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Abandoned building in Village for rent

September 29th, 2010 · 12 Comments

The building in the Magnolia Village at 2410 32nd Ave West that has been empty for many years has been listed for rent.  The posting was placed on craigslist yesterday.  It says the building is available as a ground level multi-use space with 1,750 square feet.   The listing says the building has easy access to public transportation and suggests it could be used as a studio, workshop, gallery, artist workspace,  warehouse, storage or distribution center.   The listing also suggests that the building would be suitable for a gym, yoga studio, retail outlet or an office or restaurant.  The listing says that the owner would accept a short or long term lease.

These two photos are from craigslist.  You can see the whole listing here.

image 1978228470-0
image 1978228470-1

image 1978228470-2

In early September we reported that the owner of the business had been told to clean it up by the city and we took these pictures. 


The letter was posted on the building  telling the owner to remove all graffiti within ten days. 


The effort to get the city involved started in the Magnolia Voice forum and on our facebook page with the following post:  Does it bother anybody in Magnolia besides me that those buildings on 32nd West between McGraw and Ace Hardware are in such horrible condition. Haven’t been open for over 20 years that I know of and now have more graffiti, dead trees, boarded windows,and probably rat infested…can’t we do anything about it? It’s an eye-sore in an otherwise lovely neighborhood. Who owns it and why don’t they either rent it or maintain it to better standards?

A big thanks to Magnolia Voice reader Micah for the tip!

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  • Womyn2me

    Can you imagine what it looks like on the inside? very rentable, I am sure

  • esr

    Bet the folks with the cafe in the alley would have liked this. And please, no yoga, nails, or hair. Someone with a restaurant or some useful retail. How about a decent pub in opposition to that frozen food travesty up the street?

  • Jamie

    I second the call for a decent pub, perhaps one that serves a decent breakfast as well?

  • Priscilla

    Now if only we could get the old Blockbuster building and the old Bartells location where Meiko’s was rented. What’s up with that place? Not even a for rent sign there. Perhaps we need to get some sage burners to come and bring that block back to life again! Maybe we need another pizza place, bank, or dry cleaners. LOL

  • Chris

    Given his history and reputation, I’m not sure that I’d want the owner of that place as my landlord. He might have better luck just selling it.

  • Val

    He was my landlord while I was living on W Plymouth Street. Pretty useless as a landlord once we moved in. Wouldn’t deal with noise issues.

  • Auntie bye

    Went to see the craig list posting and it had been
    removed by owner.

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