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Store closing in The Village

December 20th, 2010 · 13 Comments

After just two years in business, we received word that another local merchant will be closing.  Magnolia resident Katy Breen informed us that her store, Katy’s Daisies, will be closing for good at the end of this month. Starting Tuesday (12/21)  all store merchandise will be 50% off.

The flower store opened in December, 2008 in the space next door to Ichiro at 2436 32nd Ave West.

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  • Matt

    Man, that stretch of 32nd needs help. Another one?!

  • Magno

    I’m kinda not surprised I have been in there and it’s not a friendly place

  • Maggie Bluff

    never been there, but it’s a hard street for retail.

  • Annie

    It’s always heartbreaking when we loose another merchant. The village really needs small businesses to create a draw. Bummer

  • Snarkbark

    In this recession a store should stick to the basics and not overpriced “bored rich housewife” stuff.

    Unlike other recessions, this one is causing permanent changes in American society and none of them are good. America’s “golden age” is over.

  • David

    I wonder how a small bicycle shop would do there?

  • Chaz

    Didn’t it open up about the same time the Hallmark store closed? Not a great idea. Reminds me of all the folks that think it’s a good idea opening a sports bar in the same space where four have failed over the past decade…

  • mag98199

    Nice place, nice people . . . they’ll be missed.

  • Magnolia Mom

    But aren’t you all glad that small entrepreneurs keep on trying to make a go of it in Magnolia. I appreciate their stamina and hope that we all keep trying to support the rest that continue to bring us goods and services we need/want in our neighborhood. Thanks Katy for giving it a go! Good luck.

  • Val

    Too bad. Good prices, nice flower arrangements. Though being staffed by teenagers was a bit weird.

  • TonyToni

    Strip club coming soon!

  • Not surprised

    I’m sorry to see the flower shop go – but I’m not surprised. None of the shops in the Village market themselves. There is plenty of moola in the neighborhood, but nobody does anything special to draw you to the shops. When it snowed two years ago, I did half my Christmas shopping in the Village, and I was amazed at some of my discoveries. But that’s only because I was forced to shop here. Does the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce do anything? The Thursday night out event and holiday open house are about the only things I ever see. Get out in the neighborhoods. Tell us about your offerings. Or we’ll just pass you by as we’re going down the Magnolia Bridge on our way to the mall.

  • jade82674

    With all the kids in this neighborhood you would think someone would open a toy store, game arcade, or sports store? Maybe a venue that you could have birthday parties at? $$$