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A hair raising promise to Blaine soccer team

December 18th, 2010 · 3 Comments

We reported that the Blaine girls’ soccer team won the city middle school Soccer Championship after defeating Whitman Middle school 2-1.  This was the first time a Blaine team has won a city championship in any girl’s sport.


On Friday, the team, along with coach Randy Self, celebrated the victory at an assembly where they unveiled the Championship banner which will be proudly displayed in the school’s gym. 


In keeping with a promise made to the team, Mr. Self, who is the 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Blaine, allowed the girls to cut off the long ponytail he has maintained for over 20 years. This was done  in front of the entire school as player after player took turns clipping off a lock until it was completely gone.

When asked why he would agree to such a drastic measure, Mr. Self said, "I thought it was a safe bet after coaching for 10 years in this city."

Obviously not safe enough.  Congrats to Self and the soccer team! 

Thanks to Steven Smalley for these photos and story!

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  • Kj

    Ah, Mr. Self. Don’t believe in our team, I see? Of course it’s the year I don’t play. Wonder how long it’ll take him to grow that back…

  • BlaineGrad

    Mr. Self was the best teacher I ever had. He goes above and beyond in making sure students know material. He really loves his job and it shows. I wish there were more Randy Selfs that teach in our public schools.

  • Mag Town. Res

    Blaine Girls have won Basketball and Volleyball before too…