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Dog helps foil Magnolia burglary

May 30th, 2010 · 14 Comments

A black lab named Ben helped stop a burglary early this morning at a home in the 3000 block of 38th Ave West.  Magnolia Voice was the first to tell you about the burglary attempt earlier today. 

KING 5 led their 5pm newscast with the story tonight, interviewing the Armantrout family.  They told KING their dog started barking at two teenage burglars who were trying to pry open the back door.  The homeowner chased the teens on foot.  Seattle Police later caught both of them.  Investigators believe the suspects were involved in a series of break-ins and alarm calls early today.   Most of the calls came from an area on Queen Anne near McClure Middle School.  Photo courtesy of KING 5.

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  • ursula

    Yay! Good Dog!!! That is 2 blocks from my house I’m glad everyone is O.K.

  • doug

    It would be wonderful if the intruders would face some kind of punishment.
    dont’ bet that they will.

  • Gooddog

    I don’t know if it’s related but we saw an unmarked police car on the corner of 37th and Dravus with a man in custody. This was at 12:30 this afternoon.

  • SnarkBark

    There was a police car at 37th and Dravus at the stairway leading down to 36th. The policeman had a police dog sniffing around. I live a block away and could watch the whole thing with binoculars. It was 6:45 am or so. Glad they got those punks.

    Kudos to the SPD!!!!

  • MagBill

    Same perps confessed to the home invasion robbery last Monday in Lawtonwood. A police detective contacted the victim yesterday with the good news.

  • Val

    Okay, who glued the tennis ball to the dog’s face?

  • czuri1

    thank you ben and homeowner! any description of the stolen vehicle that the creep couldn’t start?? hoping it may be my mom’s car that was stolen during a burglary earlier in the week in the north beach neighborhood.

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