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Shhhhh…Luigi’s is Open

April 18th, 2012 · 6 Comments

by reporter Steven Smalley

Don’t tell anyone. Luigi’s Restaurant, next to the Post Office in the Village, has reopened. Luigi tells Magnolia Voice it’s a soft opening designed to break in the pizza place slowly. So, go order off the menu, eat well, and be kind. The grand opening is later. Lunch is served for now. Schedules and menus are in flux. So go say hi to Luigi, but keep it on the down-low, okay?

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  • Danny

    With apologies to the old hymm “I’ll Scream it from the Mountain Top” I’lll not be hush/hush  that Lugi’s is open.    It’s like an old friend who comes back in to your life.  Sure, you had flashier, better looking friends recently–but there is no friend like an old friend.  And there is no better restaurant than one where you have seen the kids grow up (like Niko and his bro who is now a Seattle cop) and that has helped you celebrate the good times in your life as well as be there with comfort food in times of loss and pain.   If you are an old customer of Lugi’s you know what I mean.  If you aren’t,  be sure to visit and eat ( and probably come back a second or third time so you really become part of the family as a regular.   The food is good and dependable.    You can probably find better and more expensive food elsewhere.   But at Lugi’s when they ask how food is and what you need– it’s not the “Thank you for shopping at K-Mart” phoniness, but with the genuine integrity of a home owned business.    The menu is great– a few old favorites have been modernized and there are additions to the menu that will attract younger folks.

    Lisa and Chris (aka Lugi) –welcome back!    

  • D & C

    How sweet it is!  Took home dinner from Luigi’s the other evening – hadn’t had that aroma in our home for a year.  Welcome back Luigi and family, we couldn’t be more delighted.

  • magnolia mom

    Luigi’s was my daughter’s favorite restaurant since she was 2 yrs. old. To celebrate her birthday every year…it was Luigi’s. For mom/daughter nights out…it was Luigi’s.  We are so thrilled to have Luigi back and better than ever!!!

  • Lori S

    I lived in Magnolia for seven years now and last night was my first visit. I had read about the silent Grand Re-Opening and decided to try it. I am in LOVE!!  What a great place!! The food was great, the service was spectacular, and I will without a doubt go back.

  • Anonymous

    My wife and I are relative new-comers to Magnolia and we have heard so many great things about Luigi’s that we wanted to give it a try.  We heard of their amazing service and that it’s a such a community environment, etc.

    Well, I’m sure the service is great if you have been eating there for the past 15 years, but we have rarely received such bad service at a neighborhood restaurant.  We felt out of place, unwelcome, and ignored.

    Perhaps if the food was better we would be willing to give this place another try, but for now we have no plans to ever go back.  I don’t need to dish out $40 to feel like an outsider in my own neighborhood.

  • Brenna_d_fitzsimmons

    So happy that Luigi’s re-opened. I love their food and the family atmosphere. It makes me feel like I just walked into my family’s house for dinner. I love their cheese pizza and their macronada pasta, yum!