More odd goings on in the neighborhood

Posted on December 14th, 2012 by Sara

The rogue doorbell ringer is back, this time on West Jameson Street and Williams Ave. MV just got this email from a reader
I immediately thought of (this) article… when I received an email from my neighbor today telling me that a man draped in a plaid blanket with his face barely showing rang her doorbell at 7:00 am this morning asking if Luke Skywalker was home. He then proceeded to wander aimlessly around the neighborhood. The police were called.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

  • MagDad

    I saw the same guy this morning at 7:45am with plaid blanket over his head “walking” on Dravus toward QFC. Definitely caught my attention as he was acting very odd.

  • GilmanCoffee

    He has been around our store as well in the early morning hours.

  • Earthling

    I saw him on the corner of Dravus & 21st. He was holding a steamy mug. I thought it was a hot cup of coffe and he was just waiting for someone. I don’t think he had shoes on though.

  • Luke

    Darth Vader has lived in Magnolia for some time now. He probably had the wrong house.

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