Plantings make Magnolia even more beautiful

A big thank you to Magnolia Garden Center for planting the large open boulevard garden in front of Bartell’s and the town homes on 32nd Ave W. They donated $1,000 in baby plants and lots of labor to make this area of Magnolia a lot more beautiful. Gary Ard of The Dirt Exchange (in Ballard) donated soil and Tim McHugh (the developer of the condos) also donated soil and is providing the water to maintain the garden. Margaret and Chuck selected plants with a visual appeal as well providing food for bees, butterflies and birds. Stop by and take a look.

Some of the planrs before they went in

Upper Crust Bakery

Appears to be closed.  Nothing on their website or Facebook page- we will let you know as details become available.

Get ready to Bike the Bluff, September 9th

Plan now to take advantage of (hopefully) beautiful weather and some of the most amazing views in Seattle with Bike the Bluff, the annual family-friendly bike ride that celebrates scenic Magnolia while supporting the students of Catharine Blaine K-8 School.  This year’s ride will be held on Sunday, September 9. Registration opens at 10 a.m., and you can register and start your ride any time after that. The course officially closes at 2 p.m. Click here for advance registration and more information. (Register in advance and you will automatically be entered to win a Giro child’s bicycle helmet).

Riders can choose either a 5- or 7-mile loop, both of which begin and end at the Blaine playground, immediately adjacent to the Pop Mounger Pool parking lot on 32nd Ave. W.  Water stations along the way will offer water and free treats such as Power Bars,apples, and popsicles.  Beginners may want to take a 2-mile-round trip sidewalk route from the Blaine playground to Government Way, where they can reward themselves with a treat at the water station there before heading back.  Bike the Bluff is not a race, so each rider can set his or her own comfortable pace. After the ride there will be hot dogs, drinks, snacks, and sweets for sale on the playground.

Now in its 21st year, Bike the Bluff is the main fundraiser for the annual trip that Blaine fifth-graders take to Islandwood, a four-day environmental science camp on Bainbridge Island.  Bike the Bluff entry fees, which include an event t-shirt, are $15 for riders 12 and older, $10 for riders under 12, and $30 for a family (which includes two event t-shirts).  Additional Bike the Bluff t-shirts are available for $10 each.  Helmets are required for all riders.


High season for car prowls on the hill

MV reader Jerry writes:
After 21 years of living here without incident we were awakened @ 4 AM this morning to our car alarm going off in front of our house and the sound of a car roaring off. Got outside and discovered a broken window and an opened car door. Phoned 911 and got two patrol cars out in less than 10 minutes. The officer thought it was likely they were attempting to steal our vehicle. We normally park in our garage on the alley. From this day forward we will only be parking in our garage! This occurred in the 2600 block of 28th W. Don’t know if any other cars were tampered with last night. Remind your readers to remove valuables, lock your car and investigate when you hear something!!!
This is why we don’t buy new cars. Who wants to spend 30K on something that can disappear in moments? Surprised we were targeted given that this car is 16 years old. The repair bill was over $200 also, older cars so why set the comp limit down that low? If someone hits it the insurance company would total the car anyway….There is nolthing victimless about property crime when you have to pay for repairs and you lose your sense of security.

Mercer Street goes both ways

Is it possible we may see an end to the “Mercer Mess” in our lifetime?
SDOT says two-way traffic has begun on Mercer Street. By finishing tasks and opening the I-5 ramps early, the department put both east- and westbound traffic on the road for the first time since the 1960s.
“After decades of traffic winding through the neighborhood, a two-way Mercer creates a more direct route for the 80,000 trips taken daily through South Lake Union,” said SDOT Director Peter Hahn. “While we still face another year of work on this phase and additional construction for Mercer West, this is a tangible sign of progress on this important corridor.”
This opening is a part of Stage 3 of construction as crews complete work on Fairview Avenue N and Valley Street in early 2013. Please check out SDOT’s site for specifics on how to get around town with the new traffic configuration.


Sidewalk and Lane Closures Sunday on Elliott Avenue W

Elliott Avenue W will be down to two lanes northbound and one lane southbound this Sunday from 4:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  The lane restrictions on Elliott will be in place from just north of W Mercer Street to where Western and Elliott avenues meet near W Thomas Street. The sidewalk on the western side of Elliot will also be closed.

The closures are a necessary safety precaution during the time a large crane will be in  operation at 333 Elliott Avenue W. Drivers should expect to slow down through the  work zone.