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Possible fundraiser scam in Magnolia

January 26th, 2010 by Sara

UPDATE:  Justin wrote to us tonight (1/27) to tell us this woman is still going door to door in the neighborhood:  I just thought that your readers might like to know that at approximately 5:30 PM today, a woman knocked on my door. She claimed that a neighbor’s child fell out of a window and that she was selling teddy bears to raise money for $10 each. Of course, I declined, remembering what I read about this scam in other places. She is middle aged, a bit heavy set, and has longish blonde hair. I live off of Government Way on Brygger Drive West. I just think Magnolia residents should be aware of this scam and not fall victim to it.

UPDATE:  Our sister site Queen Anne View found a reader who had a similar experience over the weekend.  Derek wrote: This evening a couple middle aged folks were wandering around asking for $10 donations, to go toward a family that lives somewhere in the neighborhood. Allegedly, a 3 year old fell out a window around Christmas time. Now the family is in need of financial support for the “medication” the girl needs to be on. I asked several questions, the woman was pretty quick to answer most of them. The only thing I thought was strange was that I offered to write a check to help and she didn’t know if she could accept a check. She was going to ask somebody and get back to me in fifteen minutes. She never came back. There would be absolutely no reason the couldn’t accept checks, right?

A Magnolia Voice reader is concerned about a person who came to her door on Sunday night claiming to be raising money for a worthy cause.  She is wondering if anyone knows whether it is legitimate or not?

Katherine writes:  This evening around 7:30 a man rang my doorbell to solicit funds for a Magnolia family. The man was selling stuffed animals that he said were donated, for $10. He said the fundraiser was for a Magnolia family whose child fell out of a three story window.  While I am all for supporting Magnolia families in need I am not convinced that this isn’t a scam.

Does anyone know anything about this?  This took place on 27th Avenue West, just north of Lawton School.  We have not gotten any reports of a child falling out of a window so let us know if you have any information in comments below.

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