Luigis to reopen soon!

Posted on April 9th, 2012 by Sara

I was walking in the Village this afternoon with my little guys, and we stopped at Luigis Restaurant.  The paper that once covered the windows was down and I could see that there was someone inside.  The door was locked, so we walked around to the back.  To my surprise, we met Luigi himself.  He invited us in, gave my boys a lollipop, and talked with me for a few minutes.

Here’s what I found out-they are planning to reopen in the next couple of days.  They have refreshed the interior and have updated the menu. Luigi is very excited to open the doors to his restaurant once again.

Welcome back,  Luigis!

  • Mwalden

    I am so having his pizza the minute  he is open for business!!!!!

  • thurman thug

    just what the village needs, another pizza joint

  • MagMom

    Can’t wait to have Luigi’s back!

  • MagMom

    Can’t wait to have Luigi’s back!

  • Jorja

    Am I the only one who thought this was the worst food next to Gim Wah? I really hope it’s better this time around.

  • Rockawaybeach67

    Jorja – the last owners changed the menu, apparently used the cheapest ingredients they could find, and it was clear they were in over their heads. When Luigi owned and ran it, the place was great. This is very, very good news. I urge you to give it another shot. I guarantee you will notice a huge improvement in quality.

  • Vance

    Great news! Does this mean Mrs. Luigi is back?  My girls love the food — and her.

  • Mwalden

    Yes it’s a shame that the last owners kept and used Luigi’s name after they bought the business because their food wasn’t good like the “real” Luigi’s.  I too encourage those who haven’t tried his pizza to give it a try; they won’t be disappointed!

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