Watch for a surprise in The Village

Posted on January 31st, 2011 by Sara

UPDATE:  You may have noticed that some of the merchants decorated around their businesses with red lights.  That was their surprise.  They plan to keep them up through the month of February. 

A group of merchants in the Magnolia Village has a surprise planned on the first day of February.   They have asked us to help them keep it a secret until they reveal their special Valentines themed ‘treat’ on Tuesday.

Keep your eyes on The Village around dusk on Tuesday to see what they are planning.

  • Guest

    The surprise I would like to see is a “broom brigade” get out and sweep the Village Streets, plant some drought friendly plants around the trees, get some nice bark on the ground, and then try to get all of the planters planted. Pressure should be put on the post office– they are the biggest offenders as their sidewalk and front area is always a disgrace. The Pub needs prodded, too. Employees do not do a very good job of emptying butt can and ignore the magnolia leaves all around. I know it’s tough times for small business, but Magnolia Village’s future is dependent on maintaining some sense of charm.

    • Daily Village Walker

      Agree! I participated in the Mayor’s lauded Neighborhood Clean-Up Day two years ago, and was totally turned off to see the litter & cigarette butts around all the businesses’ back doors. (I was one of the many on trash patrol.) Seems like the people who are trashing our village aren’t residents, but business employees on their cigarette breaks. Therefore, business owners, not citizens like me, should clean it up.

      • doug

        Just look at the terrible mess in back of the Village Pub.
        Thought with new owners it might get to look better.

        • Bigmama

          you want some cheese with that whine???

        • Mr Emerson

          The new owners of the village pub don’t even care to clean their fry oil, how do you expect them to clean up behind the restaurant?

        • ASDKANSD

          go clean your bathroom. you are dirty.

    • Guest

      Any chance you would spearhead this “broom brigade” and gather a group to help the Merchants out? For example, I see Mike Smith of Leroux’s sweeping his sidewalk three times a day and as he does,
      leaves are droping from above onto the sidewalk he has just swept. Until these trees are replaced by the right kind of Magnolia,
      it will remain a problem.

    • JimK

      The Post Office’s Manager is Othello DelRosario 206-284-5958. Tell him to hire another counter person, too.

  • Katiekavulla

    Um…. any hints because we didn’t see anything…

  • Wisermom

    I’m still in the village waiting. Maybe it shouldn’t be such a surprise. West not ‘get it’.

  • Number Six

    So back to the point…
    Was it the red lights?

    • JC

      Yes, it was the red lights. Just a reminder that Valentine’s is coming up.

      • Anonymous

        Too bad its just for Valentine’s Day. It would be more impressive if they grouped together and went ‘red’ for heart disease awareness.

      • Anonymous

        Too bad its just for Valentine’s Day. It would be more impressive if they grouped together and went ‘red’ for heart disease awareness.