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Ambulance slides down hill

November 24th, 2010 · 6 Comments

Even though most of the roads are clearing up in Magnolia, there are still some trouble spots as evidenced by this photo we just got from Jason. 


He says that it appears the ambulance slid down the hill and the tow truck was trying to pull it up at 23rd and Armour first thing this morning.

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  • April

    Does anyone know how the hill is on 34th at West Government?

  • Gladys

    It is fine, bare and dry now.

  • April

    Thanks Gladys. Now I can go to Thriftway with I’m sure about a zillion others.

  • Debbie

    Was the ambulance chained?

  • Jason

    I believe so.

  • Tracey Patterson

    My goodness. I wish I were there, I felt I could have done something. I called in sick for work (psst…shhhh) even though I wasn’t sick! ahhh! I felt guilty when I called but, do they really expect me drive to work?! When there’s snow on the ground ! HA! I can’t remember basic math any more but if there’s one thing that stuck with me from my elementary days it’s, NO SCHOOL WHEN IT SNOWS!! Today, I apply it to work, errands, meetings, kids functions ( we gotta be kids too!), and anything that requires me to be responsible…that is until today. Today I felt I had a responsibility that was bigger than going to work.

    Because of the Snow storm, my side walk in front of my house is very slippery. I almost slipped when taking my Pomeranian potty. So I decided to call in sick and sit in front of my very large living room window (where I rearranged my couch to face it) and keeping an eye out for pedestrians walking by so I could warn them about how slippery it is out there. I managed to save 13 pedestrians in the first 8 hrs of monitoring!

    Just because we are born unto this earth we are not special but we may become special by stacking up our good deeds each day until we pass! Tomorrow’s a new day, so I encourage all of you to find what good deeds you could do. Be like me and it’ll make all the difference, because I guarantee you that that ambulance was picking up someone who fell on a sidewalk… in front of a house and then got stuck in the street… in front of someone’s house.

    Happy Holidays