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Hawks pride

January 29th, 2015 by Sara

Kudos to this Magnolia homeowner- you are all in!

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New Fire Station 20 opens its doors to the public this Saturday

January 29th, 2015 by Sara

From Laura at our sister site Queen Anne View

Fire Station 20The newest and greenest Fire Station in Seattle is hosting an open house this Saturday, January 31st. The construction of Fire Station 20 at 2800 15th Ave W is now complete, and the Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Fire Fighters Union, Local 27, welcome Queen Anne and Interbay neighbors to check it out.

Whether you have future fire fighters in your household or you are interested in the latest sustainable building practices, the event is sure to be a hit. Just swing by on Saturday between 11am and 1pm to check out the new facilities and meet local Queen Anne fire fighters.

Fire Station 20 interiorFire Station 20 is the most sustainable fire station in the state of Washington, and the first in the state to attain LEED Platinum certification – the U.S. Green Building Council’s certification program recognizing best-in-class green building strategies. The station meets 2015 energy reduction guidelines of the Architecture 2030 challenge, and the materials and features not only earn enough points for LEED Platinum certification, those points outnumber all other stations with Platinum status.

SFD signSustainable features of Fire Station 20 include: ultra-low flow plumbing fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping, efficient irrigation systems, infiltration garden filters, LED light fixtures, ground source heat pump, and a rooftop solar panel array. It also has a recovery system for heat exhausted from the building and an energy management and control system to maximize efficiency.

Fire Station 20 will house Engine 20 and a crew of four firefighters. The new facility features an extra bay to accommodate an EMS unit if needed in the future.

Learn more about the newest, greenest Seattle Fire Department station on Saturday, the event is free and open to all.

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January 28th, 2015 by Sara

open house 2015 final

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1/29/14-Missing black lab-FOUND!!

January 28th, 2015 by Sara

UPDATED- We got this happy update today:
Hi Magnolia Voice,
My husband Dave and I wanted to let you know that our Sophie was found by Kerry in her back yard on W. Ruffner.  Kerry called us right away and we now have her safe and sound at home!
We’d like to thank Kerry and her husband for their help as well as the whole Magnolia community…Jill who offered her expertise, support and help, Sara who brought me coffee, Marta on Perkins Lane who offered the use of her bathroom if needed while we kept watch for Sophie, My sister Margaret, her friend Tony and many other close friends of hers and many of her neighbors who helped look, Mike, Brian and Jennifer…the list goes on and on!  And of course to mine and Dave’s personal friends who came out and searched the past few nights by bike, car, foot and who offered moral support…You all know who you are so I won’t list everyone but please know that you have warmed our hearts!
We are truly amazed by how the community came out in support of our family and as a way to say thank you we will be making a donation to the Missing Pet Partnership organization.  They were extremely helpful in our search and gave us amazing tips that I truly believe helped us find Sophie!
Thank you everyone! Claudia and David
EARLIER-Have you seen Sophie? Dave writes:
On Saturday night late (24th), our female dog Sophie ran way. She was staying at 1936 Edgemont PL W. The last sighting of her was on Magnolia Blvd Monday afternoon. We still believe she is in Magnolia but could be anywhere. We have many friends and neighbors on the look out. Sophie is very sweet and friendly but most likely scared.
Soph_1 Sopie_headshot2
Please call 206.853.0130 if you see her.

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Off-leash or on in Discovery Park?

January 28th, 2015 by Sara

Do you let your dog off-leash in Discovery? One reader is pleading for you to keep your pup tied up:

Dear Neighbors,

There have been increasing numbers of dogs off-leash in Discovery Park both in the grassy field under the big white satellite ball and at the sand pit.  While I understand the need of dogs to run off-leash and the joy they get from it, my son (and lots of other people) is EXTREMELY scared of dogs.  If there are dogs off-leash, it makes going to the park a scary experience for my son.  We all wish he weren’t scared, but it is an irrational fear and it is just the way it is.

Clearly, we all know that dogs are not allowed off-leash at Seattle parks, playgrounds and not allowed at all at beaches.  I would love for your dogs to enjoy their rights to run, but that only goes as far as it infringes upon others rights to enjoy an area.  And please don’t be offended if I ask you to leash your dog if we come into an area where you are allowing your dog to run off-leash.

You may know that your dog is nice, but no one else knows that.  Please be considerate of your neighbors and fellow-park goers.



Paragliding excitement on the bluff today

January 27th, 2015 by Sara


Paraglider Mike Daniel got caught in a tree earlier today.  We spoke with the Issaquah resident this evening, who said he flies in Magnolia quite a bit, but today was a bit trickier:

It looked like a rain squall was coming in, so I tried to make an emergency landing.  As I came in over the trees, I caught a down draft and got caught in the tree.

Daniel got out quickly, and stayed with the glider until a professional tree service arrived to carefully cut it down from the tree.  Daniel says many people stopped by to check on him. He adds “everyone in the neighborhood was really nice.”


Thanks to all of the readers for the tips, and Cortney for the photo!


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Activists protest at manager’s Magnolia home – not so fast.

January 24th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
For the second time in a couple of weeks, a group of animal activists protesting the planned construction of animal testing facilities at the University of Washington were in the neighborhood Sunday to create a commotion with the use of bullhorns, according to neighbors. The target of the demonstrators’ actions, they believed, was at the private home of a Skanska USA project manager, according to the protesters’ website. Except, they got it wrong. The residence belonged to a low-level Skanska employee, not the project manager, according to a company representative.
Noisy demonstrators were reportedly objecting to plans for an animal testing facility at the University of Washington slated to begin in April.
Nearby residents at 22nd & Dravus heard the ruckus and came outside to investigate.
“They were there for an hour or so yelling and handing out flyers,” explained a witness who contacted Magnolia Voice. “It was all very odd. A few other neighbors were out taking pictures and talking to them, too.”
A flyer passed out at the protest read in-part, “Even though the University of Washington is considered a world leader in research, the University continues to invest in outdated animal research methods.” Continuing, it claims, “The University of Washington’s history of using animals in research includes being fined by the USDA for allowing a primate to starve to death, citations for performing unauthorized experiments on primates, and evidence of primates engaging in self-mutilation. The UW uses and kills thousands of animals – primates, mice, pigs, rabbits, cats, and others – every year, and they all suffer and die behind closed doors.”
“Neighbors told them they were at the wrong place,” explains “Kelly” who lives nearby with her husband. “One protester pulled a kerchief over his face to hide it, then got in the face of one of the husbands who came out to watch. (The husband) said, ‘Hey man, don’t cover your face. If you have something to say, then say it.’”
After the demonstrators left, Kelly saw the targeted homeowner in his backyard with a flashlight. “He was very nervous,” she said. “He was looking under his car to make sure everything was safe. He has a young child. The protesters were aggressive.” Then Kelly revealed her own feelings on the subject. “I’m very liberal, and stand behind civil disobedience,” she said. “Just make sure you have the facts right. He’s not doing anything wrong. Just a guy going to work every day – making sure his family is safe. Our community of six houses came together to protect our neighbor.”
“We respect the protesters’ right to speak out in public areas, and we hope they will respect the rights of our employees to safe workplaces and homes,” writes
Chris Toher, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Skanska, Seattle. “I want to clarify that the target of the Magnolia demonstration is not affiliated with the work taking place at the University of Washington.”
 “The University of Washington has been a valued and trusted Skanska client for more than 20 years. We were selected to build their new research facility for our ability to safely and effectively manage the project’s technical construction challenges,” Toher concludes in his email to Magnolia Voice.
Editor’s note- They were back at it again today- for the third time.  These photos were sent in by a reader:
 1 2 3 4


Fatima School Open House Sunday

January 24th, 2015 by Sara

Inline image 2

All are invited to Our Lady of Fatima Parish School’s Open House, Sunday, January 25th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Faculty, current students, and school parents will be available to answer questions and school tours will be provided. Fatima is a K-8 Catholic parochial school in Magnolia since 1954. 80% of their faculty members have advanced degrees, and there are specialist classes for all grades that  include Spanish, Music, P.E. and Art. Extracurricular activities include CYO Sports, Speech Team for 7th and 8th grade, the Spring Musical for students in grade 5 and up, Math Club, and Snow Sports. Service projects each year include Penny Harvest.

Questions? Please contact Michele in the school office 206-283-7031.

Fatima is at 3301 W Dravus St

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No (RV) movement in sight: Living on the street, Magnolia style

January 21st, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
Click HERE to watch the video report.
street 1
It’s not the first time Magnolia Voice has published this story. As early as 2012 this reporter penned a news item after receiving complaints from readers, regarding vehicles camped overnight on Magnolia streets. Recreational vehicles, buses, and vans roost on 20th Avenue, Gilman, and Government Way night-after-night, year-after-year. Seems not much has changed since that story was produced, except neighbors now report a larcenous twist. “Daniel” writes, “What has been the topic as of late has been the insane amount of stolen packages and goods from peoples’ property.  Today one of our neighbors went down to the illegally parked buses/campers on Gilman and found several of said packaging boxes laid out in front of them.  A police report will be filed, but any action to come from that will probably be nil.”  Campfires are a common occurrence, according to neighbors. “John” writes, “Apparently they can build fires and such right on the sidewalk on the side of the road. I called in one of their fires one time and Seattle Fire Department told me it was illegal, but sympathized that they were just having a fire to cook food, so they weren’t going to do anything about it. It was literally right on the sidewalk! Seems fun until the fire gets out of control they have no provisions to put it out or contain it. Pretty sure if I started a big fire on my sidewalk the police and fire department would be there in a matter of minutes.” The old adage of “squeaky wheel gets the grease” still applies, government sources tell Magnolia Voice. Without phone calls to city hall, nothing will happen. There is no political will, they say.





Last chance to register for Magnolia Little League

January 20th, 2015 by Sara

Magnolia Little League is looking for any and all baseball and softball sluggers! Teams are filling up and registration is closing soon. Players must be registered by February 18, 2015. If you are interested in having your child play baseball or softball, click here.


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