Expedia Traffic Analysis meeting Wednesday

The Expedia move to Magnolia, along with the Sound Transit 3 transit proposal, are events that are shaping our community.  All are invited to attend the Traffic Analysis meeting this Wednesday. From Magnolia Chamber:

The move of Expedia to Magnolia will have a great benefit to the neighborhood.  A major concern voiced by the community in the first meeting was the impact of traffic on Magnolia & Expedia wanted to address those concerns. Attendees will hear from Marni Heffron from Heffron Transportation, and the Traffic Consultant for Expedia will give a presentation on the Expedia Draft Environmental Impact Statement Traffic Analysis.

Doors open at 5:30 pm & the meeting starts at 6:00 at Magnolia United Church of Christ in Pilgrim Hall (3555 W McGraw).


Mystery tenant revealed

After many months of negotiations, it is signed around and we finally know who will be moving into the historical LeRoux space!

Magnolia resident Deb Bluestein has owned Modele’s Furnishings (downtown Seattle) for over 20 years.  She loves the Village and very excited about moving her business here.

Eileen Quackenbush, Broker Agent/Realtor for Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street Inc writes:

“Modele’s Furnishings will be a great retail addition to Magnolia Village, attracting more retail and many good customers from within and outside of our neighborhood. If you see her on the street or in one of the local great restaurants, say “hi” and congratulate her.  I would hope that everyone would stop by her lovely store and welcome her to the center of Magnolia. She will be having a grand opening at a later date, so watch for some activity in mid-June!”

From Modele’s:

“Modele’s Home Furnishings is a high-end furniture consignment store specializing in well known brand names, custom-designed furniture, and accessories.  Our merchandise is carefully selected and comes from individual homes where it has been gently used.  We have new merchandise arriving almost daily so you are sure to see new pieces each time you visit our store.  We carry a broad range of styles from modern to Asian antiques, and we love to show how mixing styles can create a layered and collected look, providing a unique and personal result.”


Testing shows our water is safe according to Seattle Public Utilities

SPU tested water in a small percentage of older Seattle homes with galvanized piping.  Results  showed lead levels well below allowable federal limits.

Seattle Public Utilities released the results yesterday. From KOMO:

“This sampling protocol was much more extensive than the standard federal test, and should give customers an added sense of confidence in their water,” said SPU Drinking Water Quality Manager Wylie Harper.

The alarm rang Wednesday when officials in Tacoma found that water in four homes were above the allowable lead limits.

Tacoma officials attribute the presence of lead in their water to sections of pipes known as “goosenecks.” On the city website, the pieces of lead pipe are described as having been used between 1900 and 1940 to connect the water main to customers’ service lines.

In the wake of that finding, Seattle Public Utilities asked all Seattle residents to run water for two minutes before drinking it, as a precaution.

The utility tested five older homes that have the potentially suspect galvanized pipes, and so-called gooseneck fittings between the water main and the home. After allowing the water to sit overnight, they tested samples.

The highest lead level was 1.95 parts per billion (ppb), well below the federal limit of 15 ppb, according to SPU.

“Seattle Public Utilities is in compliance with U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations,” said Derek Pell of the Washington State Department of Health’s (DOH) Office of Drinking Water.

The Seattle water supplier also posted an interactive map to allow homeowners to determine what kind of material – copper, plastic or galvanized steel – the service line that supplies their homes.

Alert! Run your water for two minutes

From Kiro  “As a temporary precaution—SPU is asking all Seattle residents to run their water for two minutes before using it if the water has not been run for more than six hours.”

 Seattle Public Utilities believes the potential issue in its service area is limited to galvanized service lines. A list of homes that SPU believes are serviced by galvanized pipes will be posted on our website, soon

Here are other points to know about this situation:

  • Although Seattle has no connection with Tacoma’s water system, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has immediately begun work—both in-house and with our state regulators—to understand the extent to which our system could have a similar problem.
  • SPU believes the potential issue in its service area is limited to galvanized service lines. A list of homes that SPU believes are serviced by galvanized pipes will be posted on our website, soon.
  • Seattle Public Utilities is contacting a small number of home owners today in areas across the city, to sample water at homes serviced by galvanized lines, to see if there are elevated levels of lead. Once the samples are taken, results could be available in as soon as five days.

About high lead levels found in Tacoma: 

On Thursday morning, Tacoma Water officials announced they detected lead above the EPA recommendations in four homes south of Lincoln High School.

Tacoma Water pinpointed that gooseneck pipes, made out of lead, may be to blame.

Magnolia Moms 2016-17 kickoff meeting

Magnolia Moms was founded in 1998 as a neighborhood outreach program for homeless or displaced mothers and children in Seattle. They currently support a network of shelters/charities that assist mothers and children in need.  The group plans to gather monthly September, 2016 through May, 2017 to discuss issues related to their charities, update duties and activities and socialize to build community.

All mamas in Magnolia are invited to join Monday, May 9 at 7 p.m. to find out more about this wonderful opportunity to make friends, give back to the community, and support women and children in need. “Babes in Arms” are welcome. They are offering limited childcare onsite by a group of 7-8th grade girls (many of whom are certified babysitters!).  If you need to bring a little one along to the meeting, please RSVP to magnoliamoms@comcast.net. They want to make sure to have enough helpers on hand.

Meeting details: Monday, May 9 at 7pm at 2531 29th Ave W.


Twenty Pound Hammer drops down

CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer opened in Ballard last week. Eric Dagg (one of the owners and son of Magnolia favorite Chuck Dagg), says the new CrossFit gym aims to build a foundation for fitness and community in their neighborhood and beyond.

Located at 4550 9th Ave. NW, on the corner of 46th and Leary, Twenty Pound Hammer boasts high ceilings and tons of natural light from big windows.  The Ballard location was chosen both for its central location in the neighborhood and its accessibility to other parts of the city, along with free parking spaces. “While we place a high priority on the individual, we are dedicated to building a strong community amongst our athletes,” says Steve Amoroso, co-owner and head coach.

CrossFit Twenty Pound Hammer will offer one hour-long classes as early as 6am on weekdays (7am on weekends), and as late as 7.30pm on weekdays (11am on Saturdays).  Twenty Pound Hammer will add  more holistic and wellness programs with in the first few months, including yoga and other activities geared toward recovery and nutrition. All initial consultations are free, and experienced CrossFitters get a trial week for free, as well as a consultation. For more information click here.

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