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December 18th, 2013 · 9 Comments

It seems like there has been an uptick in tagging in our neighborhood lately.  I noticed this particularly horrible assault on nature last week while walking home from school with my little guys:

While we most likely can’t restore the tree to it’s former glory, the City of Seattle has a new “Find It, Fix It” service request mobile smartphone app that offers mobile users one more way to report selected issues (like graffiti) to the City of Seattle:

With Find It, Fix It, reporting an issue is as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone, adding detailed information, and hitting submit. The map’s “drag and drop” feature or the phone’s own technology can be used to pinpoint the location.
Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store and iPhone users can download it from the App Store.

The app offers the following service request categories:

  • Abandoned Vehicles: report vehicles parked in a public right-of-way more than three days.
  • Graffiti: report graffiti, including what it is on — parking meter, utility pole or building — so it gets automatically routed to the appropriate department for response.
  • Pothole: report a pothole.
  • Parking Enforcement: make an inquiry regarding a parking concern.
  • Other Inquiry: this miscellaneous category is for making an inquiry or request, which will be processed by the City’s Customer Service Bureau. Mobile users should choose this category to provide feedback.

The app also provides a link to, the mobile version of the City of Seattle’s website. Once you download and use Find It, Fix It, feel free to submit feedback using the app’s “other inquiry” category, found under the “New Request” icon

Here is what it looks like:

Screen shot of the Find It, Fix It mobile app home page.

Let’s get to work, Magnolia!

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  • ericsmith

    Not ericsmith posting above.

    • ericsmith


  • ericsmith

    Above post is not by ericsmith. In a way I feel like I am erasing graffiti each time I have to scrub off one of these fake taggers…not unlike the article! Maybe they are the same people.

    • Valentijn

      Seriously, this guy is acting like a sexual predator in general, and harassing you in particular. I flag him every time he does this, and nothing happens. Could the administrator of the site DO SOMETHING about that freak already?

      • Lanie

        I am not sure I would go THAT far. Probably some kid just looking for reactions. We live a block and half off Magnolia Blvd almost at Fort Lawton and had a white fence across the street from our tagged last Summer. Looked like Mexican lingo I cannot read Spanish. The lovely older couple there were horrified this happened to them as well as some of their flower plantings along the fence were trampled.

        • Valentijn

          I was talking about the fake “ericsmith” who’s always making nasty comments.

          • ericsmith

            As you can see, anyone can sign in with a name imitating yours. Magnolia Voice is a wonderful way to discuss important issues, but these “taggers” trying to harass me could do it to any of you too. I agree…get rid of the fakes. It is not like logging on here is the most important part of our lives, but the fact that the “short tennis skirt” crowd can log on using your name and harass any of us means that something should be addressed here…

  • Buster

    Andiamo indeed! This must be the most important item on our agenda, no?

  • rampart

    so pointless and obnoxious. some idiots tagged some nice old trees by the pond at the north end of Golden Gardens – bored kids have always gotten into mischief, but this is really bottom of the barrel stuff.
    parents, if you see paint on your kids hands and they don’t have any artwork in the house you may ask a question or two…