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New letterpress print shop at Fishermen’s Terminal

November 29th, 2014 by Sara


Constellation & Co., a local letterpress stationery company, recently relocated from Pioneer Square to a storefront space in Fishermen’s Terminal. Owners (and Magnolia residents) Brad and Sara McNally say Constellation & Co. is inspired by conviction, craftsmanship, and community:

We love to make beautiful things, but our inmost desire is to facilitate meaningful connections, to use the time-honored tradition of letterpress to bring people together.

We celebrate tailor-made over generic, heritage over novelty, and process over expediency. All of Constellation & Co.’s stationery products are printed on antique printing presses in our Fishermen’s Terminal shop. We use traditional print methods, hand setting wood and lead type one letter at a time.

Their line of letterpress stationery is sold in the shop, online, and in more than forty independent boutiques around the country and in Canada. They are passionate about local collaborations, and have worked on unique stationery products with Seattle Seed Co., Treehouse Point (of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters fame), Seattle Theatre Group, and others.

Constellation & Co offers three-hour letterpress workshops a few times a month. McNally says “Once you’ve seen the presses in action, it’s time to get your hands inky!”

They have a large array of stationery, and a growing selection of vintage and gift items including art prints, jewelry, perfume, holiday decorations, and more:

“We’re here just in time for your holiday shopping! We’d love to meet you. Come by and say hello!”


Constellation & Co is at 1900 W. Nickerson St., Unit 101 (Next door to Chinook’s). Or you can find them here:

Instagram (Daily Life Around the Shop): @constellationco

Twitter: @constellationco


Shop Online:

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10 Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2014 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
Perhaps you’ve noticed the new business in the space of the old Magnolia Tech Outlet next to Szmania’s Restaurant. Shaun Myrick operates his design studio there to bring a bit of interior fashion and home styling; including recipes, pet care, and lots more. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Shaun is sharing his favorite tricks for a great turkey day. He writes:
Getting the Thanksgiving meal prepared and served doesn’t need to be stressful.  Here are my favorite tried and true Thanksgiving tips to make your celebration fun, relaxed and stress-free.
1.  Be prepared.  Make a Thanksgiving Menu Bible.
2.  Dont over set the table.  You need to make sure there is room for the food!
3.  Try not to make any dish that says, serve immediately.
4.  Make sure to have an appetizer or two.  This will keep your guests occupied while you finish cooking.  Also dont have a guest bring the appetizers they may arrive be late and then no one will have time to enjoy.
5.  Ask for help where needed. If your guests ask what can they bring, ask them to bring exactly what you need.
6.  Turkey is great and supposedly the star of the meal, but really the sides are where its at.  Dont go crazy and get a huge turkey that will go to waste.
7.  Make sure you have enough cooking and serving dishes for what you are making and that everything you plan to cook can fit into your oven.
8.  Try a new recipe each year.  You cant start new family traditions without trying something different.
9.  Set your table and have place cards so that everyone has a place.
10.  Have a give-away for your guests to take home. This shows that you really appreciate that they spent the holiday with you.
11. Bonus:  Check out my website for more great party planning tips, ideas, recipes and more.
Shaun Myrick Design is located at 3315 W. McGraw Street, right in the heart of the Village.

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Suspicious activity

November 24th, 2014 by Sara

MV reader Tim writes:

Hi there,

I saw your story recently about the break-in, and it made me feel I should pass along this information. On Wednesday I was walking west on Dravus, right before the stairs leading up on the south side of the street near 26th. My attention was caught by a man lingering suspiciously near the front door of a house. There was a leaf blower set down near the sidewalk, but no yard work was currently being done. Right nearby was another man suspiciously lingering near a white pickup truck. Something just felt shady about the whole situation, but not knowing what else to do I simply made a note of the license plate in case I heard of anything happening later.
In the light of recent break-in stories, this certainly could have been a burglary trying to pass as a yard maintenance service, but no way for me to tell. It would be pretty brazen though, as this was right around noon.
Thanks, Tim!


Fatima Kindergarten Information Night

November 24th, 2014 by Sara

Our Lady of Fatima, Magnolia’s K-8 Catholic school,  invites parents of preschoolers to their Kindergarten Information Night on Monday, December 1st, at 7 p.m. in the kindergarten classroom. Learn about academics and more at Fatima and hear from current students and parents. A tour of the school will follow.

Fatima is at 3301 W Dravus, with plenty of parking in the church lot. Please call Michele in the school office at 283-7031 with questions.

Applications for the 2015-16 kindergarten class are due December 12th.

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QA Helpline gets grant to feed hungry kids

November 20th, 2014 by Sara

Queen Anne Helpline received a $1,000 grant from Hunger Is to fight childhood hunger earlier this month.

QA Helpline was nominated by the managers of the Queen Anne Safeway store, and the grant was made possible by their customers who contributed generously during a month-long in-store fundraiser last spring.  Queen Anne Helpline, in partnership with Ballard Food Bank and Queen Anne Presbyterian Church, runs the Weekend Food for Kids program, providing a bag of food each Friday to students who are at risk of hunger when they don’t have access to school meals. Currently serving five public schools in Queen Anne and Magnolia, the program gave out 1,000 bags of food in 2013.

Hunger Is, the joint charitable program of The Safeway Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, raised more than $4.6 million to eradicate childhood hunger from shoppers throughout 1,300 Safeway family of stores across the U.S., as well as online contributions. Through local grants, Hunger Is allowed the local stores to identify an organization to receive the grant to help make a difference in their own community. The Hunger Is grant will go towards feeding children in the local community living in households that struggle to provide sufficient and healthy meals. Studies have shown that Weekend Food programs can improve a child’s attention span during school, helping them learn, participate and compete alongside their peers.

“It’s a great honor to receive this Hunger Is grant and the recognition of the Queen Anne Safeway managers for our work,” said Lisa Moore, Queen Anne Helpline Executive Director. “Making sure the children in our community have the necessities to succeed is so important and this grant will make a difference. We thank everyone who paused in their shopping routine to feed their families to think about the children in need in our community.”

To learn more about Weekend Food for Kids or to make a donation click here.

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Overnight closure of 15th Avenue W on Saturday

November 20th, 2014 by Sara

If you’re out late Saturday night, plan for extra driving time on your way home. Beginning this Saturday, Nov. 22 at 9 p.m., 15th Avenue West will be closed to all traffic between West Dravus and West Emerson streets in order to complete work on the West Emerson Overpass Repair Project. All lanes will reopen by Sunday, Nov. 23 at 7 a.m. Here are the details:

  • Both north- and southbound traffic on 15th Avenue West will have a signed detour route between West Dravus and West Emerson streets that uses West Dravus, 20th Avenue West, Gilman Avenue West and West Emerson.
  • On-street parking will be restricted on 14th Avenue West between West Dravus and West Emerson streets between 8 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday.
  • Local access to businesses on 15th Avenue West between West Dravus and West Ruffner streets will be maintained .
  • Police officers will be stationed at the intersections of 15th Avenue West with West Dravus Street and West Emerson Street to help direct the flow of traffic during the closure.

SDOT says:

The overnight closure is needed to safely remove exterior falsework that is supporting temporary work platforms on the bridge. Originally this was planned to be done in sections with several partial closures of 15th Avenue West, but a weekend closure has been determined to be a better approach. A single overnight closure will best ensure the safety of the public and workers while minimizing risks to the schedule.

For more information on the overnight closure, including maps of signed detour routes, click here. Email updates on the project can be requested here.


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Another brazen attempted break-in

November 19th, 2014 by Sara

A tipster writes:
Last night (Tuesday night 11/18/14) there was an attempted break-in of a house in the 3600 block of 39th Ave W (on 39th Ave W between W Emerson St and W Ruffner St.)  The owners were not home at the time, but their alarm company contacted them around 7:30PM.  When they got home shortly there after, they discovered the damage and called 911.  Actually they called 911 THREE  times, and waited several hours.  The police logged the call at 11:48PM.
The bad guys climbed over a locked gate/trellis (breaking off bits of it) at the side of the house, and went around to the back yard. From there they went up onto the deck, where they ripped out a thermometer sensor (thinking it was a camera ???) and placed a cardboard box over the motion sensor security lights to keep them turned off.
They attempted to break through the double paned glass door into the house.  Holes in the glass indicate they had some type of sharp tool or pickax. They managed to break the outer glass panel, but the alarm system has a “breaking glass” sensor, and that set off the excruciatingly loud security horn which apparently then caused them to flee.
Even though neighbors were home at the time, everyone was indoors and no one heard the breaking glass.  Police said they think the bad guys are new at this, and they have had other calls in Magnolia and QA which are similar.


Please help find Sia

November 19th, 2014 by Sara

Kianoush writes:
Sia is a black & white “tuxedo” cat, female, who is very friendly and curious. She was last seen on the evening of September 29th near the NW corner of Queen Anne Ave and W McGraw St on Queen Anne Hill, but it appears she may have traveled to Magnolia over the course of the last four weeks. She was wearing a aquamarine/green collar with tags that contain our phone numbers.
I actually live on Queen Anne and posted my flier to the Queen Anne View several weeks ago, but I received a call last night from someone who believes they saw my cat on 23rd Ave W (near the intersection of Bertona) — they also sent a blurry photo that very much resembles Sia, so I believe it may have been her and that she has traveled about two miles from our home.
If sighted or found, please contact Kianoush at 206.931.7711 or email:


Get your tickets for the Wine Walk this Friday

November 18th, 2014 by Sara


It’s time for La Passaggiata IV (Wine Walk Four)!

Join your friends and neighbors for a fun night of wine tasting with 14 different local wineries and shopping in the village.

This fundraiser benefits many Chamber activities, including Winterfest (on Dec. 6th). Buy wine without tax, and 30% of the price goes to the Chamber’s fundraising efforts. Bring your own glass, or buy a souvenir glass for $5. Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door.

Registration and wine glasses start at Ian Fitness:

3111 W. McGraw St.
Seattle, WA 98199
Tickets are limited and are available at Magnolia Chamber of Commerce

Participating wineries:


Convergence Zone Cellars
Structure Cellars
Naches Heights Vineyards
Belmonte Cellars
Martedi Winery
Cloudlift Cellars
Davenport Cellars
Stomani Cellars
Wildridge Winery
Vortex Cellars
The Bunnell Family Cellar
O-S Winery
Ward Johnson Winery
Genoa Cellars

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Runoff water turns streets into icy mess

November 18th, 2014 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
For the last eight years, homeowner Caesar Castro has lived across the street from Marionwood Apartments at 24th & West Manor Place. During that entire time he has seen water from the landscaped hillside turn the nearby street into a non-stop stream. The constant flow is especially troubling this time of year when temperatures drop below freezing and the creek ices up to transform the hilly street into a skating rink.
“We have complained to the city about this. They come over and check it out, and it’s ‘brown water,’ Castro explains. “I think it’s drainage from somewhere. It’s very dangerous.” Continuing, he reveals, “Cars coming down the hill don’t realize it’s icy down here, and they crash over in that corner.”
Magnolia Voice spent a few minutes in the frozen intersection talking to neighbors. The comments were numerous and had the same theme, “It’s very dangerous,” says a driver. “I have two kids, and I think they should do something. It’s a hazard.”
“It’s a scary nightmare,” says another driver. “Somebody’s eventually going to get hurt.”
A phone call by Magnolia Voice to the apartment complex located the manager who didn’t have much to say, “A contractor is supposed to be fixing it with the City of Seattle.”
The manager confessed he did not know the name of the owner. An attempt by Magnolia Voice to speak with the owner’s agent was unsuccessful.
In the meantime, complaining neighbors kept singing the same tune, “It’s scary. I’m afraid I’m going to get in car wreck,” confessed a woman.
On her way back from Lawton School, Jennifer Savage-Crane made a point to stop her car and talk.
“All of that is just a sheet of ice,” she said. She then implored the property owner to, “Please take care of the excess water so no one gets hurt.”
A man going to work in his pickup summed it up, “Something bad is going to happen on this corner. It’s not safe.”
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