Soil Remediation at Former Officers’ Quarters in Discovery Park

Posted on March 22nd, 2013 by Sara

 By reporter Steven Smalley

A Magnolia Voice news tipper delivered a hot one that sent reporters to Discovery Park to investigate construction activities around the former officers quarters, now for sale at a reported value of $15 million.

Park visitors noticed large pieces of construction equipment, including dump trucks and a backhoe, digging out the front and side yards surrounding many of the historic former military homes. Information on the project was not immediately forthcoming which raised suspicions. Fears were allayed when a spokesperson for Forest City, the leasing agent for the homes, explained that since 1905 when the homes were built by the military, lead paint had leached into the ground contaminating some of it.

The current project removes dirt and grass from the surface of the yards and replaces it in a soil remediation effort prior to the sale of the homes. Surface water from downspouts will be channeled through new pipes which will divert it into a proper drainage system.

No word yet on who the new owners may be or if an offer has been made.