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Summerfest volunteers needed

July 7th, 2015 by Sara

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Magnolians! You don’t have to be a pirate or a clown to get involved with Seafair. The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce is looking for community-minded locals to lend a hand during their wildly popular Summerfest Parade and Art Fair.

For more information and volunteer descriptions click here. Or

The committee is also looking for art submissions. Cash prizes are awarded for different categories: painting, drawing, photography and sculpture welcome. For more information about participating in the art show, click here.



Buckle closes Barrett Street

July 7th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley


Officially called a “heat bump” by the Seattle Department of Transportation, Barrett Street cracked up on the crosswalk at 34th Avenue which caused the city to shut down the roadway. Neighbors report drivers scraping the bottom of their cars when driving over the location.
With history of water drainage problems in the area, homeowners who spoke with Magnolia Voice wondered if that wasn’t part of the cause of the warping. They say the pooling of water in the area has existed for years.
SDOT says they hope to have a temporary asphalt fix perhaps as early as Tuesday. In the meantime a more permanent repair is planned.


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City-sponsored homeless encampment on QA and Magnolia? Negotiations under way with City Light

July 6th, 2015 by Sara

From Laura at our sister site Queen Anne View:

Last week, Mayor Ed Murray released a map of planned and future homeless shelters located at city-owned sites. I had originally heard that the City Light building at 157 Roy Street was on the list, but when I inquired, I was told that it was undecided – and it is not currently listed on the map or on the Human Services Department website:

Seattle Encampment Map

However, according to the Queen Anne Community Council, the property at the corner of Warren Ave N and Roy Street, across from Metropolitan Market, is slated to become a men’s shelter for up to 100 men in September. The City Light property is the yellow box in the map below:

Roy St City Light

I’ve inquired again to get confirmation from the city, so this information could change, but here’s what we know today:

  • The hours will be 10pm to 6am
  • Residents will be given bus passes at the Downtown Emergency Shelter to get to Queen Anne/Uptown
  • Bus passes will be given out again in the morning at the Roy St location
  • The shelter will operate for at least 5 years
  • It is anticipated that the residents will be ages 50 and over
  • Negotiations for rent for the facility are underway – no agreement yet

157 Roy St View

Meanwhile, a definitive agreement has been reached on the Interbay site at 17th Ave W and W Bertona St. An encampment will open at the City Light substation property “soon” and it will stay at this location for one year. It will house up to 70 residents. The encampment will have the opportunity to renew for a second year, after which, it will then move to one of seven other locations. After a year, it can then return to Interbay.

Interbay Encampment

MyBallard and West Seattle Blog have both covered the sites on the map that correspond to their respective neighborhoods if you’d like to learn more.

I’ve left a message with the Seattle Human Services Department contact, Sola Plumacher to get more information on the planned Roy Street encampment. Due to the holiday weekend, we may not have additional information until Monday. The Queen Anne Community Council has asked Ms. Plumacher to attend the September QACC meeting to answer questions from the community.

September’s meeting is months away and the encampment will likely be up and running by then. In the meantime, if you have questions call the Seattle Human Services Department at 206-386-1001 or contact the Office of the Mayor via a wide variety of social media sites or email form-letter.


Seattle parks become smoke-free on July 6

July 6th, 2015 by Sara

As of today, all Seattle parks are smoke-free. Smoke-free parks further Seattle Parks and Recreation’s mission to provide healthful and welcoming places for all residents to enjoy.

The Seattle Board of Park Commissioners unanimously recommended to approve a parks-wide smoking ban in May. The new rule will expand the existing smoking ban from within 25 feet of another park visitor to no smoking on any publically accessible park land. This is similar to rules in more than 1,000 other cities and jurisdictions nationwide, including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Portland and San Francisco.

Park Rangers will approach smokers and provide them with information on where they can smoke and a resource card with information about the policy and resources for help in quitting tobacco (if they wish to quit). The next level of enforcement would be a verbal warning, followed by a written warning. Seattle Parks expects a large percentage of smokers to voluntarily comply with the verbal requests or verbal warnings.

To report a non-emergency nuisance activity, the public should call the Seattle Police non-emergency line at 206-625-5011.

Park visitors who have been given a written trespass warning for smoking in a park can set up a meeting to dispute the claim by emailing or by calling 206-684-4075.

For more information about the smoking ban, click here.


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The Rockets Red Glare and… Ice Cream!

June 30th, 2015 by Sara

A guest post from our friend Shaun Myrick

The 4th of July has always been a big deal with my family.  Growing up, it was the only party my parents hosted each year.  Of course, the party was outdoors and that made everything easy.  I used to help get the yard cleaned up and ready.  Each Independence Day, my sister and I would also plan a talent show and my parents and their friends dutifully sat through it.

Nothing brings a festive flair to a party like decorations, and the 4th is one of those quintessential holidays where decorating is a must.  You can’t set off fireworks within the Seattle city limits but you can still get a bit of the thrill with my handy DIY faux firework rockets. I use them to display by my front door and as festive firecracker table decorations.

This is a simple project the kids will love and the rockets are made of stuff you probably have lying around the house. You can also find the “ingredients” at your local office supply store and they’re very affordable.

Check out my step-by-step process to build your own faux firework rockets at

Happy Fourth of July

Of course, what would a hot, July 4th holiday be without ice cream? Check out my recipe for Ice Cream S’mores Sundaes, too.  Happy Independence Day!

Shaun Myrick Design is open most Saturdays during the Farmers Market, stop in and say hello!


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B&E Meats opens this Friday for your July 4th needs and beyond

June 29th, 2015 by Sara

From Laura at our sister site Queen Anne View

The A&J Building on the corner of McGraw and Queen Anne Ave N has been the ongoing theme in a trilogy of sorts. First, there was the beloved A&J Meats; then, the uncertainty after owner Rick Friar announced his retirement; and now a new local butcher, B&E Meats and Seafood, which is opening this Friday, July 3rd.

B&E Meats and Seafood is family-owned and owner Jeff Green is excited to be opening the newest B&E in our neighborhood. You can read more about the local butcher in our post from last month, when the crew was just starting a remodel of the space. B&E Meats specializes in high-quality meats, seafood, and specialty items like smoked bacon, pepperoni, sausages, Kalbi beef ribs, smoked candy salmon, and more. You can check out their offerings here, and the Queen Anne location will also include some old A&J favorites too.

B&E GordyYou’ll even see some familiar faces starting this Friday as A&J owner Rick Friar will be behind the counter, along with Gordy from A&J who’s been at B&E since January, where he’s been in charge of specialty sausages (fresh apple, blueberry, and breakfast sausage – favorites at A&J).

The B&E crew is finishing up painting tonight in preparation for Friday’s big day. The shop will be open at 9am sharp to serve your 4th of July needs. They’ll also be open on the 4th, but closing early to celebrate the holiday with family. Here are B&E’s regular hours – note, it’ll be open 7 days a week:

  • Monday – Friday: 9am-7pm
  • Saturday: 9am-6pm à this Saturday, they’ll be closing at 2pm
  • Sunday: 9am-5pm

B&E will have the same phone number as A&J, so if you’re like me and haven’t deleted A&J from your contacts, you’re all set except for a name change. Since the holiday is fast approaching, B&E can take your orders for the 4th via phone starting tomorrow, Tuesday at 206-284-3885.

Stop by on Friday to stock up on fresh meats, seafood, and specialty items, say hello to Rick and Gordy, and meet the new B&E crew that’ll hopefully become a long-standing fixture on Queen Anne. We’re really lucky to have a butcher on Queen Anne, and thanks to Queen Anne View readers, neighbors, and A&J Building owner Rick Friar, we do – so, remember to shop local and keep B&E Meats (and other Queen Anne shops) open for business for years to come.

Editor’s note: A Magnolia resident owns the building (and the old A&J Meats).


Clothes only, please

June 28th, 2015 by Sara

There are clothing donation bins all over Magnolia, but many of them look like this:

IMG_7974 IMG_7975

These aren’t clothes.

Here are just a few charities that will take your non-clothing items:

Keelys Project




Computer recycling

Please feel free to let us know at if you have favorite charities to add to the list.


Construction project leads to archeological discovery in Magnolia

June 28th, 2015 by Sara


Construction workers on a clean-water project in Magnolia unexpectedly discovered a window into Seattle’s past. Shortly after construction began on an underground storage tank for the South Magnolia Combined Sewer Overflow Control Project, backhoes began turning up a number of boardwalk pilings and glass bottles.


As is required by law, they contacted the Washington State Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation, who then transformed the site into an archeological dig. The site turned out to be the remnants of Finntown, a low-income, multicultural community along the tideflats of Smith Cove around 1920-1930.

More than 2,400 artifacts were recovered from the Prohibition-era site, including a large number of alcohol and other beverage bottles.


Two types of artifacts recovered indicate a Native American presence: a chisel or wedge, constructed from the femur of a large animal, and pieces of historic glass that appear to have been intentionally flaked (creating small glass tools).

Other artifacts include medicine bottles, pants suspenders, a Seattle Municipal Railway token, and a food-serving vessel with a willow pattern.

Other artifacts suggest the presence of Japanese, Chinese, and European-Americans. Notable artifacts include a Chinese coin from the Qing (Ch’ing ) Dynasty, dating between 1644 and 1911; a toy fork, suggesting the presence of children; and a Nippon beer bottle, manufactured between 1921 and 1933.

Archeologists are still working in the area, and believe they could find even more historic or even prehistoric artifacts. After the archeologists complete an official report, the artifacts will go through an extensive process of verification and assessment. Some of the artifacts are expected to go on display at the Burke Museum later this year.

Click here for more info.

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West Emerson overpass in Interbay to close June 27-29

June 22nd, 2015 by Sara

West Emerson Street overpass over 15th Avenue West in the Interbay area will be closed the weekend of June 27 while crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation grind the roadway surface and install permanent striping. This overpass is the lowest overhanging structure on the 15th Avenue West truck route, and since it was built in 1959, its northern girder had suffered damage from being hit by over-height loads passing under it.

At the end of last year, the SDOT completed work to replace this girder and renew the roadway pavement. The goal was to leave a rough surface to improve traction, but the resulting surface was rougher than expected. To address this issue, SDOT crews will grind the pavement, providing a smoother ride while also maintaining improved traction. During this closure, permanent road striping will also be installed.

The crews plan to close the West Emerson overpass at 4 a.m. on Saturday, June 27, and reopen it by 5 a.m. on Monday, June 29. During this time, drivers will follow signed detours in the same fashion as the previous, long term closure. A map of the detour is available on the project website

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Have you seen Marco?

June 22nd, 2015 by Sara

This little Magnolia cutie was lost at 57th and Woodlawn at 6:00pm on Saturday, June 13th .


A small black male dog named “Marco” –he has brown markings on his face and lower body. He is very skittish around strangers but may come out for food. Marco slipped out of his collar while on a walk with a dog sitter and ran off but he is “chipped.”

If you see him, please take him to the nearest vet or call 206.919.5188.


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