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Meet Petey!

June 5th, 2009 by Sara

This week’s featured pet from the Seattle Animal Shelter is Petey, an athletic, happy 5-year-old cat with a shiny black coat and soulful, intelligent golden eyes. He has big “catcher’s mitt” paws that have to be seen to be believed! He would love to join an active family where he can give and get lots of love and can show off his many skills. Petey fancies himself a hunter – give him a pinch of catnip and a toy mouse and he will entertain you with his antics for hours. Petey enjoys the company of humans. 

When you greet Petey at the shelter he butts his head against your hand, begging you to keep petting him. When you try to leave, he reaches one of his big paws through the cage bars to try to detain you.

Petey ended up in the shelter after his owner left him with a “pet sitter” and never returned to claim him.  He is ready to settle down with someone who will give him the love, attention and stability that he deserves.

Black cats are often passed over as “too plain” in favor of animals with a more striking appearance. In Petey’s case, that is a big mistake because he will make a wonderful addition to any family.  He is past the destructive kitten phase but still has plenty of playful energy and years of life and love to give. He has lived with other cats and dogs and should fit easily into just about any household.  He has wonderful house manners, is neutered and microchipped,and is ready to take home. 

Visit the shelter’s website at to learn more about Petey and other animals currently available for adoption.

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