A quiet little opening-The Villa opens at last

Posted on June 11th, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

A new restaurant called The Villa, located in the old Rudy’s Place location (3656 34th Ave. W.), is opening the doors for the first time Tuesday (June 11) with little fanfare. New restaurants don’t have insects, but they invariably have bugs. Owner Stefan Petrov hopes for a few customers to give the new place a spin, but doesn’t need the throngs to overwhelm a new crew or the kitchen.

Without taking notes, Magnolia Voice got a sneak peek into the new digs and a quick word with the owner. A glance at the freshly printed menu showed Italian entrées, salads, and appetizers that all sounded delicious – if delicious makes a sound. There were pasta dishes, a vegetarian entrée or two, antipasti, and old favorites such as Veal Scallopini and Clams Linguine.

Bar Happy Hour with mixed drinks, beer and wine 4-6PM. Dinner served 5-11PM. Open later Friday and Saturday nights. That’s it for now. Bon appétit.

  • Thurman Thug

    so much for the soft open……

  • Heywood

    Good luck with that in this age of instant information.

  • pizzapizza

    Veal scallopini and linguini clams? Just what Magnolia needs, another Italian restaurant with a menu from 1974. What did we do to offend the restaurant gods?

  • ghostinprint

    Six of us went there for Happy Hour and appetizers this evening and it was just wonderful . Drinks and food was just delicious! By the time we left the outside was full and people waiting for a table inside. It was a great time. Just what we need in our village.

  • Guest

    Good luck to them! And to you below, who feel the need to be so negative-shame on you.
    I hope it works out well.

  • Smithy

    I saw veal on the menu and walked out immediately! Doesn’t anyone think about or care how animals are treated?

    • DickGozinya

      Puh-leez, like that lettuce on your plate was totally OK with being decapitated?

    • Guest

      I was there last weekend, ordered veal and enjoyed it. If that bothers you, too bad.

  • chuck

    this restaurant could use a kids menu, if you want to appeal to families….

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