Suspect arrested in Molly Conley case

Photo from “Remembering Molly Conley FB page

According to a tweet Friday night on the City of Lake Stevens’ Twitter account, Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies have made an arrest in connection with the June 1 murder of 15-year-old Molly Conley. Kiro reports:

Sheriff’s office spokesperson Shari Ireton confirmed Friday evening that detectives had arrested a 26-year-old Marysville man in connection with the nearly month-old case. The man, who has not been identified, was arrested Friday at his home and booked into Snohomish County Jail on suspicion of first degree murder. Conley, a Bishop Blanchet freshman, was walking with friends in Lake Stevens on the night of June 1 when she was shot once in the neck in what police have said appeared to be a random drive-by shooting. Snohomish County dispatchers made reverse-911 calls last week to about 4,000 phones, seeking information that could help catch Conley’s killer. Prentiss said the recorded calls were answered by nearly 1,500 phones; nearly 1,700 went to voice mail; and about 900 were not answered or disconnected. The message said detectives are investigating several shootings in and around Lake Stevens the night of June 1 and morning of June 2, including the one that killed Conley. It’s unclear if those calls played any role in Friday’s arrest.


Admiral’s House sold to Global Seas

By Reporter Steven Smalley

Global Seas, managers of fishing and research vessels in Alaska and elsewhere, doing business as Oceanstar LLC, is the new owner of the “Admiral’s House,” confirmed company sources. Purchased for $2.7 million, reportedly $500,000 under the listing price, Global Seas is headed by company founder, President and CEO, Robert M. “Bob” Desautel, a resident of Seattle.

Built in 1945 and previously owned by the Navy, the Admiral’s House has eight bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, and is located on nearly four acres of land overlooking downtown Seattle, Puget Sound, and the Elliott Bay Marina. The stately white mansion on the bluff in Magnolia is designated a City of Seattle landmark and nominated for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The residence was home to admirals of the Navy since World War II.
“They fell in love with it because of Seattle history,” explains Staci Baldwin, the real estate listing agent, who spoke with Magnolia Voice.
Although it would make for one of the grandest homes in the region, company sources say Global Seas plans to put its offices there. No dates were announced.
“We can’t wait to move in,” gushed an employee at Global Seas. “It’s a fantastic piece of property…just phenomenal. If you’re not happy there, you’re not happy anywhere.”
With headquarters in Seattle, Global Seas manages industries which include fish harvesting, and fish processing, plus ownership and management of survey vessels for charter, real estate, agriculture and technology, according to published company sources.
The new owners are required to maintain the house and site as stipulated by the landmark’s ordinance.

Tennis, anyone?

It seems the courts in Magnolia are nearly always full of people playing tennis, and this summer will be no exception.  MV reader Ben says there is a brand-new way for enthusiasts to connect:

If you are a tennis player looking to play some pick up matches on the Magnolia tennis courts this summer we are starting a list serv for Magnolians to talk about tennis and setup matches. If there is enough interest we can setup tennis ladders, tournaments, practice sessions, etc. If you are interested please send an email to Please include your USTA rating when sending the email to sign up.


Discovery Park dune rescue

photo from king 5

Seattle Fire rescued a teen from Discovery Park this afternoon. The 17 year old girl had fallen down an embankment near the sand dunes. The Technical Rescue Team conducted the rope rescue, According to King 5 news.

Seattle Fire Department crews rescued a teenage girl who fell down an embankment at Discovery Park on Monday. The teen fell about 15 feet and hurt her back, the Fire Department said. Medics transported the 17-year-old girl in stable condition from Discovery Park to Harborview Medical Center.



Mag bank robber busted in Bay Area?

By reporter Steven Smalley
The Seattle office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed to Magnolia Voice the arrest and imprisonment of an as yet unnamed person-of-interest in the bank robberies of People’s Bank, US Bank, and Bank of America this past December, January, and February.
With the arrest in Hayward, California of a suspect in a botched bank hold up in March, one of two twin brothers, and a former Magnolia resident, has pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery for that attempt. He is currently serving a nine-month jail sentence. The second twin, alleged to have assisted in the attempted robbery, was released for lack of enough evidence to convict.
Although the guilty plea in California is a matter of public record, the FBI says they are not naming their person-of-interest until the U.S. Attorney’s office brings charges against him for the Magnolia robberies. A decision could be forthcoming in a week or two, according to the FBI.
Magnolia Voice previously reported the story of a residential contractor who witnessed what turned out to be the suspect in the hold-up of Bank of America coming out of a portable toilet. Later, clothing, a mask, and toy pistol were found inside the facility. At the time, the contractor was the only person to see the true identity of the robber without his mask. Yesterday, Magnolia Voice showed the contractor the photograph of the person-of-interest obtained online. The contractor was able to say the man in the picture generally resembled the individual he briefly glimpsed the day of the stick up. At the time of the robbery he was described as a young man with dark hair.
Magnolia Voice has additionally confirmed the twin brothers lived here in Magnolia and attended Blaine School. It is believed their mother still resides in the neighborhood, according to sources.


House fire in progress-UPDATED 6:43 pm- fire destroys carport and three vehicles

By reporter Steven Smalley
UPDATED-A blaze in a carport on 22nd Avenue West, reportedly started by a young person playing with fire, destroyed three cars and the structure housing them at mid-day Thursday.
Neighbors were on hand to call the fire department and to shout for residents to get out of their homes. One renter, a mother of two, was sleeping with one of her children when she heard popping noises. After seeing flames in the backyard, she grabbed her two children and raced outside.
“It’s horrible to see. You think your house is going to go up in flames,” said Beth Young, who made it out the door with a child under each arm. Calling her a hero, Beth’s husband, Eric Young was joyful. “What can I say? She got everyone out safe,” he said. He was not home at the time of the fire, but arrived soon after.
One neighbor who saw the flames spreading, began to fight the fire. “I got a hose and I was praying (the fire) wouldn’t go past the fence,” exclaimed Tate Rogers, who shouted for residents to evacuate, with the help of a friend.
Several fire units responded to the blaze with quick action knocking it down before it spread to nearby homes.
Fire officials are investigating. Click here for the video.

EARLIER-We just got word of a single house fire on 22nd Ave W , between W Barrett and W Armour. More info to come.