Fabio returns home…to Magnolia??

Posted on January 20th, 2013 by Sara

Fabio (of Italian supermodel fame) will be at Metropolitan Market Magnolia from 3-6 pm this afternoon, promoting his new line of high quality whey proteins. Magnolia Voice just learned that the first place he lived when he arrived in the USA at the age of 19, was….Magnolia!

Healthy Planet Nutrition for Men and Women, Created by Fabio

Come welcome Fabio back to the neighborhood.


  • FunInMagnolia

    Went to the store at 4pm and he wasn’t even there. Asked an employee and they think he just left. Why bother advertising that he’ll be there for those of us who would like to ask him about his products and what… disappointed.

    • HaywoodJablome

      He left early to come back to my place for some private product promotion 😉

  • Brad

    I was there from 3:15 until 5:15. He was there the whole time, in line, talking to people. He stayed until 6. Maybe needed a water break

  • Yessica

    My friend and I went and managed to film something quickly with him. He was great! http://youtu.be/GFx7mjjBnks

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