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Leaving on a jet plane. Are you hearing this?!?

September 3rd, 2014 by Sara

MV reader Leslie wonders:

I’m curious if anyone can comment on the loud jet noises lately.  About 10 minutes ago (4:45 pm Sat 8/30) there was a huge sounding jet that made several passes.  The other night my boyfriend woke up to jets at 4 am. I’ve heard them at 5 am and 6 am lately, once on a Saturday.  What IS this?  There are planes at varying times, but not usually this thunderous screeching sound. You’d think the blue angels were doing a flyby.

We’ve also noticed what seems like an increased amount of air traffic. What say you, Magnolia?


Fremont Bridge lane closures for facelift

September 3rd, 2014 by Sara

From Cara at our sister site Fremont Universe

Editor’s note: For those Magnolians who need to leave the hill…

SDOT began work the week of August 11th to paint the Fremont Bridge, which is no easy task considering the immensity of the project itself along with the bevy of boats, bikers, walkers, and of course, vehicles that cross the bridge every hour. Here are the most important details about the closures:

The northbound traffic lane and east-side walkway will be closed from 7am-3pm Monday through Friday.

There may also be a couple of weekend closures the first of which will occur on September 6-7th. However, these closures are only scheduled for the wee hours of the morning. From 3am-6am on Saturday and 12am to 6am on Sunday. (Heads up bar-goers crossing from Queen Anne!)

You can find the full project description here as well as this great explanation about how tricky it is to repaint a bridge here, both from SDOT.

We are also pretty big fans of the Fremont Bridge here at Fremont Universe, check out our post about the bridge for more fun facts.

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Join up and “Putt Cancer in the Hole”

September 2nd, 2014 by Sara

All are invited to “Putt Cancer in the Hole,” a charity putt putt golf event that was was created in 2011 in honor of Audrey Warnekros who passed away from a brain tumor in 1991. It has since become an annual event where teams of up to 6 play for a spot on the trophy, with a raffle of awesome prizes after the event.
Organizer Frankie is a lifelong Magnolian.  She writes:
I’m a Magnolia native – I grew up in the same house that my dad did on 27th  on the top of Dravus. My mom passed away when I was 5 years old from a  brain tumor, so 4 years ago I started hosting a putt putt tournament  called “Putt Cancer in the Hole,” to raise money for the American Brain  Tumor Association to support education, research, and awareness for brain  tumor diagnosis, treatment, and care. It’s important for me to help make a  difference for future families that have to deal with the diagnosis.
Click here to register or donate.
Event day: Sept. 13th
Where: Interbay Golf Center
Check in time: 11 AM – 12 PM
Shotgun start: 12 PM
Theme: SUPERHEROES! (not required to dress up, but all the more fun if you do!)
Raffle will happen after groups are done on the course.
Cost: $25 for adults, $20 for youth under 12 (*registration cost is tax deductible!*)
Net proceeds to benefit the American Brain Tumor Association. If you are unable to play, please contribute any amount that you are able!
Putt Cancer in the Hole 7

Questions? Please contact Francie Warnekros at or 206-330-8801

Putt Cancer in the Hole 8 Putt Cancer in the Hole 9


About the ABTA
Founded in 1973, the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) was the first national nonprofit organization dedicated solely to brain tumors. For 40 years, the ABTA has been providing comprehensive resources that support the complex needs of brain tumor patients and caregivers, as well as the critical funding of research in the pursuit of breakthroughs in brain tumor diagnosis, treatment and care.

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Thief in the garden

September 2nd, 2014 by Sara

Someone snatched this neighbors’ yard décor. Have you seen it? Not a great welcome to the neighborhood!


Heads up to readers in Magnolia near Discovery Park (Bertona & 40th); two reflective glass balls were stolen out of our bird bath (sometime this morning). It’s left a bad taste, as we are new(er) residents of Magnolia and this is our first bad experience! The thief was brazen as they had to of walked up near our front door. Sadly, I had really become attached to the pretty new additions and they were purchased in good spirit from a local business.


Free slices at Magnolia’s “new” Pagliacci Pizza tomorrow

August 29th, 2014 by Sara

Pagliacci on Dravus has gone from a delivery joint to a full-fledged restaurant.  The remodel is complete and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray cut the ribbon to officially open the new sit-down space earlier this week.  Now they want the public to help celebrate tomorrow (Saturday August 30th) with the ultimate pizza party.

Everyone is invited to grab two free slices per person from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and check out the revamped space. Here’s what you can look forward to at the “new” Pagliacci:

Magnolia Additions

  • Pizza-by-the-slice bar
  • Spacious dining area
  • Outdoor seating
  • Beer and wine menu
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle machine
  • Extended hours to open at 11 a.m. daily

Congrats! Pagliacci is at 1614 W. Dravus St.





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3-masted ship sailed into Elliott Bay this morning

August 29th, 2014 by Sara

Reader Gail captured this beauty. Thanks for the photo! She writes:

My husband and I were on our bike ride through Discovery Park and home down Magnolia Boulevard when we saw this ship raising it’s flags. No idea who is the owner/captain, but a beautiful ship!


Data Breach at Magnolia Albertsons

August 28th, 2014 by Sara

We received this from an MV reader who wishes to remain anonymous:

I just got a call from my bank that there was a data breach at Albertsons. My debit card was one of the cards indicated at risk. I googled it and it looks like ultimately both debit and credit numbers were stolen from Albertsons and Supervalu stores all over the region. I have not seen any suspicious transactions, but they are replacing the card as a precaution. This whole data breach thing as the new norm just stinks.

Albertsons writes:

We recently learned of an unlawful intrusion to obtain credit and debit card payment information in some of our stores, which could include name, account number, expiration date or other numerical information. Importantly, sensitive information (like Social security numbers, birthdates or driver’s license information), and other personal information were not affected, because that information is not collected as part of the payment process.

The appropriate federal law enforcement authorities have been notified, and we are working closely with our IT services provider, SUPERVALU, to better understand the nature and scope of the incident. Third-party data forensics experts are supporting an ongoing investigation. We have not determined that any cardholder data was in fact stolen, and currently have no evidence of any misuse of any such data. We believe that the intrusion has been contained and are confident that our customers can safely use their credit and debit cards in our stores.

Importantly, we do not believe that any customer data was taken. However, out of an abundance of caution, if you used your credit or debit card in our stores between June 22, 2014 and July 17, 2014 you should monitor your credit and debit card account and contact the bank that issued your payment card immediately if you see suspicious activity.

We spoke with a representative for Albertsons Corporate earlier this morning.  She says:

“The good news is that there is no evidence that data has been stolen.  The best thing for Albertsons customers to do is monitor your account.  If you notice anything, first contact your bank.”

Albertsons’ website has a section that addresses the breach- here is some info that may be helpful if you shopped at the store during the time of the breach:

Q: When did this event happen and what did Albertsons do about it?
Based on our current investigation, it appears that the unauthorized access may have started as early as June 22, 2014 in our stores, and action was taken to contain the incident July 17, 2014. The appropriate federal authorities have been notified. We are working closely with our IT services provider, SUPERVALU.Third-party forensics experts are supporting an ongoing investigation. From information we have at this time, we do not believe that any customer data was taken.

Q: Am I at risk for identity theft or fraudulent use of my credit card?
It is unlikely that you are at risk of identity theft due to this incident. Generally, identity theft requires criminals to have access not only to your name and credit card information, but also your Social Security Number. That information is not captured in our payment process and could not have been accessed in this incident.

Q: Who should I call if I see suspicious activity in my bank or credit account transactions?
If you see unusual or suspicious activity on a payment card that you used at our store, you should immediately call the phone number on the back of that card to report it to the issuing bank. They can walk you through the steps to dispute the charges and protect your financial accounts.

Q: I received a call, text or e-mail from someone who said they were from Albertsons asking for my social security number, credit card number, and/or other personal information. What should I do?
We do not request this type of information by phone, text or email, so you should not respond. Identity thieves often try to take advantage of situations like this. Please take down their information and report this scam to the authorities.

Q: What are you doing so it doesn’t happen again?
We are committed to protecting the security of our customer’s personal data, and we are working closely with SUPERVALU to implement additional security measures to reduce the likelihood that no such incident ever happens again.

Q: What protections are being offered by Albertsons?
We are taking steps to protect your credit and debit card information. We will be providing one year of complimentary identity protection to affected customers. This coverage includes automatic protection with AllClear Secure for the next 12 months – there is no action required on your part to receive or enroll in this service. If a problem arises, simply call 1-855-865-4449 after Tuesday, August 19th, Monday through Saturday from 8:00am-8:00pm CT and a dedicated investigator will assist you in restoring your identity to its accurate state. Additional identity protection services that includes identity theft monitoring and a $1 million identity theft insurance policy will also be available. At that time more information about these services will be available at

Q: If I have additional questions, who can I contact?
Beginning August 19, you may call our toll-free customer information hotline at 1-855-865-4449 Monday through Saturday from 8:00am-8:00pm CT and a dedicated security professional will assist you in protecting your credit information. You can also reach out to us through Facebook or through our website,


Bike the Bluff is just around the corner

August 28th, 2014 by Sara

Magnolia’s annual Bike the Bluff fundraising ride is scheduled to take place Sunday, September 7, 2014.  This popular neighborhood event includes a variety of routes for cyclists of all ages.  The 5 or 7-mile course begins and ends on the Catharine Blaine K8 School playground, located immediately adjacent to the Pop Mounger Pool parking lot 2535 32nd Ave W

The 5-mile loop travels past Magnolia Village, along the Magnolia Bluff, through Discovery Park, and back to Blaine via 34th Avenue West. The 7-mile ride continues after Discovery Park to loop around all of Magnolia. Detours can be added by rolling down through Discovery Park to the lighthouse and then climbing back up, rejoining the loop rides.

All proceeds benefit Catharine Blaine incoming fifth-grade class trip to Islandwood, a four-day environmental science camp on Bainbridge Island.

 Pre-register online at to secure your spot.  You can also show up and register the day of the event beginning at 9:30.  The course opens at 10:00 am and closes at 2:00 pm. Registration fee for adults is $20, and includes a T-shirt.  The fee for the first adult rider in a family registration is $20, and each family member after that is $10. Registration of three or more in a family will receive two T-shirts.  Additional T-shirts can be purchased for $10. Riders 18 and under are $10.


Is your bike a little dusty and your tires need some air? That’s no excuse to stay home! Mike Benson, owner of Sprocketts Recycled Bicycles will be on hand for quick tune ups. On return from your ride, Metropolitan Market will be providing complimentary root beer floats for all riders.

In addition, on the playground, you can purchase hotdogs and sodas along with baked goods.  All proceeds to benefit the incoming fifth-grade class of Catherine Blaine.


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Vandalized trees by the water tower

August 28th, 2014 by Sara

Kathy writes

I live near the water tower and vandals recently destroyed two trees on the property.  City workers cut the broken and bent trunks on those two trees, but as of this morning, there is another tree that is broken.  It looks like someone stood on the small trunk in an attempt to break it.

This has been an area where kids hang out and drink.  It is sad to see this mindless destruction and I hope other neighbors in the area will keep an eye and ear out.  Maybe some late night police patrols might help, too.

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Blaine’s Miss Laurel on New Day NW Tuesday

August 25th, 2014 by Sara

A little bird tells us:

I just learned that Blaine’s own Miss Laurel was selected for a Teacher Makeover and will be on Channel 5/King at 11:00am tomorrow.  (Laurel says) “Today they did hair, facial, products; tomorrow I pick from their wardrobe selection.”

Tune in tomorrow (8/26) to see the transformation!

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