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Drop a donation by for Treehouse tomorrow

October 24th, 2014 by Sara

Julie writes:
My daughter and her friend will be doing a clothing drive for Treehouse this Saturday October 25th, from 12pm-3pm in the Magnolia Village in front of Starbucks.  For those that don’t know Treehouse is an amazing organization providing essential and  academic support to children in foster care. I hope you will search through your things and see if you might have anything to donate.

They are in dire need of the following:


• Graphic tees
• Denim all sizes 28-44


• Tops M-XXL


• Tops and bottoms all sizes


• Pajamas all sizes 6-18


• Boys and girls clothing 4T-5T


• Tops all sizes

 The girls will also be selling bracelets to benefit treehouse.

** any and all clothing in good condition accepted but inventory in the above sections are in dire need!

**cash donations accepted as well, and we will buy clothing for these needs

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Rare color film of Village in 1968 surfaces

October 24th, 2014 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Click here to see raw film of the Village as it used to be. Stock footage shot by Allendor Productions for the U.S. Navy Reserve, Operation Affirm, June 28, 1968 shows us as we were. You might recognize a few places – different names, same storefronts. Thanks to Sam Cotter for the tip.
YouTube video courtesy CriticalPast.

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Daytime break-in yesterday at Smith and 30th

October 22nd, 2014 by Sara

An MV reader writes:

Some dear friends had their home broken into today at 2:15 in the afternoon! Quite brazen!  Jewelry, cash and electronics stolen, home trashed. Intact/functioning, properly set alarm system –  however no one could get there quickly enough to stop the robbery (as they were at work).

Police were called to the scene. No windows broken or doors forced. It appeared that burglars may have pried a bedroom window open to enter the home as footprints were found outside the window. I was told police think it is a repeat offender who is nabbing many houses in our hood.
Please be on the lookout for any suspicious persons or vehicles lingering, sizing up our neighborhood, framing our houses. Keep all doors and windows tightly locked and exterior lighting on. Consider stowing valuables elsewhere under lock and key. Do not hesitate to call 911 or the police.
This really pisses me off. We all go to work all day to pay for our lives and these jerks rob our homes while we are at work.
What can we do together to help lower these incidents here in our neighborhood?


Winter means lights out for Magnolia’s nighttime tennis players

October 21st, 2014 by Sara

Seattle Parks and Recreation will shut off the lights at most outdoor lighted tennis courts for the winter on Nov. 3, 2014. This is an effort to create energy savings during the months when few people play tennis outside. Sadly, Magnolia courts aren’t on the list…

Itching for court time? Lights at courts below stay on year round:


  • Bobby Morris Playfield at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill, 1635 11th Ave., (one court)


  • Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill, 3801 Beacon Ave. S (four courts)


  • Meadowbrook Playfield in northeast Seattle, 10533 35th Ave. NE (six courts)


  • Miller Playfield in Capitol Hill/Central District, 330 19th Ave. E (two courts)


  • Lower Woodland Park in northwest Seattle, 1000 N 50th St. (10 courts)


  • Rainier Playfield in southeast Seattle, 3700 S Alaska St. (four courts)


  • Solstice Park, in West Seattle, 7400 Fauntleroy Way SW (formerly Lincoln Park Annex, six courts)

Winter play is also available at the Amy Yee Tennis Center’s indoor courts. For information, please call 206-684-4764 or click here.  For information about the Sandpoint Tennis Center at Magnuson Park please click here. For the full listing of Seattle Parks tennis courts, click here.

Parks will turn the lights back on when we return to Daylight Savings Time in March 2015.


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Thief swipes 2 jackets

October 21st, 2014 by Sara

Carly writes:
I wanted to get in touch with you to let you know about a theft and was curious if you had heard from others…(Last) Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, 2 coats were stolen from my back door, right by the alley access to my home. I have noticed increased traffic in alleys over the past few months…It is disturbing to know someone was snooping around my home and decided to take a nice ski jacket and Northface down coat that I was letting dry. Have you heard of any other stolen items around the neighborhood? I know this is not a minor crime, but nonetheless, still bothered me.

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Hazardous materials response this morning at Magnolia home

October 20th, 2014 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
Seattle Fire Department had a big turnout two days in a row with a multitude of equipment this morning parked at 34th & Blaine. This time a homeowner on West Blaine Street near Magnolia Boulevard goes to her backyard to find letters scattered all over the lawn and an unknown white powder inside the box.
The homeowner, Sonny Sine, called the post office to describe the find, who then told her to call police.
She spoke exclusively with Magnolia Voice.
“When I came home I noticed my mail was strewn outside,” she explains. “I looked in my mailbox and I saw this white stuff and I said, ‘Geez I don’t know what this is.’”
The fire department set up an assessment station outside the home to field test samples. Firefighters who spoke with Magnolia Voice said there wasn’t much of a possibility anything was too dangerous.
One firefighter putting on bunker gear said, “You never know.”
“I didn’t expect this. My goodness,” exclaimed Sine.

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Tide strands two boys

October 19th, 2014 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
Two 10-year-old boys were stuck this afternoon as the tide came in near the West Point Lighthouse stranding them from shore. More than a dozen Seattle Fire Department units responded as sirens were heard across the neighborhood announcing the emergency.
Both boys were quickly rescued by a fire department boat, according to a SFD official on-scene who spoke with Magnolia Voice.

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One lane on Viewmont today for tree removal

October 17th, 2014 by Sara

Drivers should use caution today when driving Viewmont.  Workers are removing a the giant tree in front of Church of the Ascension (2330 Viewmont Way W)-  there is no parking today and they will have a person flagging.


Halloween Alley on Viewmont Way cancelled. Thieves got everything.

October 17th, 2014 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
For the past 12-years, Magnolia realtor, Carol Ard, her family and neighbors, created the amazing Halloween Alley on Viewmont Way, attracting kids from all over the city. Not only did little ones and even teenagers marvel at the scary scene, they told tales of receiving full-sized candy bars as if it were some mythical Magnolia legend.
Now it’s all come to an end because of a rip-off in Kitsap County.
A small farmhouse in Poulsbo, owned by Carol and her husband Tom, was the storage location of the entire collection of Halloween props, costumes, and masks used to make the alleyway uber-creepy. Everything, including a castle, tee-pee, a blow-up cat, and 40 irreplaceable masks were stolen by perpetrators in a brazen robbery that left the little house stripped down to the walls. Moreover, the Halloween pieces were not garden-variety, these were speciality objects collected over years that today would be nearly impossible to find.
The theft of these seasonal items has taken the wind out of the sails of the Ard family. As a result, they’re calling it quits, and who can blame them. “I’m so done,” she says. “These (thieves) are going to get away with it. They never find anything. No one ever gets caught.”
Expensive and rare, Ard hopes going public with pictures of the props and telling her story can generate some leads, although she is not hopeful. “It makes me mad to talk about it,” she says.
Police came out, took a report, and offered no chance what-so-ever of recovering anything, which included a stolen tractor, washer & dryer, and dining room table. “They destroyed what they didn’t take,” Ard says.
Halloween Alley was a fixture for 12-years that had many of the kids all over town packing Viewmont Way to the point where it narrowed to one lane. Neighbors rallied around the effort to make this part of Magnolia memorable for one gigantic holiday draw.
It will be missed. Ironically, this was to be year number 13. “We started Halloween Alley with a few hundred people. It turned into thousands,” Ard remarks. “We had a Chain Saw Man, a real hearse, Mausoleum, loud music, and special lights.”
“We’re mad about the fact our stuff is stolen,” she continues. “The fact the kids won’t have this is the emotional part. Kids are crying because there is no Halloween Alley.”
Undeterred, one tradition will remain. “We’ll give out the candy bars,” she says.


Tree falls in Discovery-nearly hits hikers

October 17th, 2014 by Sara

MV reader Bob Bennett sent us this story and photos.  He writes:
A large big leaf maple crashed to the ground narrowly missing two hikers near the Environmental Learning Center in Discovery Park at 1:50pm Wednesday. No one was injured.
Seattle Parks employees heard the crashing sound of the tree as it hit and were on the scene in minutes in their pickup truck.  There were three witnesses to the tree falling and two of them missed being hit by mere feet.  “We could hear a moaning sound as we came down the stairs” said one of them, moments after the event.  One of the hikers fell backward to the pavement as he scrambled away from the falling tree.
The mature tree fell about 500 feet due West of the Environmental Learning Center at the base of the long concrete stairs that lead up the hill.  This is one of the busiest intersections in Discovery Park for hikers as it is a large paved intersection where the Loop Trail crosses.  The tree was located at the base of the Loop Trail approximately 50 feet to the left of the bottom of the stairs where the trail traverses up the hill.  The tree fell parallel to the stairs, directly across a paved road.  It did not fall across the Loop Trail itself.
“We could hear the noise of the tree and headed up here right away,” said a female Seattle Parks employee as she was setting up warning cones with her co-worker.  “We get maybe 2 of these incidents a year that cross a major trail.” she added.  A tree crew was on its way as of 2:30pm to clear the large tree out of the way.
Thanks, Bob!

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