopped in for a few weeks – have they added the full breakfasts yet? With the exception of Rudy's, there's no place nearby to have breakfast without leaving the hill. And yes, I know Serendipity exists. Like I said, there's no place to go.

  • christine

    There is a really good breakfast place at Fisherman's terminal which is not that far. It's called Bay view cafe I think? they also have breakfast at Chinooks I think. Yum!

  • GimWahTouristBureau

    The Bay Cafe is great. But it would be so cool to have something in the Village. And of course, if you leave the hill, there's nothing like breakfast at the Shanty on Elliott!

  • jessicahat

    Super friendly owners, excellent location (right by our house) and the pie has been delicious both times. I hope its here a long time!

  • r

    Great food and atmosphere, but as noted by others, rather meager with the portion/presentation. We're looking forward to them working the kinks out and expanding the menu. Now could someone open a decent diner and put Rudy's out of business?

  • sherrymoody

    Love it, just love it. Haven't tried anything but the pies – especially the crumb topped ones. Since I've never figured out how to bake crust, this is wonderful, 2 blocks from home, too. Holidays are here…

  • Clara Hocker

    Super Delicious Pies and other goodies; not to mention the spiced Apple Cider– Yum-Yum! Allyssa and Patrick know how to surface your inner smile by warming up your bellies with their scrumptous desserts and warm hospitality. Treat yourself right and stop by when you're in town…you'll keep coming back for more.

    P.S.- The Apple/Rhubarb Pie is a 5 star delight!
    Clara Hocker(Jame's Girl) in Southern California recommends trying a slice!

  • 07oliviaandsydney09

    This place does a great job with the pies. I was on a bit of a binge there right after they opened. I'd go for an exercise walk and finish up with a yummy slice (hey, I'd just recently given birth!).

    My spousal equivalent had a turkey sandwich there once, which I sampled and we both found the ingredients to be tasty and fresh. However, the bread that it was served on (we were told it was house made) was far too moist (to the point of being a little mushy), falling apart, and not strong enough to support the fillings. If this can be fixed (and maybe it has—we haven't been there in a few months), it will be a meal time destination for us. As it is now, I usually just get a slice or two of pie to go.

    As has been noted here on several previous postings, there is a serious lack of decent dining choices in and around the village, so I wish these guys the best of luck. If only all owners were as hands-on and friendly as these guys!

  • Name

    The Seattle Pie Company is inconsistent at best. The first few pies were fabulous but of late the pies have been low on fruit and high on filler and just not as good in general. I'm worried that the Pie Company is more focused on expansion than on ensuring that the goods they are selling are consistently great. I'll keep visiting them but I'm not as excited as I once was.

  • simone7

    I love the Seattle Pie Company. My husband and I go there for their Ultimate Crumb pie. We have tried almost every variety of pie they have. We are so excited that they would pick our neighborhood. Go Seattle Pie!

    • simone7

      Forgot to mention that the couple that owns this place are the sweetest people my family has ever met.

  • angie8

    Seattle Pie makes an awesome Apple Rhubarb Crumb!

  • Lillian Stuart

    Tried the Pot Pie today. The best I've ever had. Yum Yum.
    The service was great. All my best to the owners!

  • chillenious

    Excellent pies! Pretty good pan cakes as well. Nice people running the place.

  • Agiede

    I had a bad experience at this restaurant. Ordered the meatloaf sandwich. It came on soft bread smothered in katsup that fell apart as you ate it. The meatloaf was tasteless.
    Won't eat lunch there again.

  • PrettyGirl

    I love pie. I am disappoined though because there is not enough fruit in the pies. Between the crumble on the top and the crust on the bottom, they would be much more luscious with more fruit in between! Charming place and super friendly staff. Just more fruit please which should be doable given the prices of the pie, whole or just a slice.

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  • SeattleMike

    Just not impressed. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Nebraska and homemade pies aren’t a big deal. We tried sandwiches that were not inspiring, and a slice of pie that was better than what you get at the market, but didn’t make me say OMG. Looks like I might be in the minority on this one:-)

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  • Tracibellevue

    I make a better pie than they do. Boring and dry.

  • Tracibellevue

    I make a better pie than they do. Boring and dry.

  • Art

    Great Peanut Butter Pie !!!

  • k2skier

    It truly pains me to give a bad review to a neighborhood place that I have tried so hard to like but, it’s now unavoidable. Make no mistake, the pie is delicious. If you want to pop in for a slice, go right ahead. The trouble comes in their organization and customer service when you place orders. Four times I’ve ordered pies and three times they have either lost the order, accused me of not paying (which they required upon placing the order and I had a receipt to prove) or did not have the order ready for pick up and didn’t bother to call to tell me that. I completely understand mistakes happen but, at no time have they ever offered any coupon or other apology for this. In fact, the last time there were at least three staffers around the register and none offered a solution to the fact that they did not have an order ready. Epic customer service fail.

    I will now happily take my business to the Upper Crust bakery in Magnolia or A La Mode Pies, which delivers.

    • Aprillovesdogs

      I understand. When they first opened I went twice. The first time I ordered an apple pie that was 90% air and the 2nd time they gave me the wrong pie from what I ordered. I stopped going there at that time. Someone on here accused me of being a competitor trying to discredit them. Unbelievable. When they gave me that air filled pie, they knew it had a lot of air in it, and still charged me full price and said oh well. I go elsewhere now.

      • Doug

        How can a pie be ninety per cent air? Wouldn’t the top crust fall down to the lower crust?

  • John

    I was excited that finally, someone in Seattle would open a cafe dedicated to pies.
    So after trying them out I came away pretty disappointed.  I figure that the base line pie that everyone has to get right is a simple apple pie .  The crust was okay, but the filling was pretty goopy and tasted as though it came right from the Food Service can.
    It was like eating a different shape of Hostess pie.  The service was okay, adequate, considering that I was the only person in there.  I would think that to be successful, your product has to be OMG incredible seeing that the market being flooded with so many other companies making the same thing.  What one pie do they hang their hat on??? This isn’t Rocket Science here….just pie !!

  • Claiborne

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Alyssa or Patrick of Seattle Pie Company?  They have some outstanding invoices from months ago and they are not returning my calls or accepting the certified letters I am sending. 
    Thanks Clai 

  • Claiborne

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Alyssa or Patrick of Seattle Pie Company?  They have some outstanding invoices from months ago and they are not returning my calls or accepting the certified letters I am sending. 
    Thanks Clai 

  • Ludgerus

    Closed?  What happened?  Wholesale only now?  Just curious…

  • Beth

    i dont think they will ever be seen selling pie again.  legit businesses do not just suddenly leave.  and how can they possibly bake or sell pie from a boat.  no logic involved there.  they made good pie but they had no clue how to run a business.  i would not be surprised if they left owing rent on that location…..