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Latest on efforts to save the Farmers Market

November 26th, 2010 · 32 Comments

The group working to save the Magnolia Farmers Market has two meetings scheduled for people interested in finding solutions that would allow for the continuation of the market.

As we have reported the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance (NFMA) announced that the Magnolia Farmers Market will not open in 2011 unless the Magnolia community can come up with at least $20,000 of community support.

On Tuesday, 11/30 the group will meet at the Magnolia Community Center from 6-8p.m. in an open forum to brainstorm ideas, opinions, options and resources.  The second meeting on Tuesday, 12/7 will focus on establishing an action plan and begin moving toward a positive outcome.  That meeting will also run from 6-8p.m. at the Community Center. 

If you want more information you can contact Nancy Gellos via email at

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  • Rob Graham

    I really hope they come up with the money for the market to continue. Farmers markets are one of the great things about a city that hasn’t gotten too big. I think it would be a loss if the market went away.

  • tareyton

    it would be very nice if in one of these articles someone could please explain what exactly the funds are needed for. permits, advertising…… I keep hearing they need this money but there has been no explanation as to why. If you keep screaming I need need need but don’t justify why you will most likely just turn people off. I recommend a nice informative article explaining all the costs associated with running the market be published on Magnolia Voice.

  • Cheryl

    I agree with tareyton…what do they need money for and do other neighborhoods pay to have a farmer’s market?

  • BO

    Word?! I BUY ENOUGH HONEY STICKS TO KEEP DA T PLACE IN BUSINESS! AND THEY WANT $20,000! I think someone from Enron is working there! YA feel MEH!? Where’s Danny Glover and Mel Gibson when you need them!

  • Snarkbark

    I like the farmer’s market but I also think it should be there because it is profitable for the vendors and not because it is “subsidized”.

    The last thing we need is another “too big to fail” bailout. Although I would much rather a local business consortium be “bailed out” than the east coast financial mafia.

  • bussy

    how many stories about this without the accounting? seriously, this is crap, MagnoliaVoice. Tell us something instead of regurgitating the same crap story every week.

  • Catherine

    As Magnolians we are residents of the most grand neighborhood in Seattle and the farmers should pay US for the privilege of selling us food. Afterall, we are Magnolians and it’s the poorer neighborhoods that should have their markets shut down first.

  • BO

    You go girl!

  • db

    The comments tell the story!! Why is the money needed????? If 20 k is
    needed to fund the market just to make it worth while for the farmers etc….then I think we should pass and spend the money on a family or families that need help in these times of need by many.
    re; Catherine that comment is uncalled for!!!!!!!

  • Monty

    Gee, it seems those of us questioning the need for money were deleted from the comment section. Hmmm……

  • Terry

    I agree the farmers should shut down markets in poorer neighborhoods before shutting down Magnolia. At least Magnolians have money to spend on this type of thing and can appreciate it more.

  • Cat-Country

    Magnolia Voice is all about repeating the same headlines over and over. I think there were 5-6 stories on the FAA thing and this is the third Farmers Market one. Do Magnolia Voice readers have ADHD and a short attention span? Whats the point, Gladys or the Swedes will just delete this comment anyways.

  • Steinbach

    Farmers Market Bailout? Sorry you guys aren’t even a huge part of the economy to justify a bailout! The Farmers market is no different than playing hacky-sack, wearing dreads, or drinking tea out of a gooch it’s just another way you can all feel good about something that doesn’t matter. Curious question, why not just go to the Fremont one, it’s much better and BO can buy much more honey sticks

  • Chris

    Geez people, this isn’t the Wall Street Journal, it’s just a little neighborhood blog. In-depth journalism isn’t going to be found here. If you want the answer to your questions so badly, go to one of the meetings and ask rather than expecting something like this site to spoon feed you in your easy chair.

  • Womyn2me

    Will there be meetings to help us put 20,000 dollars to improving an already well established, farmers market like Ballard rather than sinking money into one that cant make it? maybe using it to put together something better like a Magnolia Pea Patch instead?

  • Monty

    I do think the last paragraph of the article has a hopeful note to it, e.g., brainstorm, action plan. What was omitted, however, was “Then, after the Arlo Guthrie sing-a-long ends, you’ll be asked to dip into your pockets and cough up the Benjamins.”

  • bradd

    I have crops in my backyard. I find it just takes too much carbon to drive to the market. You all should feel guilty for driving to the market, anyway. And before you type “but I take the bus” remember to listen to the voice in your head that is telling you what you about to type is a bold face lie. I see you loading your Suburu’s with fingerling potatoes. I grow my own!

  • Christine

    Seattle is by far the most passive-aggressive, judgmental, hypocritical, pretentious city I have even had the misfortune of living in. And before you haters tell me to shut up and move, I am . House is for sale and job hunting has begun.

  • BO

    Christine, sit down when you read this and concentrate on what I’m about to tell you. I’m gonna be real with you.

    Girl, you let people get to you way to easy. No matter where you move you will be surrounded by problems and it’s up to you to put on your critical thinking cap on and if moving away is you’re only solution then I could only assume that would be your solution in relationships (whether private or in a workplace) when the crap hits the fan. I also know that you do this with yourself.

    OPEN UP YOURE SUBCONSCIOUS GIRL! Buy a journal, talk to your self, meditate, reflect, your foundation is weak! But you are capable of being so strong! What if Kanye (West) listened to his critics advice? Do you think he would be where he is today? He does what he thinks is right and he’s rollin! If you have a facebook or myspace DELETE IT! Girl, it will be the best thing you ever done. If you can count your friends on one hand, boom! that’s all you need! Remember haters are a blessing, it means you are doing something right. I’ll let you think about that. Merry Christmas Christine !

  • MagMom


  • Seeking Sun

    @Christine. Really? You’re going to judge an entire city by the comments of a few? Most of what goes on in these blogs is just bantering anyway. There are plenty of wonderful Seattleites and I’m sorry that you’ve obviously not surrounded yourself with those people. Good luck to you wherever you may go.

  • Monty

    Best comment thread EVER

  • MagnoliaTheMac

    But where will I show off my Pom-Chu?

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