Creatures take to the streets on All Hallows Eve

Posted on October 31st, 2011 by Sara

Something strange happened in Magnolia tonight.
Creatures took to the street! Hundreds of them both big and small, some in masks, others ghoulishly green or with cat eyes and whiskers roamed the streets on what would have been just another Monday.

No one knows exactly what happened. It was as if time stood still. There were no cars. There were no airplanes overhead, just a sickly wind blowing through the Village as creepy crawlers and visitors from beyond wandered the street hungering for who knows what.

The smart ones stayed at home or behind closed doors. And when the creatures came, the living threw candy at the creatures to keep them from clawing their way in. It was a haunting affair by all accounts.

And as darkness settled in overhead, just a crescent moon razor-blading a section of the inky fabric, the strange ones continued their search, slowly walking through the streets trying to fill a void that would never be filled.
Miraculously, professional photographer and crack reporter Steve Smalley was on hand documenting the night. Sadly, only his camera was found the following morning beside a pile of bones. These are the pictures that remained on Steve’s camera.

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