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Little Mermaid Jr at Blaine this weekend

May 27th, 2015 by Sara


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Learn how to write your memoir this Saturday

May 27th, 2015 by Sara

Did your Aunt Ida smoke cigars and tell secrets about her roaring twenties days, do you have a letter from your grandmother that smells of lavender and reminds you of visits to her house, do you have memories of playing kick the can and ally-ally-in-come-free on the neighborhood corner with friends in the 50’s…have you always wanted to write down your childhood memories and family history? There are still a few openings in the FREE Magnolia Historical Society Memoir Writing Workshop.

This popular workshop helps in getting down your memories and teaches memoir writing providing all you will need: supplies, snacks, prompts, tips, writing and gentle critiquing to find your voice in a safe place of encouragement by those with memoir writing expertise.


writing and valentines 2 2015 001

Saturday, May 30th, from noon to 4PM at the Magnolia Library. Please call 206.284.2430 to reserve your spot.

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Memorial Day 2015, Ft. Lawton Military Cemetery

May 25th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Attendees report about 150 people stopped by the Ft. Lawton Military Cemetery today to witness Memorial Day ceremonies following similar activities in the Village. Motorcyclists carrying flags, along with a color guard, Boy Scouts, and others gathered among the military grave markers festooned with American flags to hear various speakers.
Many children were in attendance brought by parents to, “witness and appreciate the sacrifices,” according to Suzy Petrucci, who attended today.
“I’m glad to have gone. It was moving that people still remember the fallen,” she says, with tearful emotion in her voice. “I have gratitude that there are people who show up.”
Petrucci remembered one particular man who was a friend of her son. Joseph White was killed in Afghanistan, September 24, 2009.
“I feel for those who lose a son,” she said. “I’m appreciative of those willing to sacrifice their tomorrows so we can have our tomorrows.”

Image by Glimmer Glass Photography

Image by Glimmer Glass Photography

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Memorial Day

May 24th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley


The fallen are remembered, or not.
Near the front door of Catherine Blaine K-8 School and adjacent to the Magnolia Community Center is an out-of-the-way ground level marker memorializing the names of nine boys who attended Blaine Junior High School from 1954-1965. Erected in 1970 and rededicated in 2000 following refurbishment as a Boy Scout Eagle Project, this stone monument lists the names of Magnolia boys who died in the Vietnam war in service to their country.
Even though the names are carved in stone just a few steps from government buildings, the marker remains largely unnoticed, left to atrophy, with perhaps just a glance by pedestrians as they cut through to the parking lot. Only on Memorial Day weekend do the names get a bit of scrubbing to resurrect them from the profusion of fragrant roses surrounding the plaque.
Today we salute these boys and remember their sacrifice.

George M. Hightower
Rolf W. Jorgensen
John L. Stewart
Donald K. McNeil
John S. Kraabel
Robert R. Leisy
Christopher J. Gray
Garrett E. Eddy
Eric G. Herold

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Free shuttle bus to Discovery Park’s beach

May 22nd, 2015 by Sara

Beginning tomorrow Saturday May 23rd a shuttle bus will take visitors to the beach at Discovery Park.  The shuttle will run from 10:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays and Sundays through Labor Day.  Shuttle service will be available on Memorial Day May 25th and Labor Day September 7th.  During operation, the shuttle picks up riders in the Visitors Center parking lot, at the north parking lot bus stop, and in the beach parking lot.

PLEASE NOTE:  From May 23 to September 7 NO PARKING PERMITS FOR BEACH PARKING will be available Saturdays and Sundays, except the two stalls reserved for disabled placards.  Those who have disabled placards can pick up a special permit from the Visitor Center for parking in these two spaces at the beach.


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New crosswalk sign run down

May 21st, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley


The crosswalk at 32nd Avenue West & Raye takes another beating as the reflective sign, recently installed to warn drivers, was apparently hit by an unknown car.
“I’m really upset that someone would run this over,” exclaims Elizabeth Servey, a Blaine School parent. “It absolutely disturbs me that we can’t put a safer intersection here.”
Pat Craft, another Blaine parent, leads the effort requesting the city install what is officially referred to as a controlled intersection: a 4-way stop. It was Craft who discovered the crosswalk sign lying on the side of the road – black marks and automobile detritus indicate the essence of the collision.

“I think we all need to be thankful this 3-foot sign is not a kid today. I think it’s tragic. Despite it’s highly reflective nature, it was still run down. So what chance does a kid have in the street? It’s sickening,” he says. “We have an overlay of vibrant activities – a busy pool at 120,000 people per season, 10,000 visits per week at the Albertson’s, an active sports area, and a K-8 school where 500 kids line up right here. We want to establish a right-of-way control, commonly known as a 4-way stop. It would bring sense to the madness that occurs here every day.”
In 1989, Judy Maleng, Magnolia resident and now widow of King County prosecutor Norm Maleng, lost her child to a roadway accident. Karen Maleng was killed sledding down a snow-covered McGraw Street (corrected) where she ran into a parked car.
Mrs. Maleng spoke with Magnolia Voice about her view on the crosswalk at 32nd and Raye.
“It’s dangerous. I never take the street in the summer. It scares me. It’s an accident waiting to happen,” she asserts. “It’s the most dangerous place in Magnolia in the summer. I see the area. I see the kids.
The pool is so busy. Something’s going to happen there. There’s no doubt in my mind.”
Maleng was instrumental in raising money to build the Lowery C. “Pop” Mounger Pool. She believes with enough resolve, a 4-way stop can happen.
“With determination and grit, while building a coalition, I feel strongly about a way to get this done. It’s an opportunity to do the right thing,” she believes.
Craft wants to improve the safety of the intersection with not only a 4-way control, there is also an additional impediment in the form of a 12-foot hedge that obstructs sight lines to the north.
“It completely blocks northbound vision from the intersection. If you’re in a car you cannot see because this hedge has clearly grown into the street and is violating codes for vegetation at a street corner. It has grown beyond the planting strip. The city maintains it’s a property owner issue. We maintain it’s in the street so the city must take action on it. The hedge is only one problem here.

The effort to improve the area surrounding the crosswalk has met official resistance, Craft says.
“What we have here thus far is the tweaking of the intersection by the city. None of it has been adequate to address the issues.”
According to Craft, the city believes the road does not qualify for the signage, although a recent survey shows it does under federal guidelines. Now more parents are calling for action.
“It’s not worth waiting until someone is hurt,” Servey notes. “The city should fix it. Period. ASAP. My number one request would be a 4-way stop.”
With the conviction of a mother who lost her child in a roadway accident, Maleng thinks the 4-way stop can happen.
“I’m optimistic,” she says. “I believe in the stop sign. It’s an opportunity to do the right thing.”
The playground adjacent to the Magnolia Community Center is now called Karen’s Place in honor of Karen Maleng.




Memorial Day Activities

May 19th, 2015 by Sara

Celebrate our veterans here in Magnolia on Monday. Senior Vice Commander of the American Legion Post 123, Elizabeth A. Servey writes:

The American Legion Post 123 invites all neighbors to take part in Monday’s Memorial Day services:

On Monday, May 25th at 10am in front of the Post Office at 3211 W McGraw St. in Magnolia Village*11am at the Fort Lawton Cemetery located in Discovery Park just past the visitor center at 3801 W Government Way in Magnolia.   *This will start immediately following the 10am service. Attendees are encouraged to show their American Pride!

Contact Elizabeth with any questions:





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Get in to Urban Family Brewing for Seattle Beer Week

May 15th, 2015 by Sara

Urban Family Brewing is celebrating its first Seattle Beer Week (May 7-17th) in its new Magnolia home.

Photo from Urban Family Brewery

Photo from Urban Family Brewing

Urban Family Brewing first opened its doors to the Magnolia community on October 24th of last year, when it became the first brewery in Magnolia. They offer a rotating mix of the hoppy IPAs and Pale Ales, which are favorites in the Pacific Northwest, balanced with French and Belgian inspired beers such as Farmhouse ales. Their Hoppy Magnolia, a hoppy version of a Saison (or Farmhouse ale) is a tribute to this mix and their new home. Another favorite is their Citron Nior, a dark Saison that tastes light, brewed with crushed black lemons and dark malts.

Their tasting room is located in their new brewing space located in the industrial zone between the Ballard Locks and the Fisherman’s Terminal (4441 26th Ave West) and near the bike route connecting the locks and the Elliot Bay Trail. Families are welcome and they encourage customers to bring in their own food or order from a variety of delivery services. For adults and kids alike, they have a stack of board games and a few classic arcade games. They sell growlers and bottles to go as well.

“We strive to create a flexible, low-key place for friends and family to hang out, play games, and enjoy each other’s company alongside our beers. We want people to think of us as a home away from home,” said Tim Czarnetzki, one of the 3 owners, who you will find behind the bar at the tasting room.

Check them out! Urban Family Brewing Company info:

phone: 206-371-3411


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Don’t miss Beauty and the Beast jr at OLF

May 14th, 2015 by Sara

Beauty and the Beast Jr. Poster

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Police activity at Lawton- suspected sex offender taken into custody plus a new offender moves to QA

May 13th, 2015 by Sara

Earlier today MV reader Elizabeth wrote:

Police are looking for Level 1 or 2 sex offender who has been camping out in Lawton Park. Call 911 if you see him around.  He has been camping out in the woods behind my home.  I reported this to parks and to the police information line about 6 weeks ago….   today the police were out looking for him and I showed them where he had been keeping some things  He said he was recently caught masturbating by a school and that he was a level 2 offender.  The link shows a level 1, so I’m no certain which it is.  Either way, he is a troubled individual and should not be near children.

We then received this email from Lawton Elementary School:

Good Afternoon Lawton Families:

I want to clear up any possible confusion or concern about events that took place at Lawton Elementary School during lunch today.

Seattle Police arrested a man in the round-about outside our playground a little after 12 p.m. today. Officers told me the suspect is a Level 2 sex offender who was living in the wooded area above the upper park.   I want to be clear that at no point were any of our students or any adults here on campus in any danger whatsoever. I also want to be absolutely clear that the police activity here at Lawton did not concern any of our colleagues or students.  I will be in touch with the Seattle Police Department and communicate any further details that I am able to get.  I will also be working with our Safety and Security department to ensure that they are aware of this incident. Again, I hope this clears up any confusion or concern about today’s events.

Thank you,

Dorian Manz

In related news, Crime Prevention Coordinator for the West and East Precinct Terrie Johnston writes:

Dear Block Watch Captain/Contact:  A Level 3 Registered sex offender recently announced his move to Queen Anne.  Mr. Brian Drinkard has registered his address at the 600 block of W. Olympic Pl.   Mr. Drinkard is a white male, 32 years of age, 5’10”m 150 lbs. with brown eyes and brown hair.  Det. Stevenson from our Sex Offender Detail is responsible for verifying his address.  Mr. Drinkard is no longer under Dept. of Corrections supervision.  You can learn more about this offender here and search by his name.  I have attached some safety tips.  Please share as you see fit.  For specific questions you can contact the Sex Offender Detail directly at 684-5581.

There will be a community meeting hosted by the Magnolia Comm. Council tomorrow evening, May 14th at 7 p.m. in the Catherine Blaine Elem. School at 2550 34 Ave. W.  The topic for the evening is Public Safety–Block Watch and Emergency Preparedness.  I will be there and hope you will be there, too.

Thanks for your continued involvement.  A watchful neighbor is your best alarm!