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“Bad Aunty” to sign book at Magnolia’s Bookstore

September 3rd, 2015 by Sara

We told you about Kim Darling’s brand-new cookbook in June. Lavishly photographed, “Bad Aunty’s Kitchen Smarts” covers basic kitchen skills and techniques from grocery shopping and knife skills to food safety and a classic French technique for flavor development.

Now is your chance to meet the sassy author- she will be signing copies of “Bad Aunty’s Kitchen Smarts” at Magnolia’s Bookstore, 3206 W. McGraw Street, on Saturday, September 12, from noon to 2:00 PM. All are invited to stop by and enjoy an appetizer adapted from her cookbook.






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Join the Magnolia Chorale

September 2nd, 2015 by Sara

Calling adults and teens who would enjoy the opportunity to sing with a community choral society which believes in making music just for the love and fun of it.

The Magnolia Chorale was founded right here in 1989 by Magnolians who took great joy and pleasure in coming together to perform music of all generations and the opportunity to share this experience with their neighbors. Twenty six years later their membership now extends beyond Magnolia’s borders, but their reason for being is still rooted in this community. They are warmly inviting singers of both adult and high school age to join them for their Fall 2015 program.

Their director, Dr. Jean-Marie Kent, has chosen a great selection of holiday music, both familiar favorites and fascinating new songs, for their December 5 and 6 concerts. They offer a special scholarship opportunity to high school students. Click here to learn more and join them on Sunday evening, September 13th for their opening potluck and rehearsal.

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Morning power outage

August 29th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steve Smalley


City Light crews working with a boom truck on the corner of 36th and Emerson

A power outage had most of Magnolia without electricity. MV was on the scene with Seattle City Light-the cause of the outage has been repaired. There was a tree limb across the wires at 36th and Emerson.



Half-naked man creates scene in the Village

August 28th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Seattle Fire and Police units were called this afternoon to render assistance to a man found rolling in the street in the Magnolia Village wearing only underwear. First responders managed to get the man, who was crawling and writhing in the crosswalk on the corner of 32nd and McGraw, to a bench where they all waited for police.

DSC05440 DSC05442 DSC05453
As a firefighter went through the man’s clothing, others in the unit tried their best to keep him in place until an ambulance arrived to transport him away.
At one point orange cones were strung across the roadway to keep cars away as the man jumped from the bench to the street, endangering himself and others.
Without much resistance, he was strapped to a gurney and taken away by private ambulance service.
Police and fire employees refused to speculate whether they believed the physically fit man of 25-30 years of age was under the influence of drugs or suffering from mental problems.
Magnolia Voice has disguised the man’s face in photographs.


Urban Family Bottle Release tomorrow

August 27th, 2015 by Sara

Don’t miss the Urban Family Brewing Bottle Release Friday Aug 28th at 4PM. They’ll be releasing two barrel-aged beers from the ‘Fancy Sauce’ series.

‘Fancy Sauce: Raspberry’:

“Aged in white wine barrels with our house microflora for 13 months with three different raspberry additions totaling more than 90 lbs per barrel. This beer is bright red, dry with a super pungent raspberry effervescence.”

‘Fancy Sauce: Peche’:

“’Baby Cakes Peach aged in white wine barrels for 9 months with a 50 lb. addition of fresh Washington peaches.”

Seattle Picnic Food Truck will also be serving up delicious sandwiches and family favorites.
Urban Family is a small craft brewery located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. They brew small batch beers that are yeast driven and inspired by French & Belgian farmhouses. Everything they do is done by hand the old fashioned way, utilizing local Pacific Northwest ingredients. Urban Family’s beer can be found at their tasting room as well as finer beer bars and bottle shops across Washington State. Click here for more information.

Urban Family Brewing Co. is at 4441 26th Ave W Suite A

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Proposed homeless site contaminated

August 27th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

In a letter to Mayor Ed Murray, Jeff Thompson of the Interbay Neighborhood Association and Eugene Wasserman of the North Seattle Industrial Association, implore his honor to “defer” a decision by the city to select the City Light Interbay site at 3234 17th Avenue West as the new location for a homeless tent encampment because of contamination by pollutants. Because of historic dumping of industrial waste, the letter states, sometimes as much as the amount in a 55-gallon drum, the soil on the property is probably contaminated with trichloroethylene, or TCE, which the EPA lists as a known carcinogen. This contamination was revealed in a report requested by City Light itself and conducted via environmental testing.
The letter goes on to request more testing by the city to take “every step possible to ensure that disturbing this potentially contaminated land will not threaten (campers’) safety….” Also, they plead with the city to suspend all work “until a proper investigation of this contamination has concluded.” Additionally the letter accuses the city of not being thorough, that they “selected this site without even an investigation sufficient to reveal this contamination…,” and that it “calls into question whether City officials can adequately investigate to protect…residents’ health and safety.”
The letter ends with the threat of court action if the city proceeds without taking measures to ensure the safety of all citizens. It says, in part, “we will have no choice but to exercise all available legal rights to challenge the issuance of the permit.”
Leave your comments for Mayor Ed Murray by calling 206-684-4000.


Makeshift memorial for murdered woman

August 27th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Seemingly overnight, a memorial of hand printed words on eight feet of cardboard was taped to the Magnolia Bridge to remember the homeless woman whose life was needlessly ended two nights ago. Surrounded by a few flowers, a card, and one lone candle, the memorial stands out to drivers as they wait for the light at 15th and Garfield Street. 

The humble sign reads, “A woman whom the world forgot was here and now she’s gone, murdered last night in her ‘home’ by her troubled neighbor. Another statistic whose life never mattered until it made the news. Her name was Stacy. Remember her.”


One single candle was lit at the base of the memorial, put there by Sherri Gamble, an artist from Earth House Studio in the nearby Interbay Work Lofts. She spoke with Magnolia Voice.
“I never knew Stacy,” whispered Gamble. “I never knew her, but I feel for her. Like anyone, she was a child too. She was born into the world, and for whatever reason she had to live under this bridge.”

Gamble explained how she brought a candle of beeswax two nights ago, and for some unknown reason, it still burned.
“I wanted to do something with some sort of love,” Gamble said through her tears. “My heart is still with her.”




Tortoise Found on 37th West near Dravus Street Steps

August 26th, 2015 by Sara

Is this your tortoise?

A tortoise about seven inches across appeared in a rockery on 37th Avenue West on Monday, just south of the Dravus Street steps. If this is your pet, please contact to arrange a pickup.

tortoise 2


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Murder under the Magnolia Bridge

August 25th, 2015 by Sara

By reporter Steven SmalleySeattle Police were called to a murder scene under the Magnolia Bridge near 15th Avenue last night. Two victims, a man and a woman, were living together in a tent adjacent to the suspect’s tent, according to a witness who knew those involved.
Police sources say the adult female murder victim was beaten to death, while her adult male companion was seriously hurt in the same incident.
The suspect was taken into custody after a lengthy standoff with police negotiators that went into the early morning hours Tuesday while the suspect was barricaded in a tent.
After the Seattle Police SWAT unit unsuccessfully used a “less lethal” means to attempt to apprehend the suspect, police were eventually forced to shoot the suspect who was wounded in the leg as he fled officers. He is now being treated at Harborview Hospital.
“He’s a pretty angry guy,” explained “William” who said he knew the victims and the suspect. “They called (the suspect) ‘Black Al.’ He’s crazy and tough as nails. He gets a ‘crazy check.’”
William went on to tell Magnolia Voice of an altercation with the couple and suspect earlier.
“They were having troubles with (the suspect) this morning,” William revealed. “I gave the couple advice that they probably should move. (The suspect) had already moved somebody out and had beaten them earlier in the month.”

Magnolia residents may have seen the woman standing at the foot of the Magnolia Bridge panhandling drivers. That was her spot, according to William.
Police investigations of the murder and officer-involved shooting are on-going.


Announcing Summerfest 2016!

August 20th, 2015 by Sara

Magnolia’s Summerfest will be back next year, August 5-7, after a fantastic community fundraising effort. The annual family festival, dangerously low on funds just two weeks before this year’s event, raised enough money to more than cover expenses.

“Thank you, Magnolia,” said Doug Kaimakis, Summerfest committee volunteer. “We not only raised enough to cover this year’s costs, but have a good start on next year’s fundraising effort. The response from the community was fantastic, and really shows that we all treasure this family event.”

“Summerfest costs about $25,000, far more than most people would guess. Street closures, security, tents, chairs, park rental, etc. – it all adds up quickly. We don’t have exact numbers yet, but it looks like we’ll start fundraising for next year with about $6000 in the bank.”

“We have our kick-off meeting on October 5th to begin planning for next August,” said Scott Ward, this year’s unofficial chairperson. “We have a core group of volunteers, but we could really use more help; we especially would like to recruit someone to chair the committee for Summerfest 2016.”

“We met a few days ago to review the event, and already have some ideas towards improving the event, from more food vendors to a kick-off party on Friday, August 5th. And, we’d love to hear from anyone who has suggestions for us to consider. Email them to


“Thanks again to all the supporters and volunteers for a fantastic Summerfest. Now we gear up for the 3rd annual Winterfest, on November 28th”



Donations can still be sent to: Magnolia Summerfest, 3213 W. Wheeler St Box 42, Seattle 98199.




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