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Looking for owner of cat

July 27th, 2010 · 11 Comments

UP0DATE 7/28  Lauren wrote to provide additional information about the fate of the cat.  Some of the people who commented on the story misunderstood what she was trying to do so here is the clarification.

Just to clarify, the cat had passed away within seconds of finding it. I am sorry people thought the cat was alive.  I took the cat (that had passed away) to animal control in the morning and they found a microchip and called the owners within a half hour.  Thank you for posting and I am so sorry people actually thought I would let a cat die on a balcony-that is incredible. Animal control suggested that I put the cat back on the sidewalk and they would pick it up during the day. The officer at Animal Control was working alone and did not have staff to send out to pick up the cat.  I insisted that I bring the dead cat in for identification.  Animal control said a car had hit the cat.   Lauren

A reader asked us to help find the owner of a sick cat that she found today.  I was walking up to the building and right outside my unit, a nice big furry cat was lying down. So I said hello kitty. But sadly it was not doing well.  I noticed pee and vomit and it was not moving. With the help of some neighbors that happened to be coming home after me the kitty is now in a box on my balcony and I hope to take it to animal control tomorrow so they can see if it has a chip-to at least identify it. Animal control was closed when I called. 911 said toss it in the trash. But our little group of neighbors decided that was not right.  We couldn’t leave it on the walkway and it is just soooo sad.  Can you post a message about this poor situation. The cat was on 2404 Thorndyke Place and it is gray/white striped large cat. Thanks, Lauren

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  • Cat Lady

    That is so nice and kind of you to try and help the kitty as much as you can. I am so appauled that 911 said to “throw it in the trash”. Could you try calling the Seattle Animal shelter and seeing what they say?

  • Don

    Perhaps they misunderstood and thought it was dead. I hope 911 isn’t advising people to throw LIVE animals in the trash. You should report this.

  • SeattleLawMom

    I can’t believe 911 would say to throw a live animal in the trash. You could also take the cat to Magnolia Veterinary to have them scan the pet for a chip. All Vet’s have that ability and will help you get the animal safely to Animal Control.

  • Justin

    Are you serious? They said to throw an alive cat in the trash?

  • Trashed

    If anybody ever finds my dying cat, could they take it up to the vet rather than let it suffer in a box on the balcony? Was this post by a child? I can’t believe a group of adults got together and did this…

  • Trashed

    And seriously Mag Voice, next time you get a report of a sick and possibly dying animal being held by a mentally deficient reader, how about doing something instead of typing it up?

  • Drew

    Lauren, I know you’ve already helped some by taking it off the sidewalk, but please be a good human and take this cat to the vet before morning – don’t just let it suffer on your balcony. If you call the VCA Magnolia phone number, they will connect you with an after hours vet. I think there’s an emergency vet in interbay.

  • Lauren –

    To clarify: The cat had passed away within seconds of finding it. Three people checked and the cat was dead. Apparently I was not clear in my post that the cat was dead. I was having trouble with the fact that the cat died and there was nothing we could do.

  • Frank

    ENOUGH with the pet stories. Dead/Alive/Lost/Found some of us DON’T CARE

  • http://facebook marjory

    Frank when you are Dead/ Lost/ people hope fully will not care about you.
    Cats can be outside I make sure they are in at night when the raccoons are out,

  • J.P.

    I care, and thanks to Lauren for being so kind. What if the owners never knew what happened to their pet?