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Talk schools and childhood obesity with school board president

November 30th, 2010 · 25 Comments

The educational non-profit Successful School in Action (SSIA) is kicking off its 2010-2011 presentation series with a conversation with Seattle school board president Michael DeBell, and central area director Nancy Coogan. The talk will be held on Wednesday, December 1 at 7 p.m. at the McClure Middle School cafeteria at 1915 1st Ave W..

The event will be broken into two parts. The first, called Let’s Move, will take place from 7 to 7:30 p.m. Representatives from the Mayor’s office, who are working to launch the Seattle initiative of Michelle Obama’s national Let’s Move campaign addressing the issue of childhood obesity, will be in attendance.

In Seattle, health indicators give us a clear picture of alarmingly high obesity rates, with unacceptable disparities based on income and race. This is a problem that the entire community must understand and address. The Mayor’s Office and Public Health- Seattle King County are working on a public education campaign to showcase causes of childhood obesity and provide key action steps parents, kids, community members, educators, and others can take to help reverse this epidemic.

The second portion, from 7:30 to 8:45 p.m. will include an introduction to Nancy Coogan and a short presentation from Michael DeBell, and a community discussion and Q&A session that will cover the following topics:

  • What’s next with the new Student Assignment Plan?
  • The new school reports
  • What an area director actually does?

For more information, contact Successful Schools in Action at 206-375-5375

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  • Kip

    I’m sorry but this is some bureaucratic horse crap! A meeting about how to solve child obesity at the Mayors office? That’s like if you lived in Russia and tried to raise a puppy who lived in Idaho. YOU WON’T MAKE ANY IMPACT ON THAT PUPPY JUST LIKE YOU WON’T MAKE ANY IMPACT ON THAT OBESE CHILD!

    Hey! McFly! Here’s an Idea! Change the location to a really obese school in Seattle ( like one on Beacon Hill) and make it a mandatory assembly for obese kids. Oh, and make it mandatory for one of their parents to attend. Mom or Dad can take notes and see where they screwed up. Also their should be extra seats incase students from magnolia want to watch.

    I practically rewrote you new agenda in pure gold!

    You’re welcome!


  • Seth

    Whoa? You can’t be serious Kip?! I’m considerably overweight and I’m offended. I would be heart broken to have some kind of community intervention that was mandatory let alone with one or both of my parents. I think I would be more comfortable as a kid to watch Bay-Watch with both of my Christian parents on either side of me. You really went off the deep end.


  • MagnoliaTheMac

    We should just have these kids clean up discovery park. Two Birds. One stone.

  • Christine

    Hey, kids don’t know any better and parents that allow their kids to get fat are also probably either lazy themselves or uneducated about nutrition or simply cannot afford to provide wholesome meals. We should advocate for policies that make producing fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole other foods cheaper, while rethinking the almost $300 billion in government subsides that support the production of cheap, processed food derived from corn and soy.

  • Christine

    Let’s start by looking at how our economy and public policy are geared toward the production of cheap, unhealthy food.

  • Anthony

    Maybe we should try a tax on candy and soda to – oh, scratch that…

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