An expensive (dog) poo…

Posted on July 15th, 2014 by Sara

From an MV reader:

I yelled at this guy in front of my mom’s house, he let his dog poop on the street and didn’t pick it up. I yelled down the street, “come on dude, you better come back for that!” He returned with this….well done sir, now I’m the jerk. I tried to return the money but he had already left.

  • Cat M

    Hilarious! I love it. Thanks for sharing that.

  • OKButImAnIntrovertToo

    Frankly, a little more up front communication would probably have been useful here.

  • Angie


  • dirtyhundy

    You’d think a guy this loose with a hundy would have just used it to pick up the poo.

  • Anon

    Only in Seattle would you have someone write a letter and then PAY the other person in order to avoid confrentation. Geez.

  • George

    So then would this hundy be labelled “dirty money?”

  • hi-de-ho

    Why should he feel like the jerk? Um, if you own dogs it’s your responsibility to carry enough poop bags, not your neighbor’s.

  • Jeff on the Hill

    Obviously a nice guy. He came back to pick it up and left $100, goes to show what kind of neighborhood were in. This lady was obviously a bit disgruntled.

  • Just Sayin’

    How do I get this guy’s dog to poo in front of my house?

  • nice move!

    That’s awesome! I like what he said about offering a bag instead of just yelling. We are a small community and it is important to show each other kindness and respect. not everyone is acting out of blatant disregard for others constantly, some times there’s extenuating circumstance.

  • ramparts

    ah whatever, big spender – just be prepared to handle your pet and its crap and save your money…

    • Gerty

      He would have but he ran out of poo bags. Would you have turned down a hundy?

      • ramparts

        “be prepared” = don’t run out of poo bags…

        • Putin

          You know poo bag dispensers can be found in some parks in the area. They are free.

    • Paul

      I just enjoyed a footlong turkey sandwich from Subway. That plus a coke and a bag of chips cost me less than $10.

      • Rachel

        Was just thinking those Subway plastic bags make good poo bags….

  • Stan

    The lovely wife and I walked over to the tennis courts south of the village near Magnolia Park yesterday to play a few games and lo and behold a pile of dog’s poop was laying smack dab on the right court. Needless to say we didn’t have any poop baggies or even a shovel with us. I searched and found a rather large candy wrapper in the trees behind the courts so I used this to remove the poop into the treed area….maybe the trees could use some fertilizer I don’t know. I can’t imagine why folks would let their dog have the run of the court and not pick up after it. We went on to play tennis and the wife beat me 4 out of 5 games I need to practice but I think now I know how she gets her exercise while I am at my desk job five days a week.

    • Parent

      Kids PLAY in the “treed area” next to the tennis courts. It’s part of the playground. Next time, please throw the dog poop into the garbage. You know, the can right next to the tennis courts?

      • Stan

        Will do ……we don’t have a dog so we didn’t know the proper disposal means. I put the poop right along the fence line in back so hoping nobody would step on it. Unfortunately my wife had her portion in a kleenex that was in her bag and when carrying it out from the tennis court it broke through the kleenex onto her white tennis skirt. Boy was she mad!!! We still played on though. Have a nice day.

  • Mikey

    Well…there is always a use for poo!

    • Mikey

      Sorry for the double poo post

  • Haha!

    Don’t buy bags just tell your dog to eat it lol just kidding.